Creative Travel in Southern Burgenland: Open air museum Gerersdorf near Güssing.

Can one learn to forge in two days?! Yes, one can (my man, in any case)! “Look! Dad made a candlestick for the patio!” says Liam, our three-year-old son, with pride in his voice. Sooty, sweaty, yet happy – that’s what my husband Georg feels like at the end of his two-day creative crafts course, learning how to forge at the Gerersdorf open-air museum near Güssing.

Mein Schatz Georg mit Diplom und Kerzenständer nach zwei Tagen schweißtreibender Schmiedearbeit.

Georg, after two days of forging his own candlestick: Sweaty, but proud!


Since Georg and I have welcomed our second son Levin only a few months prior, we decided to spend Georg’s creative course in southern Burgenland as a creative vacation with at least one grandparent to support us. After all, there is so much to discover near the town of Güssing, even or especially with children – including Güssing Castle itself, Friedensburg Schlaining Peace Castle, and of course the Gerersdorf open-air museum as a venue for creative courses and leisure activities.

Mit dem Opa in Begleitung: Blick auf die Schmiedewerkstatt im Freilichtmuseum Gerersdorf im Südburgenland.

With granddad in tow: Checking out the venue for the forgery at the open-air museum Gerersdorf.


Open-air museum ensemble Gerersdorf: A place for creativity, old craftsmanship and typical farmhouses in southern Burgenland.

For almost ten years now, I have been travelling to the charming open-air museum Gerersdorf. The atmosphere of the 32 historic, thatched residential and farm buildings is unique. Don’t miss out on a guided tour during your next visit! As a creative traveller, I recommend you to participate in one of the numerous creative courses, including the two-day blacksmithing course in the open-air museum.

Ankommen im Freilichtmuseum Gerersdorf

Arriving at the open-air museum Gerersdorf: “Strahlen Sie mit der Sonne um die Wette!”


Ein Ort für Familien ...

A place for families …


... für Kreativität ...

… craftsmanship …


... und die Freude daran: Kursleiter Franz (links im Bild) zeigt Georg, warum "man das Eisen schmieden muss, solange es glüht".

… and the joy of learning how to forge hot iron for making your own unique souvenirs, in this case!


Out and about in Güssing: Having dinner at Rina’s restaurant and visiting Güssing Castle.

My husband Georg and I already wanted to go to Rina’s when we went glamping in southern Burgenland three years ago (glamping with our then three-month-old son Liam, by the way – you can read more about that here).

Again this time, we were recommended to have dinner in the friendly family restaurant Rina’s. This time round, we tried local “Güssing shrimps” as a speciality. But – shrimps raised at close range in landlocked Austria – is that even possible? Well, yes!

Tischlein deck dich ...

Check out Rina’s restaurant …


... im Rina's in Güssing werden sensationell gute Güssinger Garnelen mit sommerlichem Gemüse serviert. Ich bekomm' gleich wieder Hunger!

… for trying the local Güssing speciality, home-raised shrimps from nearby hot-water pools!


Auch die Burg Güssing selbst bietet mit dem Burgrestaurant gute Kulinarik für Euer Mittagessen ...

You may also try the restaurant at Güssing Castle for having typical local lunch specialities …


... und dazu eine abenteuerliche Entdeckungsreise für Groß und Klein.

… as well as check out the castle itself.


(M)Ein Tipp für Familien: Babys am besten in die Trage, auch Kleinkinder wollen bei den vielen Stufen hier immer wieder auf den Arm: Ansonsten aber lohnt der Blick in die Burg + Ausstellung allemal.

If you are travelling with young children, best bring a baby carrier or sling as the castle is not accessible with strollers. A visit is definitely worth it!


My tip: Try visiting the Friedensburg Schlaining Peace Castle (with great cake + coffee).

A good half hour from Güssing, you will find the Friedensburg Schlaining Peace Castle. It is known as a European center for peace, international understanding and the eventful history of Burgenland: Families of the most diverse origins also lived here for many generations.

Today, the carefully restored castle complex houses an interesting exhibition called “100 Years of Burgenland”. I highly recommend it to you. Carrying little Levin in my baby sling, I could actually take the time to study it in detail. Worth seeing!

Sommerlicher Besuch der Burg Schlaining ...

Visiting Schlaining Castle in southern Burgenland …


... die Jubiläums-Ausstellung anlässlich der "100 Jahre Burgenland" ist sehenswert: Nehmt Euch am besten mindestens eine Stunde dafür ...

… I can recommend its bilingual exhibition on the occasion of “100 Years of Burgenland” …


... sowie noch Zeit für Kaffee & Kuchen im wunderschön restaurierten Burghof.

… as well as taking time in the castle courtyard for some coffee and cake.


And you? Fancy visiting southern Burgenland? See you there 🙂

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