Xmas & The Creative Traveler’s Handbook: Time to say THANK YOU!

My dear friends, my dear readers. It is the 24th of December, a quiet sunny day here in Austria, the main day of celebrating Christmas in this beautiful home country of mine. I am happy for all this peace surrounding us. No war. No fights. Just peace, and some happy times of reflection together with friends and the family.


2015 has been an incredible year. I travelled around the world. I learned a new language (my sixth!). I wrote my first ever book. I met with so many happy, clever and simply inspiring people. Now’s the time to say THANK YOU.

Thank YOU, my dear readers, for swinging by ever so often on this travel blog of mine, for “liking” & supporting my work on Facebook, Instagram or else, for following along and cheering me on. Where would we as travel writers be without our community? I daresay we would be pretty lost. Let me give you an example.

“Dear Elena, your book has been a piece of work for me. Pure inspiration! If I already had so many plans, now I have many more. I have a lot to talk with you when we meet again. I wish you, your family, love and all the creative family a great Christmas season.”

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Dear Patricia Canejo, of Singulartrips.com, has grown into a much loved friend, networking partner & source of inspiration ever since we met at the World Food Tourism Summit in Lisbon earlier this year. This is what travel does to you: It opens up your mind and fills it with all things beautiful in this life. Such as making the most out of yourself, your talents, your abilities, and making them available to the right people, at the right time, in the right way. This is what I call, my very own happiness and personal self-fulfillment.


But the magic does not stop there. Publishing “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” and watching its inspiration reach people around the globe, from Canada to Japan, from Brazil to Turkey, from Portugal to Nepal, stimulates my creativity even more. I never grow tired of new ideas. I love challenges. And learning, forever learning, from the people I meet. THANK YOU – yes, you! – for being a vital part of that.

Busy being Santa Claus: Delivering "The Creative Traveler's Handbook" on Christmas ...

Busy being Santa Claus: Delivering “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” on Christmas …


… so that together with the other Handbooks as part of "The Traveler's Handbooks" series ...

… so that together with the other Handbooks as part of “The Traveler’s Handbooks” series …


… it ends up being of the greatest inspiration to you.

… it ends up being an inspiration to you.


From the youngest supporters ...

From the youngest supporters …


… to the most experienced ones, who have given me so much in terms of their own inspiration and support - THANK YOU, dear Rita Branco ...

… to the most experienced ones, who have given me so much in terms of their own inspiration and support – THANK YOU, dear Rita Branco


… it is a journey most rewarding, and most inspirational.

… it is a journey most rewarding, and most inspirational – for everyone concerned.


Thank YOU, on Christmas ...

Thank YOU, on Christmas …


… for being there for me ...

… for being there for me …


… allowing the book to grow, reach and inspire even more people.

… allowing the book to grow, reach and inspire even more people.


It really means the world to me.

It means the world to me.


And if you are still looking for even more inspiration, you can read more about “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” here: http://www.creativelena.com/en/my-book/. I look forward to handing you a copy, too! THANK YOU for all your interest and support.

Merry Xmas! 🙂


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Fabrizio Ranzolin 25 December 2015 - 04:40

Amiga Elena!

Que legal!! Que belo trabalho que te mantém conectada com as pessoas… Siga com inspiração e leveza seu caminho, de colocar em palavras a conexão que tua alma tem com o mundo!!

Abraços dos Pampas!!!


Elena 25 December 2015 - 12:23

Muito obrigada, Fabrizio querido. <3

Boas Festas às Pampas no Brasil !! 🙂

Vesna 29 December 2015 - 15:08

Dear Elena, I would like to thank you for a wonderful book. I started reading or just simply EATING IT. It is so inspiring. While reading it, I got inspired how Herbal Rooms in Soca valley, Slovenia can become a creative hub for travellers. THANK YOU my friend that I had a chance to meet you and to know you. I wish you lots of discovering in 2016. Vesna

Elena 29 December 2015 - 22:03

Dear Vesna,

Your words made my day. THANK YOU for your feedback on “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”! I am more than happy it provided you with lots of inputs and ideas on how to develop your own creative travel business in Slovenia. Besides, it was a great pleasure to finally meet you this year and I am sure we will meet again soon, too!

Here’s to creative travel and its many ways of inspiring people around the world :*


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