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Visiting the city of Baden near Vienna for its Photo Festival “La Gacilly-Hymn to the Earth”

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For the second time this year, Europe’s largest photo festival “La Gacilly” is currently held in the city of Baden near Vienna. This year’s topic is called “Hymn to the Earth”, promising a truly spectacular series of images: People, places, landscapes, and animal worlds from all seven continents. A total of almost 3,000 photographs await you as you walk throughout the city, providing for an eye-catching open-air stage during the summer months of June right through till September.

From a four-kilometre tour through Doblhoffpark, Rosarium and the city centre to currently seven kilometres extended: The photo festival "La Gacilly" once again inspires with photos that have also won the renowned "World Press Photo Award".

From a four-kilometre tour through the Doblhoff park, the Rosarium rose gardens and the city centre of Baden to currently seven kilometres worth of photo experiences : The photo festival “La Gacilly” once again inspires with photographs that have also won the prestigious “World Press Photo” award.


The name of the photo festival, “La Gacilly”, points to the French origin of the festival, which comes to Baden every year after its premiere in France. Right now, the current photo exhibition in France is called “Rise in the East”, which will again be in Baden in 2020. Something to look forward to, and mark in your calendar for sure.


Visiting Baden and “La Gacilly”: Take the whole family with you!

Having only recently given birth to our baby boy Liam, my husband Georg and I were understandably a little nervous about how (t)his first trip to Baden would turn out at only three weeks old! It all went really well though, and that might well be due to the relaxed atmosphere of the city of Baden: The parks, the green spaces as well as the picturesque, unhurried little old town all have their soothing effects on both our baby as well as us as young parents. Liam has actually managed to sleep throughout most of the tour, even “allowing us” to have a quiet, undisturbed lunch in the great local restaurant “s’Amterl”. He only woke up when we decided to have ice cream: “Hey, dear parents, what’s with eating ice cream without me!?”

Past the first large-format pictures of the photo festival "La Gacilly", which shows four different women from different cultures in the Rosarium of the Doblhoffpark in Baden ...

Walking by several large-format photographs showing four different women from around the world in the Rosarium of the Doblhoff park in Baden …


... bemüht sich Papa Georg erst noch um Beruhigung angesichts des leicht einsetzenden Regens ...

… where daddy Georg is still busy quieting the baby …


... und schließlich "gewinnt" der Kinderwagen mit seiner berühmten "Wiege-Funktion": Liam schläft, während wir den Ausführungen von Klaus Lorenz, Tourismusdirektor der Stadt Baden zu zahlreichen Bildern des Festivals lauschen ...

… and finally, the soothing pram makes for a happy baby sleep and we were able to follow our guide’s explanations too …


here one of my favourite pictures from the whole exhibition: I especially like the contrast of the picture subject to the placement in the city (the Café Konditorei Ullmann is by the way a hot tip for a cosy rest).

… here is one of my favourite photographs from the whole exhibition: I especially like the contrast of both photograph and location within the city (the Café Konditorei Ullmann on the right here is by the way a great tip for a cosy rest).


... aber auch der "asiatische Durchgang" ...

… also loved the “Asian corridor” with its images from places such as Nepal or Tibet …


... oder hier dieses knapp 200 Quadratmeter große "Fabelbild" ...

… and how about this “fabled image” of 200 square metres right inside the city centre?


... der amerikanischen Fotografin Karen Knorr haben es mir sehr angetan (zu allen Fotografen findet Ihr übrigens Beschreibungen und Informationen direkt bei ihren jeweiligen Bildern).

Information on all of the almost 40 photographers, and their 3.000 photographs, is easily provided, too: Do bring enough time with you if you really want to follow through on all the details and information provided.


You can also check out the festival event calendar here: http://festival-lagacilly-baden.photo (English version available). All photographs are exhibited free of charge until the end of September 2019: Only those photographs, which were awarded with the “World Press Photo Award”, come with a minimal admission fee. They are exhibited in a house in Baden in need of renovation, and provide an exciting contrast to the subjects presented.

Zugang zur Sonder-Ausstellung "World Press Photo" mitten in der Fußgängerzone der Stadt Baden.

Special exhibition “World Press Photo” right off the pedestrian zone in the old town of Baden.


Wir lieben den Blick auf die Bilder, die jedes Mal aufs Neue fesseln ...

We love being captivated by the images of the photo festival …


... da sind wir nicht alleine: Blick in den Doblhoffpark nahe des Schloss Hotel Weikersdorf ...

… are certainly aren’t alone: Many people are taken with what’s being shown here, near Schloss Hotel Weikersdorf …


... diese Bilder erkenne ich gar aus einer GEO-Reportage über die Hebriden in Schottland wieder!

… I even recognise these photographs from a story in the GEO magazine about the Outer Hebrides in Scotland. Cool!


Bye bye Foto Festival Baden: Wir kommen bestimmt wieder!

Bye bye Baden: We will have to come back again this year before the exhibition closes: It really is that fascinating, and you cannot take it all in at once!


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Disclaimer: We have been invited by the city of Baden to enjoy the photo festival “La Gacilly”. All opinions are my own.

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