Mountain Music & Heavenly Hikes in Mostviertel, Lower Austria

The Mostviertel district in Lower Austria. Many times, we talk about “secret tips” while travelling. The Mostviertel, however, really deserves to be put on the map: During my first ever trip to the “Must Haven” of Lower Austria in the spring of 2013, I have already become enchanted by the Mostviertel with fellow travel bloggers Monika & Petar Fuchs, equally cherishing their experience.

And now? Well, dear readers: It is Mostviertel again. Pure unspoilt nature, culinary “Mostviertel delights” coupled with great concerts featuring national and international musicians: That is what the Mostviertel district offers around a series of music events called “Gipfelklaenge” as part of the mountain summer events in Lower Austria. Together with a team of international travel bloggers and journalists, my friend Julia has travelled to Mostviertel with the likes of Andreas Susana (Travelwriticus) as well as Laurel Robbins and her husband Jörg (Monkeys & Mountains). Here, we want to share with you our experiences featuring the famous “Geniesserzimmer” (typical style rooms of the area), the “Gipfelklaenge” music events as well as all the perfect hiking options available in Mostviertel.

Einfach mal die Seele baumeln lassen: Das Mostviertel lädt genau dazu ein, hier lässt es sich wunderbar im Rhythmus der Region entschleunigen.

Go for a “hang out”: The Mostviertel invites you to unwind and relax at its very own, enchanting pace.


Die "Gipfelklänge" sind eine der wichtigsten Veranstaltungen im niederösterreichischen Bergsommer, hier mit dem internationalen ...

The “Gipfelklaenge” are among the most important series of events in the Lower Austrian mountain summer, featuring international musicians such as Insingizi from Zimbabwe and the Austrian guitarist Klaus Trabitsch.


Auf kulinarische Schmankerl darf bei diesen zauberhaften, musikalischen Wandermomenten selbstverständlich nicht verzichtet werden.

Of course, hiking is all about enjoying great food as well. Especially if it tastes as delicious as this picture looks like …


Jung-Bloggerin Julia gefällt's: Heute berichtet sie Euch von ihren Lieblings-Momenten bei den "Gipfelklaengen" im Mostviertel.

Aspiring young blogger & friend Julia loves Mostviertel: Find out why!


The “Gipfelklaenge”: Mountain Music Events in Lower Austria

The so-called “Gipfelklaenge”, taking place each year at the beginning of the mountain summer events in June, are an excellent combination of hiking and music concerts surrounded by Alpine pastures and meadows in the Mostviertel mountains. When the opening ceremony featuring the Serbo-Kosovarian duo Catch-Pop String-Strong at the “Genießerzimmer” hotel Fahrnberger came on, everybody got really excited about the rest of the events. Balkan rhythms as well as classic music and unique compositions provided a feast for the senses – check it out!

Das serbisch-kosovarische Duo Catch-Pop String-Strong bei der Auftaktveranstaltung zu den Gipfelklaengen im Mostviertel.

The Serbo-Kosovarian duo Catch-Pop String-Strong during their “Gipfelklaenge” opening ceremony in the Mostviertel.


Zu genießen gab's köstliche Ybbsbach-Forelle direkt aus der nahen Umgebung in den Mostviertler Bergen.

Dinner time: Local Ybbs river trout tastes all the better if sourced from nearby, as well as all herbs & potatoes. What a tasteful delight!


Stay in Style: A special welcome is offered at the “Geniesserzimmer” rooms of Lower Austria

What on Earth is a “Geniesserzimmer“? Am I able to enjoy something truly special here? Can I travel in luxury and style yet still feel connected to the essence of a place? The answer is yes and a lot more. For the past few months, the Lower Austrian “Geniesserzimmer” have even devised a unique wish list surprising guests with an unexpected eye for detail! It is hence of no surprise that we chose to stay at the Mostviertel “Geniesserzimmer” hotel Mandl-Scheiblechner in Göstling upon Ybbs. My friend Julia has travelled here for the first time and is under a spell immediately: „The rooms and all those little touches provided a big part of the unique charm of these kind of accommodation: Local paintings, fresh seasonal fruit and a mighty four-poster bed made me feel at home right away. I have really enjoyed my stay here! Lady Irmi, our charming host, has even prepared a special wish list for us, fulfilling at least three wishes during our stay! Not only in the rooms, all over the hotel the message of active moments of pleasure & regional delights became transparent; the home-made black forest jam being an absolute delight.

Die Nächtigung in den Genießerzimmern Niederösterreichs lockt mit Liebe zum Detail & dem gewissen (regionalen) Etwas, was sich in vielen Mostviertler Kleinigkeiten äußert.

Staying at a Lower Austrian “Geniesserzimmer” means attention to little details in the hardware and software of a typical Mostviertel hotel.


Obst & ein regionaler Schnaps warten hier auf die Genießerzimmer-Gäste.

Fresh fruit and a regional greeting – “Gruß aus Göstling” schnapps was waiting for us here. Nice!


Die eigene Wunschliste macht den Aufenthalt zu etwas Besonderem: Aus dieser Liste werden gut & gerne drei Wünsche vom Genießerzimmer-Gastgeber erfüllt!

The very own, and special, wish list when staying in the Mostviertel: Three out of these wishes are fulfilled during any one stay, all related to typical local experiences in Lower Austria such as tasting schnapps, local herbs or enjoying seasonal fruit.


“Gipfelklaenge” mountain music in Mostviertel: Highlights of the mountain summer events in Lower Austria

According to Julia, the “Gipfelklaenge” hiking team already had a lot of fun when travelling to the Mostviertel. Part of the distance was covered using the typical Mostviertel “Schienenradl”, a kind of track car that is pedalled like a bike : “I have tried this for the first time and was indeed a little bit skeptical about its practical use, but all my worries were in vain: Altogether, we covered about 11 kilometres from Ruprechtshofen to Wieselburg on the historical narrow tracks of the former railway passing romantic meadows and swamplands. Before stopping for a hearty snack at the Mostviertel Schienenrast in Reisenhof, we first had to pedal about 50 metres upwards. Well, it sounds easy, but this does require some kind of training! Fortunately, we got lucky being pushed up by local expert Toni Hackl on his quad bike. Wohooo – using all of his extra horsepower engine, we gladly made it up top! Hungry from all the excitement, it was just amazing stepping off at the enchanting Ablasshof farm in Hochreit. The house, more than 300 years old, boasts magic panorama views and oh so delicious snacks: The pork roast was simply divine, I just (had to) finish it all. 😀 What a perfect day – not only for hikers!” 

Köstlicher Schweinsbraten als zünftige Wanderjause ...

Delicious pork roast as a hearty mountain snack in Mostviertel …


... nach so vielen Kilometern hat man sich das aber auch wirklich verdient! Was meint Ihr?

… After so many kilometres, you truly deserve it. Wouldn’t you agree?


Noch mehr "Gipfelklaenge": Regionale & internationale Musiker beim Staraufgebot im Mostviertel.

Even more “Gipfelklaenge”: Local and international musicians gather as part of these unique mountain music events.


On Saturday 8 June 2013, the first part of the Mostviertel “Gipfelklaenge” started with a hike up the Königsberg mountain close to Gasthof Jagersberger in Hollenstein. The weather was just perfect and you could tell from the look on everybody’s faces that they were surprised to be led by … a donkey called “Maxi”! Hiking itself was only slightly demanding, stopping all the time for music (and food 😉 )! The band Saxofour gave a great jazz concert, their melodies in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape!

Julia continues to be enchanted: “After enjoying Saxofour, we had the pleasure of listening to the a-capella band Insingizi from Simbabwe who performed together with the Austrian artist Klaus Trabitsch at the Hollensteiner mountain rescue hut. The African rhythms created a wonderful atmosphere, the combination of those with light-hearted Viennese humour was just marvellous! After this live performance, we started our descent back into the valley, not without stopping at the “Kräutergarten” herbal gardens. Finally, the Florianer Tanzlgeiga played at Gasthof Jagersberger featuring fast Polka and vals. What a day !!! Full of culinary, musical and mountain delights – an hiking experience as I have never enjoyed it before!”

Spaß mit der Band Insingizi aus Simbabwe hatten sowohl Einheimische als auch die über 200 Besucher der "Gipfelklaenge" an diesem Wochenende im Juni!

More than 200 visitors gathered to enjoy the “Gipfelklaenge” music events on this weekend in June 2013.


Der "Esel Maxi" führt Besucher gerne mal "an der Nase herum"!

Donkey “Maxi” likes to lead visitors “astray” … !


Selbstverständlich darf das kulinarische Hocherlebnis nie fehlen: Köstliche Knödel unterwegs im Mostviertel.

Always with food: Juicy “Knödel” (dumplings filled with spices and meat) are waiting for hungry hikers.


Was für eine Stimmung ... Bergsommer in Niederösterreich mit Musik & Genuss.

Look at this … Pure mountain summer magic in Lower Austria. What a delight!


Hier fügen sich die Musiker direkt in das Landschaftsbild ein ... auch visuell ein einmaliges Erlebnis.

Musicians blend in, becoming one with the landscape that surrounds them: The “Gipfelklaenge” are also a visually stimulating event!


Die Wandergruppe aus Reisebloggern & Journalisten frohen Mutes am ersten Tag der musikalischen Wanderungen zu den "Gipfelklängen".

Happy hikers made up of travel bloggers and journalists from around Austria, Germany and the USA!


On the second day also, Sunday 9 June 2013, one highlight continued to chase the other. On this day, the scenery changed slightly: “Gipfelklaenge” hikers could explore the local adventure world Mendlingtal showcasing the life & work of earlier woodcutters and smiths –  a combination of music, learning and hiking.

“At the entrance to the adventure park, the local music association St. Georgen am Reith greeted us with traditional Austrian folklore music. At Mendlingtal, you can discover a museum, a Venetian wooden saw, a fully-functional water mill and much more. Hiking across the narrow wooden bridges, we were able to see and experience one of the last wood drifting facilities still in use in Central Europe. We could even watch a few “woodcutters” at work, which in the past would have been no easy task. They most certainly would not have had such fancy boots protecting them from the cold mountain streams?” 😉

At the end of the 3 km circuit, the Viennese singer Tini Kainrath ended the “Gipfelklaenge” events with a tribute of her band: Jazz, Soul and Pop combined into an explosion of sound and feel-good-rhythms. Be sure to check back again next year!

Julia genießt es und saugt das Erlebnis der einzigartigen "Gipfelklaenge" in sich auf!

Julia enjoys every single moment of listening to the “Gipfelklaenge” mountain music events.


Die Erlebniswelt Mendlingtal bietet eine der letzten Holztriftanlagen Mitteleuropas ...

The Mendlingtal adventure park offers one of the last wooden drift facilities in Europe …


... bevor Tini Kainrath mit ihrer Band den Besuchern ordentlich zum Abschluss der Gipfelklaenge einheizt!

… before Tini Kainrath and band is set to heat up the stage with her final musical act!


Was für ein Erlebnis: Schlemmen, Genießen, Wandern & Musik - und dabei alles vom Feinsten. Julia schwärmt ...

What an experience: Gourmet food, international music and incredible mountain scenery. Julia dreams on …

“The Gipfelklaenge music events would have been the highlight of my trip into Mostviertel; however the truly astounding quality of staying at the “Geniesserzimmer“, a ride with the Mostviertel Schienenradl and a visit of the 300-year-old “Ablasshof” farm in Hochreit have all turned this journey into an unforgettable experience for me. Absolute must-do for lovers of good food, mountain scenery & music!”


Check out further impressions on our Flickr photo album featuring “Gipfelklaenge” in Mostviertel.

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Mostviertel Tourist Board in order to travel to the “Gipfelklaenge” & Geniesserzimmer mountain music events in Lower Austria. All opinions are my own. 

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