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Food Tours Worldwide

Roadtrip through the Canadian Rockies: Jasper Food Tours & Jasper National Park (with moose!).

Our journey to Jasper kicked off with a stormy beginning. If the vast wilderness of Western Canada is what you are looking for, then stormy weather should not bother you at any time of the year: At its highest point, just near the turnoff to iconic Peyto Lake, the road from Lake Louise to Jasper leads […]

Porvoo & Pellinge: Perfect for a day trip outside of Helsinki.

So where exactly … are Porvoo and the small island of Pellinge, just a little outside of Helsinki in the south of Finland?   Well located, I’d say first of all. Well indeed if you, like me, have already seen Helsinki for yourself, have done perhaps a tasty food tour in the Finnish capital city, and are […]

... sowie alles zusammen, einfach rundum genossen!

There’s an annual food festival in Baden, near Vienna, that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Wine, food & the “longest bar in the world”. That’s how the so-called “Genussmeile” in the Vienna forest district likes to be known, itself both a #winelover & foodie stretch of about ten miles between the local towns of Baden & Gumpoldskirchen. Essentially, it is made up of all different kinds of stalls, selling local […]

Foodie Travel Tips #inCostaBrava : Cook & eat your way through these restaurants from Blanes to the Pyrenees.

“You look so different”, I compliment my friend Klaus back home in Austria, “have you lost weight?! I feel like I’ve just gained at least fifteen kilos, travelling #inCostaBrava for the past two weeks”, I add, laughing. Incredible how my foodie travel writer friends Amber & Eric have been able to literally wine & dine themselves around Costa […]

24 hours in Johannesburg: Sleep, shop, eat & mingle

Johannesburg. Some six years ago, when I was first visiting the South African capital city, I honestly did not make much of a connection. This time though, it was all different. Despite the little time we had for “Jo’burg” during our South African adventure trip, I did finally feel some more of the vibe of Johannesburg. Met […]

Creative Culinary Travel Tips in & around Porto

Porto. No longer do I feel like a visitor there. Rather, like a “temporary citizen“. “Bem-vinda em casa, Elena!”, my Portuguese friends call out to me and welcome me home in their typical, heartfelt hospitality. If, like me, you care for the country and its people, even learn (some of) the language, you stand to […]

... bekommen wir schließlich einen kleinen Mittags ...

Winter Trip to Greece: Top Foodie Tips from Athens.

Greece in foodie terms is one big travel dream come true! If you’ve ever sighed to the creaminess of real Greek yoghurt, tasted juicy Kalamata olives or bit into tangy Feta cheese, you will never want to opt for the industrially manufactured counterparts again. Incredible just how good the food tastes out here, at the very source of […]

... Reubens for dinner and their surprisingly awesome salads (thank you for taking me there, dear Ole Helmhausen ..!) ...

My #MTLMoments : Travel Tips for your next Foodie Visit in Montréal, Québec.

Montréal. “Bienvenue au Québec!” Here I am, having finally gone all the way East on my trans-Canada journey. As my #VIARail train pulls into Montréal station from Ottawa, leaving the province of Ontario for Québec, I readily unpack my French language skills .. only to find that I first understand next to nothing. What an accent here! Brace, brace, […]

#MyOttawa: An aboriginal, artful & appetising visit of the Canadian capital city.

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is buzzing with anticipation. In 2017, Canada will be celebrating its 150th anniversary of Confederation, a proud date of remembrance for most Canadians. “So what will you do, Kirk?”, I ask our guide Kirk Brant, of Indigenous Walks, at the start of our educational walk around downtown Ottawa. He smiles, then answers: […]

Foodies fare (very) well in a place as multicultural, multi-faceted and multi-culinary as Toronto: Early morning access to downtown Toronto's St. Lawrence Market ...

Food-Touring Toronto: St. Lawrence Market, #KensingtonKrawl & Evergreen Brickworks

“We could go to St. Lawrence Market .. But Kensington, I hear, is worth checking out as well .. And have you heard of a place called Evergreen Brickworks?! No? Oh, I insist you go there Elena … Especially as the #foodlover traveller you are!” Numerous were the pieces of advice my Toronto friends had for me […]

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