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Nachdem ich mich unter all den hervorragenden Sorten schweren Herzens für die "New Zealand Lamington Ice Cream in a Chocolate Raspberry Cone with a big Marshmallow Hat on Top" entschieden habe, wird mir diese außergewöhnliche Kreation feierlich überreicht. (!).

“Big Foody”, “Vineyard Hopper”, “Wild On Waiheke” & More: Foodlover Travel Tales from Auckland, New Zealand

“The best way to start anything is with dessert!” Elle’s simple, matter-of-fact statement still rings in my ears, or should I say, lingers in my mouth … ? Oh how I love following determined, knowledgeable and highly entertaining Elle around town. Also known as “The Big Foody“, namesake & kindred foodie spirit Elena “Elle” Armon-Jones […]

... and did you know that "Korus", New Zealand fernshoots such as this one, can be eaten - also known as the "New Zealand Asparagus" for their juicy, fleshy taste? Love them !!!

Eco-Cultural Forest Walk & Maori Family Visit in Taupo, New Zealand

Ko te Reo kia tika .. Ko te Reo kia rere .. Ko te Reo kia Māori. “It is important to us as Maori people, to continue, and perpetuate, our unique ways of understanding the world around us. In the past, our efforts have gone into instilling Maori language & cultural learning as early as […]

Los geht's mit meiner lieben Ngahuia: Neuseeland's beliebteste Tageswanderung ...

The Tongariro Crossing: New Zealand’s most popular day walk … in Maori!

In the beginning, there was darkness. Papatuanuku, the Earth Mother, cuddled up against Rangiori, the Sky Father, and in between them lived there many children. It was then that Tanemahuta, the strongest among their offspring, decided to separate his mother from his father and bring light into the world. Rangiori and Papatuanuku, however, loved each […]

... and a hands-on "conclusion" like this: What a great foodie day out in Wellington!

Eat your way through Wellington with Zest Food Tours!

Wellington. Happy, windy Wellington! Back in the Kiwi capital city, I would have done my Icebreaker Merino sportswear shopping, enjoyed my walk around Wellington Waterfront & flirted with the lovely guy at my YHA Youth Hostel reception. So what’s next on an easy, two-day stay around town you might ask? 🙂 Zest Capital Tastes Tour. “We’ll wander in and out of […]

Tramping on the Heaphy Track: 100% Pure New Zealand.

“As the track sinks in, I am reminded of its magic … Walking, feeling the land … Charging my bone carving with all the ‘mana’ ( = Maori for status, power, achievement) possible … in what I call the ‘eternal, ephemeral dance of the universe’. Feeling home. Coming home. Doing what I love most. Being […]

VIELEN DANK, LIEBER STEPHAN !!! Der heutige Tag bei Dir hat mir echt viel bedeutet.!

Creative Travel in Kiwi Country: Bone Carving Workshop in Nelson

“Hi Elena! Great to hear you’re back in New Zealand and of course you’re welcome to join my workshop!” – Words like these are music to my ears, taking me straight to my next creative travel experience here in New Zealand! Stephan Gilberg, also known as “The Bone Carver” in the city of Nelson in the north of New […]

... and who would not want to have a try with as happy and friendly an instructor as Simon here?

Kiwi Christmas & Creative Sailing Experience in Christchurch, New Zealand

Peace. Comfort. A family Christmas down under … My second summer Christmas, that is! Having lived, worked & travelled in beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand for well over a year, returning to this special place on Earth always feels a bit like coming home. And more so this time, what with Christmas & the start of the Kiwi holiday season there to greet […]

The Year Of My Life: Travelling Aotearoa New Zealand. Today: Roadtrip from Kaikoura to Christchurch & Arthur’s Pass

“Aren’t you hiding from reality?”, I have been asked repeatedly in the past concerning the sheer number of trips I take. Most of the time, this question has just annoyed me. Today however, dear readers, I would really rather hide from reality. Too much has happened in the past few days, the reality of a […]

… kurzerhand, um mir knapp $ 1.000 neuseeländische Dollar zusätzlich für meine nächste Reise auf der Südinsel zu verdienen, zur "second cousin from Europe" einer ursprünglich aus Holland eingewanderten Familie, der ich bei der Birnenernte helfe. Ja wirklich!

The Year Of My Life: Travelling Aotearoa New Zealand. Today: Work & Adventures!

Is it possible for a distant, exotic and breathtakingly beautiful country such as New Zealand to produce something like an “everyday life rhythm”? Looking back, my answer today is YES, although you have to say that everyday life down under is always going remain distinctively special. It starts with the immensely open-mindedness of the Kiwis […]

Erinnerungen an stürmische & gleichzeitig traumhafte Momente: Blick auf den Strand von Wustrow an der deutschen Ostseeküste.

Photo Challenge in April: Water. 5 continents flow into 5 stories!

“Show me your water!”, is what Carolin Hinz proclaims on her travel blog “Esel Unterwegs” (Travelling Donkey), inviting us to participate in a collection of travel articles showing what experiences we have had in or around “water”. Even while I am reading hers, my mind starts wandering off to all those particular travel memories concerning water. I […]

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