Travelling the German Route of Delights: Tips for visiting the town of Wertheim.

What exactly is the “Route of Delights”?

Arriving in the town of Wertheim, at the confluence of the Main and Tauber rivers, we chat with Christiane Förster, Managing Director of the Wertheim Tourism Region, over a good glass of wine at the Hotel Restaurant Schwan. About ten years ago, she had the idea of highlighting exceptional attractions in her destination through the “Route of Delights”. “The attractions highlighted in the ‘Route of Delights’ … are special in many ways,” I quote her from the practical as well as informative booklet, “they all work with great passion and care in the development of their products.”

The thing is that the term “Route of Delights” does not only refer to restaurants or food-related businesses, as you might think. Also in the guidebook, is for instance an orthopaedic shoemaker designer (yes!) driven to make life better for his customers. A so-called spice pope who is guided by the insights of his young daughter. A lingerie shop that only sells made-to-measure: Heidi’s Wäschelädle lingerie shop of a kind in the middle of Wertheim!

The shop is a hit, I wish I had something like that for my own neighbourhood!

Heidi Schmidt cares about the optimal fit of underwear: here, in the middle of Wertheim's old town, every woman is measured and advised individually. That's how it should be!

Heidi Schmidt cares about the optimal fit of underwear: here, in the middle of Wertheim’s old town, every woman is measured and advised individually. Exactly how it should be!


Attractions in section 3: “Special encounters at the heart of the Route of Delights”.

Altogether, the Route of Delights has you travel along six different sections. The third one lists all partners in and around Wertheim. Let me share our experiences here with you.


Discovering Wertheim: Walking around the “Little Venice of the North”.

It is not without reason that Wertheim is known as the Little Venice of the North. The colourful cityscape at the confluence of the Main and Tauber rivers is truly picturesque, the two calm rivers remind me of the canals of Venice.

Wir haben Glück: An diesem Frühjahrestag ist der abendliche Blick auf die Hausfassaden von Wertheim besonders schön.

We are in luck with the weather and view: Cityscape of Wertheim in southern Germany.


But then, our gaze wanders and we realise that we are north of the Alps. For instance, as we look upon the magnificent ensemble of Wertheim Castle. This castle, I am sure, would put real knightly fantasies into my little son’s head.

Blick auf die Burg Wertheim etwas oberhalb der Stadt.

View of Wertheim Castle right above the old town.


We enjoy our leisurely tour through the old town, which can easily be mastered on foot, marvelling at one or the other building, one or the other façade, one or the other … man with his thumb up!?

View of Wertheim's market square - seen from the (tip!) upper floor of the Grapes wine tavern.

View of Wertheim’s market square – seen from the (travel tip!) upper floor of the Grapes wine tavern.


Thumbs up: Wertheim's optimist can be found in many colours and variations all over the old town.

Thumbs up: Wertheim’s optimist can be found in many colours and variations all over the old town.


Abends ist der Spaziergang durch Wertheim wirklich besonders schön.

Wertheim is especially pretty in the golden light of sunset.


Vom schiefen, mittelalterlichen Turm von Wertheim ...

From its leaning medieval tower …


... sind es nur wenige Minuten, bis

… it’s just a few minutes’ walk to get to this view: From left to right, Christiane Förster and my dear friends and fellow travel bloggers Christina Leutner, Barbara Riedel and Janett Schindler.


KaffeeRaum Wertheim, ArtOfChocolate Pralinés & lupine coffee from the Klein organic farm.

Friends of good coffee (and good alternatives to coffee!) take note: KaffeeRaum Wertheim is your port of call. Opt for some classic espresso – or try their equally famous lupine coffee. It’s a real experience, as father and son from the Klein organic farm are there to deliver it! They tell us that their Lupino coffee brand has been around for almost 30 years. They produce it from the beans of the white sweet lupine. I like it: it’s the first time I’ve been served lupine coffee. Wow.

By the way, at the entrance to KaffeeRaum Wertheim it says, as if in greeting, “Yawning is the silent cry for coffee.” How true. Morning yawn!

Wertheimer Pralinen runden den Kaffeegenuss ab ...

Wertheim ArtOfChocolate Pralinés perfectly match our cup of coffee at the KaffeeRaum Wertheim …


... danke, liebe Familie Klein, für die Möglichkeit zur Verkostung des Lupinenkaffee!

… thank you, dear Klein family team, for having us try lupine coffee!


Grapes wine tavern and a local nut company called “Kernenergie” (nuclear energy).

Grapes wine tavern has this one great advantage: it is located directly on Wertheim’s market square, attracting visitors to its rustic half-timbered corner house. When the weather is nice, you can enjoy your glass of local wine directly on the market square, at matching wine barrel bar tables, or otherwise at the bar – with the “Kernenergie” nut mix.

Weinstube Grapes: Wohl bekomm's in Wertheim!

Grapes wine tavern: Cheers in Wertheim!


Die Kernenergie ist ein wirklich schmackhafter Kernmix zum Knabbern.

Love how the brand “Kernenergie” is a perfect play of words in the German language! It tastes good, too.


Wertheim Glass Museum

It’s only a few minutes’ walk from the market square towards the Tauber and past Wertheim Castle on the left to the Wertheim Glass Museum. And yes, I’ve been here before: Once during a symposium almost ten years ago, another time as part of a trip along Germany’s Romantic Road. Many roads lead to Wertheim!

As in the past, the Wertheim Glass Museum continues to make an impression on me. The history of glass as a material is impressively described here, including the opportunity to take part in a glassblowing workshop.

Just one of many exhibits in the impressive Wertheim Glass Museum. It is well worth the visit!

Just one of many exhibits in the impressive Wertheim Glass Museum. It is well worth the visit!


Restaurant Dinges – Organic Farm Joas

Last but not least, I would like you to book a table at Restaurant Dinges in the historic courtyard of Wertheim’s town hall!

The cuisine there is really excellent, down-to-earth and creative at the same time; we also had the pleasure of a personally guided and commented wine tasting by the worldly wine merchant Norbert Spielmann. A cheese platter with specialities from the organic farm Joas was also not to be missed. Yum!

My tip is this: It’s best not to eat much, or anything at all, before visiting the restaurant. You are guaranteed to get deliciously full here.

Leckerer Nachtisch im Restaurant Dinges in Wertheim.

Delicious desserts at the Restaurant Dinges in Wertheim.


While tasting all these wonderful wine specialities from the Alte Grafschaft winery which is (you guessed it) also a pleasure partner of the Route of Pleasures ...

Tasting all these wonderful wines from the Alte Grafschaft winery which is (you guessed it) also a partner of the Route of Delights …


... bleiben einmal mehr keinerlei Wünsche offen: Von links nach rechts der Küchenchef des Hauses, Landwirt Daniel Joas mit seinen köstlichen Käsespezialitäten und Weinhändler Norbert Spielmann.

… we are introduced to the restaurant chef (first on the left), organic farmer Daniel Joas with this delicious cheese platter, as well as wine merchant Norbert Spielmann.


Spending the night in Wertheim: Hotel Restaurant Schwan.

If you are looking for a central, cosy and historically grown accommodation, I can recommend you to stay at Hotel Restaurant Schwan. Of course, this establishment also belongs to the Route of Delights!

We enjoy specialities of the Baden-Franconian cuisine, one or the other glass of typical, regional wine (served in an unusual, bag-shaped bottle) and spend the night in the quiet, modernly furnished rooms of the hotel.

Tip: Ask for a room with a view of the Wertheim tower and be sure to mention at breakfast if you have any special requests. In addition to the well-stocked buffet, they are happy to cater to your needs!

Modern, cosy: view into my room at the Hotel Restaurant Schwan.

Modern, cosy: view into my room at the Hotel Restaurant Schwan.


Culinary and wine lovers will find everything they could wish for here.

Wine and food lovers will find everything they could wish for here.


Travel video “Route der Genüsse”

Also, check out my video about travelling in both Eastern Styria, as well as the Wertheim region in Southern Germany, both hot spots for gourmet foodie travellers.


Further images from my trip are displayed in this picture gallery:


Disclaimer: I have been invited on this trip by the Wertheim Tourism Board. All opinions are my own.

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