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Sleepless in Seattle: A Foodie Fun Visit of the Emerald City.

This past week travelling here in Canada, my dear friend Janett Schindler (aka “The Part Time Traveller”) and myself have decided to be spontaneous. Spontaneous as in … Why not go to Seattle when already in Vancouver? At least, this is our European point of view, as in saying: “We’ve already made it this far. Why not […]

Luxury Travel Tips in Miami: Art Basel, Wynwood District & the Grand Beach Hotels

Pure luxury. “So how do you end up affording all these fancy hotels?!”, my brother still asks me via email only a couple of days ago. I smile at the memory, while unlocking the door to my room on the 14th floor of the Grand Beach Hotel Miami Beach. All of a sudden, I freeze. […]

Love the vision Faruk has for his business and those of his partners. Here, he points at a fascinating painting by local artist, hinting at a "meltdown" of Miami town hall and its famous Art Deco style as being the downfall of Miami.

South Beach #Foodlover Frenzy thanks to Miami Food Tours!

“There are three things I honestly could not live without … And those are: Oxygen. Food. And women!”, Faruk laughs, giving me his brightest grin & best introduction to the start of our South Beach Food Tour with Miami Food Tours. Faruk has a great sense of humour, ambition, and knowledge. I immediately warm to his passionate […]

Ich fühle mich überaus geehrt, an diesem Tisch Platz nehmen zu dürfen ... Thanksgiving ist hier fast noch wichtiger als Weihnachten (und fühlt sich auch so an.)!

Creative Travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico: Travel Tips Around Thanksgiving!

Today, I am leaving the city of Santa Fe feeling both sad and excited. Excited, because I am on my way through to Dallas and Miami (Miami Vice, South Beach, Ocean Drive here I go!), and “sad” because of leaving many dear people & places in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico behind. “I am not even sad because I know that […]

Creative Travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico: #Foodlover Frenzy at Santa Fe School of Cooking!

“The Farmers’ Market is a real Santa Fe tradition and a great place to get a feel for our food scene. Make sure you go there early Saturday morning …”. One of the very first descriptions I read about the city of Santa Fe is, once again, about food. “Have you put on weight yet, what with all […]

Jedes Mal etwas Besonderes: Einen Künstler / Eine Künstlerin in ihrer einzigartigen, individuellen und sehr persönlichen Umgebung kennen zu lernen.

Creative Travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico: Intuitive Painting. Pottery. Photo Encaustics. Santa Fe, a place to inspire!

Every day, I start understanding Santa Fe a little bit better. This creative hotspot here in New Mexico. I understand why so many artists & creative people choose to live here. Right here. “I just had to come back.” – “We both decided to move here.” – “I finally feel like I have arrived …!” Everybody feels welcome here, inspired, and embraced […]

Creative Travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico: Nothing like exploring Northern New Mexico with a professional photographer!

“And the best thing about taking people out on my photographic tours of Northern New Mexico is: I get to come along too!”, Steve next to me in the car roars with laughter. “Good for you, dear Steve”, I am thinking, smiling to myself, joining in his laughter. This feels just so good! What better way to […]

Creative Travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico: Pure Painting Pleasures!

Jane’s eyes are sparkling whenever she reaches for her pastel colours. Teena is calm and centered, focused on her art space flooded by the sunlight of Northern New Mexico, an art space that forever carries the soft smell of hot bee wax. She and her husband Dave, a talented photographer, got married some ten years […]

... soon looking like this!

Creative Travel in Santa Fe, New Mexico: Tin Smith Workshop & Taos Pueblo Visit

I have been longing to come here for so long that it feels just natural to land in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Flying over from New York City, the third stop on my #CreativElenaRTW trip, I enjoy taking in the beauty of the vast Central American plains before crossing the soaring, snow-covered Rockies. What a sight! […]

Love it: Local lady Leona teaching me how to ice my very own cupcake here at Magnolia Bakery in New York City!

Untold New York Stories: Creative Culture Travel in the Big Apple

“New York, New York … It is still our favourite song! We listen to it when the Yankees play!”, Charles laughs in the hotel lobby of New York’s prestigious Roosevelt Hotel. Start spreading the news … I am leaving today … I wanna be a part of it, New York, New York. Dear old Frankie, […]

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