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Creative Culinary Travel Tips in & around Porto

Porto. No longer do I feel like a visitor there. Rather, like a “temporary citizen“. “Bem-vinda em casa, Elena!”, my Portuguese friends call out to me and welcome me home in their typical, heartfelt hospitality. If, like me, you care for the country and its people, even learn (some of) the language, you stand to […]

City Trip to Lisbon: Adegga Wine Market & Season’s Greetings from Portugal

Lisbon. “Do you still need some travel tips & ideas for your visit in town? I have been in Lisbon a couple of times, and can offer to help you gladly.” From across my coffee mug at the Lisbon Poets Hostel right inside the old town of Lisbon, I smile at my fellow travellers Corinna […]

... auch ganz, ganz köstlichen Serra da Estrela-Schafskäse vor, den uns José hier bereitwillig aufschneidet.

The other Portugal: Singulartrips, Serra da Estrela & sweet moments of seduction in Porto.

Portugal. “When I get on a plane and arrive in Lissabon three hours later, I do feel just the same: Home”, I often find myself musing with others. My mind then wanders off thinking about my dear friends in Portugal, switching back to speaking Portuguese as if it was completely normal (read more here “about how […]

... and have patience taking endless and endless amounts of photographs: Obrigada, Rita querida, for all your patience with me!

Women Walking The Way: Insights & Inspiration from the Portuguese Camino.

“It’s a kind of magic …” Magic. Magic! Well yes, walking the Camino is full of magic. And partly so, because it is a Women’s Way. At least 80% (that’s four out of five pilgrims we met on the Way) are women. From groups of friends, to couples, to female solo travellers and our accommodation hosts along […]

Friede beim Camino-Tagebuch-Schreiben im Garten der Familie.

Pilgrims on the Portuguese Way of St. James: Food & Accommodation in Portugal.

“The Way is tough .. The Way is rough .. The Way is … exactly what you make of it.” Like in real life. My journey along the Portuguese Way of St. James (13 days, 260 kilometres walking) has changed my life. Once more. In a very healthy way, I believe. I know, for instance, that I do […]

... und schafft ein absolut essentielles Mode-Accessoire für den Camino-Komfort.!

Preparing for the Way of St. James in Portugal & Galicia: 10 Travel Tips for getting on your Way.

“I’ll be gone, then …”. Word by the famous German comedian Hape Kerkeling, whose Camino tales have in part inspired me to walk the Portuguese Way of St. James from Porto to Santiago de Compostela. My dear, what an adventure! Despite all possible preparations, the Way has simply blown my mind – in the most literal […]

Porto’s High End: Luxury Travel Tips from Portugal.

I have told you about my many love affairs with Porto. I have told you about its beautiful people, hidden spots and magic sunsets. I have told you about its delightful food, splendid wine markets and why Porto should even be considered Europe’s next foodie capital. I have shared with you, my top ten travel tips for eating, […]

Five (Foodie) Travel Tips for going to Lisbon right now.

The city of Lisbon, situated at the mouth of the river Tejo into the Atlantic Sea, benefits from an incredibly mild, sunny climate. Ever since I became “half Portuguese” myself thanks to being fluent in Portuguese and having many friends here in this country, I am drawn back to the magic of lovely Lisboa. Let me […]

Algarve Dreaming. Five Travel Tips inspiring you to stay.

History. Culture. Food. Hospitality. The Algarve region, in the very south of Portugal, evokes many different sounds, smells – and memories, in my case. Last year only, I had an opportunity to visit the historic city of Loulé, home to a cradle of creative minds and artisans working to develop creative travel in the Algarve region. Find out more through their […]

Combining Lisbon with Sintra on your next trip to Portugal

What to do if you’ve only got a day or two to spend in the Portuguese capital city? Many of you city break travellers might have the same thoughts or concerns as I did on this fourth visit of mine to “boa Lisboa”. After food-touring downtown Mouraria districts as well as Campo d’Ourique with my friend […]

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