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… “that actually sounds almost professional”, I recently wrote in a happy manner on my Facebook page. “Our workshop with you was booked out in no time”, Karin Drda-Kühn who is in charge of the KIRATOUR Culture Tourism network in the province of Heilbronn in Germany tells me, ” … especially because lots of tourism professionals and local stakeholders came to register for your talk in advance. There is a great interest in learning more about cultural tourism & travel blogging.”

Working as project manager of the international Creative Tourism Network in Austria as well as developing many international cultural tourism projects, I am indeed happy about receiving so much feedback and interaction during my workshop. Even the mayor takes his time to welcome me to the beautiful Taubertal valley as well as the local city of Wertheim … nice 😉

PS: The Taubertal valley as well as the cities of Wertheim & Bad Mergentheim are beautiful travel destinations, as I have come to realise during my short business trip … thank you Karin Drda-Kühn for our happy road trip and your warm welcome to “your neck of the woods”, Bad Mergentheim and its famous Tauber Schwarz wine!

Am Vorabend meines Seminars zum Thema "Reiseblogger & Kulturtourismus" besichtige ich das schöne Städtchen Bad Mergentheim.

Prior to my seminar about “travel blogs & cultural tourism”, I am welcomed by Karin Drda-Kühn to her beautiful city Bad Mergentheim.


Karin, vielen Dank für die wunderbare Gastfreundschaft !! Euren "Tauber Schwarz" habe ich als Wein-Fan ebenfalls sehr genossen :)

Karin, thank you so much for your kind hospitality! I have really enjoyed your “Tauber Schwarz” wine, being the wine fan I am 🙂


Das Programm für den nächsten Tag ist schon recht dicht und zielt genau auf die zentrale Fragestellung ab: Wie können Kulturschaffende noch enger mit den neuen Medien & Reisebloggern zusammen arbeiten?

The programme for the day has already been worked out prior to the event: How can travel bloggers & cultural (tourism) people work together even better and more professionally?


Danke auch für den offiziellen Empfang im Sitzungssaal der Stadtgemeinde Wertheim: Hier werden wir wirklich aufs Herzlichste begrüßt und empfangen.

Thank you for this official, warm welcome to the city of Wertheim, where our cultural tourism & and travel blogging workshop is being held.


“What are travel blogs, and how can stakeholders in the tourism and cultural industry work together with them even better?”

On the website, the website of the cultural tourism network representing the area of Heilbronn-Franken, I have received my own tag: ““. The interest I am met with as a young travel writer & travel blogger, including details and know-how on professional cooperation in the field, such as my recent trip travelling to various UNESCO World Heritage sites with the German Tourist Board, is tremendous(ly high): “Ms Paschinger, when are you able to come back!?

During the 5th KIRATOUR networking event on 25 July 2013, almost 30 different stakeholders from the tourism, PR & cultural industries as well as administrative institutions meet in order to focus on the central question above: How can we as cultural people or tourism professionals work successfully with new media travel writers?

More than two hours were not enough to explore all the questions and concerns that were brought to the table during this expert meeting: I love to talk about what we do as travel writers & travel bloggers, explaining the dynamics behind a young (and growing) online travel PR industry. All of our recommendations about “blogging & cultural tourism” can be found here on the Kiratour website.

Beim Netzwerktreffen wird gespannt gelauscht: Hier im Publikum Frau Patricia Alberth, Expertin für UNESCO Welterbe weltweit.

During the network meeting, everybody listens carefully: Patricia Alberth, who is an expert on all things UNESCO & Cultural Heritage Management, brings her expertise to the table.


Bei meinem Vortrag gehe ich auch auf professionelle Details, wie die Integration einer Seite mit "Mediendaten" zur Kooperation auf dem Blog.

During my talk, I also talk about professional instruments to be integrated on travel websites, such as a media kit for instance.


Karin Drda-Kühn und ich führen gekonnt den Dialog aus Sicht eines Kulturtourismus-Netzwerkes und Reiseblogger ...

Karin Drda-Kühn and I lead our dialogue from the point of view of a cultural tourism network as well as a creative travel writer …


... Frau Förster von der Stadt Wertheim Tourismus GmbH macht sich bereits Notizen & Gedanken zur Organisation der nächsten Bloggerreise ... ?! ;)

… and Frau Förster, of the city of Wertheim Tourismus GmbH, has already started taking notes on the organization of an upcoming blog trip … ?! 😉


Danke ans gesamte Team für einen wunderbar anregenden und inspirierenden Tag in Wertheim! Erste Interessensbekundungen zur weiteren Zusammenarbeit habe ich schon erhalten und freue mich auf viele weitere, spannende Projekte mit Euch !

Thank you to the entire team for a really professional and very interesting workshop day in Wertheim! I have already received some first notes on upcoming projects and look forward to continuing to work with you. 😀


Uprise Travel 20 November 2021 - 10:41

Thanks for an informative Blog

Elena 22 November 2021 - 06:45

You are welcome! 🙂


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