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... ein Ort zum Wohlfühlen, und Willkommen-Geheißen-Werden durch & durch!

Top Luxury Travel Tips for staying with the locals at Wagram & Wachau in Lower Austria

It’s this thing with “little hideaways”, that you first have to go out and really find them. It’s in a place called “In der Spitz” for instance, a place where local wine estate, Heurigen & the recently opened Boutique Hotel “WeinSpitz” join up to create a unique piece of local, Lower Austrian wine culture, that you […]

... vielen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft, liebe Brigitte, lieber Franz!

Farm Holidays in Austria: The Fallmann family near Scheibbs, Lower Austria

“Tucked away at the foot of the Ötscher mountain”, among the gently rolling hills of the alpine upland in Lower Austria, I read into Brigitte’s “business card” aptly describing the surrounding farm holiday concept. She offers me both a sweet smile, as well as a slice of freshly baked apricot cake as a welcome to […]

... sowie alles zusammen, einfach rundum genossen!

There’s an annual food festival in Baden, near Vienna, that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Wine, food & the “longest bar in the world”. That’s how the so-called “Genussmeile” in the Vienna forest district likes to be known, itself both a #winelover & foodie stretch of about ten miles between the local towns of Baden & Gumpoldskirchen. Essentially, it is made up of all different kinds of stalls, selling local […]

Julius & Andreas Schneidhofer begrüßen mich bei sich zu Hause ...

Althammerhof Sheep Farm in Semmering, Lower Austria: A Mountain Fairy Tale come true.

Angekommen am Althammerhof. Ich lasse die Fenster meines Autos herunter und atme tief durch. Ein herrlicher Geruch aus taufrischen Wiesengräsern und “würziger Landluft” steigt mir in die Nase. Als ich aus dem Auto aussteige und schon die Stufen zum Hauseingang des Althammerhofes hinaufgehen will, meckert mich plötzlich eines der vielen Schafe in unmittelbarer Nähe an. […]

Farm Holidays in the Ötscher Mountain district of Lower Austria

Looking at the mighty Ötscher mountain, is the first thing that captures my attention as I travel to the Bodenhof farm estate in southern Lower Austria, at the border with the province of Styria. Even before I get to greet the Schenners, I can’t take my eyes off the beauty of that mountain, suddenly so […]

... ausgefallenen Details ...

Organic healing & hair care: Luger Bed & Breakfast in Weinviertel

“Unique. Natural. Ecological. And heart to heart.” Such is the promise when you visit the website of the “Ecological Guesthouse Luger“, a small country house awarded for its excellence in environmental standards. Right upon arriving among fields of yellow flowers, I do find the atmosphere promoted by the Luger family just as it promises to be: Unique. […]

Farm Holidays in Lower Austria: Meet the Gnant family near Vienna.

It’s not even ten minutes I need. Ten minutes to get lost, to get away from the highway to Vienna, and into the gently rolling hills of the Vienna Forest district, hugging the Austrian capital city to the Southwest. “Maria Anzbach”, the little town’s name, is my destination today: I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard […]

Damit nicht genug, gibt es für jeden Gast ein selbstgemachtes Abschiedsgeschenk zum Mit-Nach-Haus-Nehmen ...

Chelsea Flower Show goes (Lower) Austria: Staying at one of Austria’s top garden B&Bs.

Imagine you find yourself in a garden. Not just any garden, no. A garden full of light and life. It’s the middle of the summer, and bees are humming, a butterfly lands on your shoulder, tickles you ever so gently on your skin. Swaying gently in your hammock, you close your eyes and forget all […]

Foodie Travel Tips from Gastein Valley in Salzburg, Austria

The air is clear and cool, the conversations bubble merrily like the mountain streams around us. I look around, just able to see the peaks of the Hohe Tauern mountains, which remain hidden in the thick mist above the Nassfeldalm. We have come to meet our local host Martin who, after serving us delicious breakfast […]

... welcher uns anschließend als Gäste in seinem zauberhaften Romantikhotel "Das Schiff" samt angeschlossenen Restaurant begrüßt ...

Slow Travel & Food Tour Options in Vorarlberg, Western Austria.

“Vorarlberg is ‘the most urban village in Austria’”, says Hans-Peter Metzler, his warm smile betraying the pride in his voice. “The combination of a living, rural tradition and the promotion of innovation, architecture, art and culture at a high level is unique in Austria. Here, in the Bregenzerwald, I believe we have taken the right […]

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