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Hi! I'm Elena! Welcome to my travel blog Creativelena.com.
For me, it is all about “life-seeing instead of sightseeing”: Join me as I create, eat & live my way around the world. Curious?

*Check out my book, “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”, for learning more about what we mean by creative travel. Travelling means the world to me, makes me fit for everday life and sometimes, I trust, also calmer on the inside. Read this blog with a smile, share what you love and remember to check back regularly: After all, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

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Auch tagsüber lohnt die Stadt den Besuch ...

Travel through Bulgaria: Troyan, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo & meeting all those local artisans.

Bulgaria, a travel destination that continues to evoke something special in me. Starting from my open fascination for the historic capital city of Sofia, I would like to take you further this time. Further into the countryside. Right into where I believe lies the heart and soul of Bulgaria, its many different cultural landscapes shaped over the […]

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48 hours in Sofia: Enjoy a winter city trip to Bulgaria!

Bulgaria. It’s -15C when we arrive in Sofia. My first meeting with the city is thus a rather frosty one; however, my soon-to-be Bulgarian friends know how to put on a programme, involving merry rounds of Rakia, dance, music, etc. I am on this trip called #CreativeBulgaria (check out our hashtag for even more colourful impressions […]


Creative Culture Trip through Serbia: Wine, Ceramics, Monasteries & mighty Churches.

This past autumn, I already found Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, to be really cool & creative. Turns out I found it to be even more so on this second trip to Serbia, last but not least because of meeting talented local artist Lazar Rančić. Lazar runs his nice little atelier “Skola Keramike” in the backyard […]

... gute Orientierungsmöglichkeiten ...

Skiing in Serbia: #LoveKopaonik !

Skiing in Serbia?!, Yes, my dear. You can actually ski in Serbia. “Very interesting …”, the feedback from my mum reads every time I send her new, beautiful pictures from the snow. Followers & friends, too, have been tuning into this journey with great interest, usually leading to the same kind of questions asked via […]

Talking about the #LifeOfATravelBlogger to tourism high school students as well as their teachers.

During the past two months, I enjoyed giving four different speaking gigs at various tourism high schools, universities and colleges in both Krems and Vienna, my home towns here in Austria. We discussed hot topics such as influencer marketing, the latest developments in the tourism industry, as well as how best to (net)work with travel […]

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