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DANKE, liebe "Living In Frames" ...

“Living In Frames”: Glamping in Southern Burgenland, Austria (with baby)

“Glamping”, short for glamorous camping, meaning not to renounce luxury and comfort whilst enjoying the outdoors, is very much in fashion. Waking up surrounded by nature, yet tucked into cosy blankets and hotel-like beds? Spending the day outside, yet being able to use a state-of-the-art bathroom and toilet? Hanging out in swings, yet having only to […]

Wo sonst kann man wirklich mitten im Weingarten mit Blick auf die Stadt Wien und dennoch stilvoll im Grünen sitzen ...?

New Website “Urlaub am Winzerhof”: Wine Travel Stories

Since the beginning of this year, I have been writing for a digital magazine called “Urlaub am Winzerhof” (Austrian Wine Farm Holidays). Their website www.urlaubamwinzerhof.at tells you more about different overnight stays on winegrowing estates in Lower Austria, Burgenland or Styria. In addition, some of their short stories are authored by me, telling you more […]

... von wo aus wahrlich gute Aussichten herrschen, nicht wahr Angelika ...

Wine spring in Austria: Welcome to Burgenland, Lake Neusiedl.

Did you know that the earliest signs of spring can be found in the very (north)East of Austria, in the Pannonia plains of northern Burgenland, near Lake Neusiedl? That as you travel here and stay in one of its cozy accommodation units (either B&B or hotels), you will receive the so-called Neusiedler See Card offering you many attractive […]

Wind, so sei Euch gesagt, geht hier im burgenländischen Seewinkel eigentlich fast immer ...

Vila Vita Pannonia: Tips for visiting the national park Neusiedlersee-Seewinkel in Burgenland

Just recently, I told you about the pretty dress that spring has put on in Burgenland. Rabbits, pheasants, white donkeys, coloured birds & magnificent flowers have all come out to celebrate what may easily be deemed the most beautiful time of year, when everything awakens and comes out to play. Same for us travel bloggers. Together with […]

... diese Tierwelt hat es mir echt angetan !!!

Sustainable Food & Culture Travel in Burgenland: Visiting Vila Vita Pannonia.

This Vila Vita Pannonia. If you ever land yourself right there, in the so-called Seewinkel of the eastern stretch of Lake Neusiedl, some one and a half hours southeast of Vienna, believe me: You will not want to leave. Ever. Hardly before have I seen such a comfortable, ecologically sustainable and surprisingly different holiday resort! Wine cosmetics, wild herbs […]

Top Ten Instagram Travel Moments in 2014

Awesome “iphoneography”. I just love the aesthetics of my high resolution iPhone5 camera device coupled with the creativity and “filter-full” playground of Instagram. As a travel blogger, Instagram is one of my favourite Social Media apps apart from Facebook, Twitter or Google+. I use it all the time to share those travel moments & photographs I deem […]

Burgenland Travel Tales: Meet & Greet the (real) Burgenland!

Aloisia Bischof talks “Heanzisch” with us – a typical, local area dialect from Southern Burgenland. Travelling in the very east of Austria, you will not only be won over by its charming, undulating landscape and mild, Pannonia climate, but also by the charm of the local people. Throughout history, many different peoples have settled here: […]

... moderne, herzlich gestimmte Gastgeber wie Manuel Komosny und sein Troubadour-Kollege lassen die Geschichte rund um Blutgräfin & Co. von Burg Lockenhaus fast vergessen!

Burgenland Travel Tales: Colourful Castles throughout the course of history

Those of you who follow me travelling around Austria will know that I have already been writing a lot of insightful stories about the very essence of Burgenland, located in the east of Austria at the border with Hungary and Slovakia. The Burgenland really hasn’t got much to do at all with the rest of […]

Burg Bernstein: Be My Guest, Take A Rest.

“Our Canadian guests have been coming back for the past 24 years”, young host & castle knight Erasmus tells us with pride in his voice while casually showing my friend & fellow travel blogger Monika how to open a bottle of sparkling wine using a saber. We are standing inside the large palace courtyard of Burg […]

Atmosphärischer Blickfang im Innenhof des Schlosses.

A cultural visit to Burgenland: Esterházy Palace & Lake Festival Mörbisch

The Pannonian climate around Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland greets us with a true “Midsummer Night’s Dream”. An evening mood of a kind starts to unfold against the backdrop of the Lake Festival Mörbisch: Glossy white moon in the sky, pastel colours to match, endless views over the wide lake. Northern Burgenland with its powerful red […]

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