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#BadenInWeiss: White Summer Party in the Imperial City of Baden near Vienna

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“We knew straight away that we wanted to welcome you in Baden on this very weekend”, Klaus Lorenz tells us. Klaus is head of tourism of the city of Baden and always up for a joke (or two). He really enjoys hosting us to the splendour of his city, a city known for its imperial charm far across the regional borders.


The annual celebration #BadenInWeiss is unique in the whole of Austria. More than 30.000 guests take to the streets of an imperial city that has not lost a single ounce of its charm of old.

“This weekend, a special law passes”, Klaus tells us with a wink. “The party officially continues until 2.00 a.m.!” We laugh and join the party, all dressed in white: My friends & fellow travel writers from Germany & Austria are clearly enjoying themselves to #BadenInWeiss too. Baden beckons gourmet travellers, complete with a short Kaiserschmarren-Demo (yes!), a foodie hike through the famous Vienna Forests, chillaxing at the historic Roman Spa or at Baden Beach (!), Dinner & Casino as well as a most beautiful picnic in the rose garden of Baden. The so-called “Rosarium” is home to more than 30.000 single roses! “That’s just as many visitors as Baden welcomes on this weekend”, I think to myself, smiling, while enjoying the way my light summer dress floats around my hips. At almost 40°C, I am really grateful for the city’s motto #BadenInWeiss, and ever so impressed by the white, happy vibes. Check this out.

Wir starten unseren Abend #BadenInWeiss klassisch-traditionell ...

#BadenInWeiss kicks off …


... mit Genuss & Wein beim Heurigen der Familie Ceidl in Baden bei Wien.

… with a visit to the Heurigen wine gourmet tavern – what else.!


Es ist schon eine ganz eigene Stimmung, uns alle in Weiss zu wissen ...!

Really special knowing that everyone is going to be dressed in white …!


... eine Stimmung, die von allen gefördert & getragen wird: Tourismusdirektor Klaus Lorenz ist für jeden Spaß (und Information) zu haben!

… a feeling that is kept up throughout town: Head of tourism Klaus Lorenz explaining what #BadenInWeiss is all about!


Jedes Jahr lockt #BadenInWeiss zigtausende Gäste und Einheimische zur Feier auf die Straßen Badens ...

Each and every year, the city of Baden welcomes thousands of party people to its streets and bars …


... ich bin begeistert, wie sehr der Dresscode wirklich eingehalten wird!

… I am amazed by how much people adhere to the dress code really!


Sogar der Zuckerwatte-Verkäufer traut sich nicht über Rosa oder ähnliches - #BadenInWeiss, eben!

Even the candy floss is white – #BadenInWeiss , for sure!


Auf zur Partynacht im Casino Baden ...

Off we go partying at the Casino Baden …


... dem historischen Casino, in dem moderne Unterhaltung auf altehrwürdige Deko & Interior treffen. Einzigartig, das muss ich schon sagen.!

… a historical casino combining modern entertainment facilities with the charm of old.!


Baden, Du siehst uns wieder ...

Baden, we will come again …


... zu mehr einzigartigen Erlebnissen!

… likely to enjoy more special events like these!


Next up, I’ll tell you even more about the many gourmet travel tips & moments of happiness in the Roman spa town of Baden, a place with a history of several thousand years! Not too long ago, I have visited and written about my stay in the area called Thermenregion Wienerwald, including Baden. Apart from my own home town Krems, the area around Baden really counts as one of the prettiest spots of Lower Austria!

Check out more colourful travel tips & inspiring photography or videos about Baden here:


Disclaimer: We have been invited by Casino Urlaub as well as the city of Baden for an experience of #BadenInWeiss. All opinions are my own.

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