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Ceramic art #inCostaBrava ...

La Bisbal d’Empordà, a true hotspot for #CreativeTravel #inCostaBrava.

Why La Bisbal, and not Barcelona? Why Costa Brava for creative travel, you may ask? “Well, Elena. Did you know that La Bisbal d’Empordà has the highest per capita percentage of artists after Barcelona?!”, Anna tells me enthusiastically, and smiles. Anna: She is the most warm-hearted, talented, and creative person you can imagine to meet, and […]

#CreativeTravel #inPyrenees : Create your own, handcrafted souvenirs together with the locals.

The backcountry of any popular travel destination, such as Costa Brava, northern Catalonia in this case, is where the real magic happens. Countless creative travel experiences have led me to believe so. Or did you know you can become “a medieval travel writer” in the Pyrenees? Make your own organic paper to suit, in the popular lakeside town of Banyoles? […]

... where growing and harvesting your own herbs ...

A true taste of #CreativeTravel #inCostaBrava : Herbs, Horses, History, and more.

The world gets bigger as you travel. Have you ever heard of, or thought about, this sentence? It has become so true for me, whenever I think of travelling these days. And especially true, when it comes to visiting a certain destination repeatedly. Like Costa Brava. Having learned the local language Catalan, spent lots and lots of […]

... sitzen wir wenig später schon im Garten, als Teil der Familie, bei unseren liebevoll und frisch von Pol zubereiteten Mojitos .. Salut!

Girls’ Getaway #inCostaBrava: Where to go for #CreativeTravel with your friends.

Imagine this: Four girls, two from Germany, two from Austria. The “north” heading “south”, meeting up to travel in a fun, creative way #inCostaBrava. I mean, how do you possibly explain to your friends, families, and German-speaking blog readers, that what you do as a creative traveller in Catalonia, has to do with painting the butts […]

Foodie Travel Tips #inCostaBrava : Cook & eat your way through these restaurants from Blanes to the Pyrenees.

“You look so different”, I compliment my friend Klaus back home in Austria, “have you lost weight?! I feel like I’ve just gained at least fifteen kilos, travelling #inCostaBrava for the past two weeks”, I add, laughing. Incredible how my foodie travel writer friends Amber & Eric have been able to literally wine & dine themselves around Costa […]

And look who's waiting for you in the morning?!?

Four very charming Countryside Accommodation tips for your next trip #inCostaBrava & #inPyrenees.

Exploring Costa Brava is a love story for the senses. If you have never ventured north out of Barcelona, you don’t know what paradise truly means. Because it does exist. Right there, between the sea and the mountains, where the soaring peaks of the Pyrenees drop down to bow in front of the “wild coast”, the […]

The #CreativeTravel A-Team #inCostaBrava: From left to right, ...

Keeping Blogger Relations fresh: #CreativeTravel, Social Media Marketing & Networking #inCostaBrava.

#CreativeTravel #inCostaBrava. My connection with Catalonia, and Costa Brava in particular, is both a heartfelt as well as a professional one. “M’agrada molt aquest projecte i encara més que el lideris tu. Per professionalitat, per passió i per compromís amb la destinació.” – “I really like this project, and even more that you are in […]

Fun, Food & Family Travel: Why we should all be #inCostaBrava right now.

Followers of my blog will know about my undisputed love for Catalonia, and especially, Costa Brava. Thanks to having found a family home here and learning the language in virtually a few weeks, I have since felt deeply attached to “les meves terres catalanes” – my Catalan homeland. From planning creative travel projects around Catalonia, to speaking at […]

Urban Suites Barcelona: Great for a Barcelona getaway.

Always Barcelona … “Barcelona enamora!”, is what a friend of mine calls her blog about the city of Barcelona. And she is just right: Barcelona will make you fall in love. No matter whether it’s a culinary crush, a desire to express yourself creatively while in Barcelona, an awed look at the famous “Castellers” human towers […]

“Festival del Circ”: Spring Celebrations at the Circus Festival #inCostaBrava.

If you noticed, you probably had to smile. The first tender sprouts of spring are to be seen all around, and I have chosen to sprout out something new, too. Talking about my travel blog, which has only recently undergone a major relaunch. Díos mío! Hours and hours, day after day of work … After the […]

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