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… and especially YOU, our ever so dedicated team of volunteers, to help out those who rely on our efforts for saving their lives - and hopes for a better tomorrow. © Rakesh Shahi

Heroes from Nepal: 10 Questions to Rakesh Shahi

The story I am going to share with you today is different from all other stories I have written & published on this world travel blog of mine. It is a story straight from the heart of one of my dearest friends in this world, Rakesh Shahi from Nepal, written at a moment in time that could not […]

Going Local in Kathmandu: City Stroll & Sari Wedding Experience!

“My visit to Nepal has changed my life forever. I feel that right now, this country is the emotional epicentre of my entire universe. Never before in my whole life have I felt so comfortable, so natural, so peaceful in the face of so many contradictions & cultural wonders on this #CreativElenaRTW trip of mine. […]

Mystik Mountains Adventure & Holidays: From Nepal with Love.

How should I even begin to relate the incredible human warmth of Nepal? I wonder, a smile spreading on my face. There is so much good to share about the “roof of the world“. In the face of an ever challenging political situation and against all odds of Nepal being a developing nation, the reality […]

Part of my young friend Rubi's extended Nepali family ...

Food & Faces of Nepal: Culture Travel in Kathmandu City & Sankhu Village

Every time you think you have “been there, done that, seen it all”, the world is going to remind you of its beauty and glory in the most astounding ways possible. It so happened to me on my first ever visit to the mountain kingdom of Nepal, the mighty land of the Himalayas including the world’s highest mountain, the birthplace of […]

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