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On 28 Mai 2019, our world has likely changed forever: The birth of our son has brought nothing but joy and sunshine into our lives and hearts. It really is true what they say, that from now on, it feels like carrying your heart outside of your body. You find yourself reacting to every little breath and movement of this tiny human being. You find yourself falling in love, over and over again, getting all teared up and bursting into laughter for seemingly no reason at all. When we look into your face, my dear boy, the world becomes a brighter place.

Liam Valerian: Your name means strength to us, as well as friendliness and curiosity for the world that surrounds us. We are convinced that you will find your way in life, and as parents, we are incredibly proud and happy to share the road with you. Of course, this will include family trips as well: In just a short while, we will take you to the city of Baden and its rose park (on the occasion of the international photo festival “La Gacilly”, which I have already told you more about here), as well as south to Carinthia, to the Heidi-Hotel by the Falkertsee lake near Villach. We will spend a week there on our first “baby trip” together with our family friends from, enjoying short walks, the beautiful mountain air and other activities suggested with “baby on board”.

Georg and I are already very excited for this trip with you, dear Liam! I’ll soon be able to tell you more here.


In addition, we have also opted for a wonderful newborn photoshooting session with you, which has resulted in the following sweet photographs of you Liam, being no more than a week old! We are quite sure they will have you melt away, too … we just love looking at them again and again!

(c) David Schreiber Fotografie


(c) David Schreiber Fotografie


(c) David Schreiber Fotografie


Over the next couple of months, we will share even more travel tips and ideas as family in Austria as well as some of the nearby countries; do make sure to follow us here:! As part of this category, I have also written about “babymoon” travel tips (family travel with baby yet inside!), which you might enjoy reading about.


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