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Travelling to #LaBelleFrance just ahead of Xmas: A quick hop from Austria to the Atlantic Coast.

“Allez hopp”, and you’re there. Right by the Atlantic sea coast. Thanks to our modern ways of transport, such as airplanes and high speed trains, you can reach the sea in France in just about six hours from Vienna. A wonderful feeling that I have recently come to enjoy, being prompted to travel in order […]

A different kind of Christmas. In Cape Town, South Africa!

Christmas. I believe most of us immediately recall the scent of cinnamon candles, the warmth of their favourite sweater, a cup of Glühwein perhaps, and cookies. At least, this is what Christmas always felt like for me. Until I moved to Cape Town some 11 years ago. Gradually, I wrapped my head round the fact […]

City Trip to Lisbon: Adegga Wine Market & Season’s Greetings from Portugal

Lisbon. “Do you still need some travel tips & ideas for your visit in town? I have been in Lisbon a couple of times, and can offer to help you gladly.” From across my coffee mug at the Lisbon Poets Hostel right inside the old town of Lisbon, I smile at my fellow travellers Corinna […]

... vor allem Esslingen, mein wahrer Favorit unter allen drei Weihnachtsmärkten die ich in und um Stuttgart besucht habe!

#EnjoyStuttgart: Why Stuttgart’s Christmas Markets are really worth your next city trip to Germany.

For more than 300 years, the city of Stuttgart has hosted their traditional Christmas markets as one of the oldest markets in the whole of Germany. A fascinating fact for someone like me, who has been growing up to the splendour of similar Christmas markets back home in Austria. Whether it’s a creative workshop in Stuttgart’s ginger bread factory, an evening concert […]

#myBanff Mountain Film & Book Festival & other travel delights in the Canadian Rockies

My last post here on the blog has been quite emotional. “People love it when you open up”, my dear friend Angelika muses. “It is a feeling we can all connect to.” I guess she is right. Back to Banff, then. #myBanff … Oh Bill. Fern. And Adam … You know it is the beautiful, […]

#PolarNightMagic in Lapland: 10 travel images literally “out of this world”.

My memories of Lapland continue to put a spell on me. Despite being back at my desk for more than a week now, the magic of this immense, white winter wonderland and its absolute silence continues to work on me. Magnificent. Such is the stage of northern Finland, or Lapland as it is. Along with its sheer endless, snow-covered forests, lakes […]

Huskies #inAustria. A Love Story from Tyrol.

For many, many years now – almost as long as I can remember – we have been driving past the area around Angerberg – Mariastein in the lower Inntal valley, just a stone’s throw away from the border between Austria and Germany. Many years of heading to some of the most attractive ski resorts of Tyrol, including delicious […]

Fatbike, Skiing, Schnaps & More: Adventure Travel #inAustria #LoveTirol!

“If all of us multiply, link and share our individual efforts, ‘one plus one really can become three’.” Such, or similar, are my words when interviewed as part of our international blogger meet-up #inAustria, which has brought me back to travelling in Tyrol. Both the Austrian National Tourist Board as well as the Tyrol Tourism Board […]

... speaking of carnival masks: Aren't they beautiful to watch at a close-up distance?

#JoinGermanTradition: Carnival Craze in Rottweil & Schramberg

“Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.” My group of international travel bloggers and I did go for this deep look – deep into the nature of the local Black Forest traditions. As part of our itinerary #JoinGermanTradition, we went in search for what essentially makes up German traditions, and what better time of […]

Fascinated by the skill of this master artist, only 25 years old yet able to produce a Christmas glass ball in less than five minutes ..!

#JoinGermanTradition: Creative Travel Tales & Tips from the Black Forest District

“I am leaving to go travelling again within five days of arriving back home.” Only recently returned from my epic #CreativElenaRTW trip adventure, I have packed up my bags and left home again in order to #JoinGermanTradition – an invitation to join a creative “foodlover” trip deep into the world-famous, German Black Forest district. Why? Because !! Travelling, being out there & […]

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