Five (Foodie) Travel Tips for going to Lisbon right now.

The city of Lisbon, situated at the mouth of the river Tejo into the Atlantic Sea, benefits from an incredibly mild, sunny climate. Ever since I became “half Portuguese” myself thanks to being fluent in Portuguese and having many friends here in this country, I am drawn back to the magic of lovely Lisboa. Let me tell you, therefore, why travelling right in the off-season (mid-November) is really beneficial to you, your purse and the spirit in town.


1. The price-quality ratio of Lisbon is fantastic: Especially now, you really get to benefit from the low off season price level.

Portuguese people know how to spoil you any time, all the time. The fact that this needs not be overly expensive, as is the case in many large or capital cities, is proven by our take on the restaurants and accommodation in town, such as the quiet, cosy “The Poets Hostel Lisbon“.

Wiedersehen macht Freu(n)de: Ein Hoch auf die Reisetipps der Einheimischen ...

Let’s drink to the magic of seeing old friends – and meeting new ones – here in Lisbon …


… welche uns beispielsweise hierher führen: Die "Taberna da Rua das Flores" bietet jeden Tag frische, köstlich gewürzte Menüfolgen mit den passenden Weinen, und das zu wirklich guten Preisen.

… as well as enjoying places such as “Taberna da Rua das Flores”, one of the best places in town for food & wine pairings at really affordable prices. Check out their great menu sets, too!


Die Aussicht (und Lage) des Lisbon Poets Hostel ist einfach fantastisch, mitten am Platz & U-Bahn-Station "Baixa-Chiado" im Zentrum von Lissabon gelegen.

Location (and view) from the Lisbon Poets Hostel are simply fantastic, located centrally and conveniently in Baixa-Chiado, only two steps away from the metro station bearing the same name.


2. Now is the time to really sink into the feeling of “Saudade”, as the rhythm in town does slow down. At least a little!

Portuguese people know how to turn emotions into business. They even made a deal with the Weather God, painting beautiful sunsets over a magnificent Tejo river in town at very mild temperatures indeed. Take to the water for a real feeling of “Saudade” …

… weiß man beim Blick auf den Tejo-Fluss ...

… which is palpable …


… sowie dem Tipp der Einheimischen folgend, einfach die Fähre über den Fluss zu nehmen und vom gegenüberliegenden Ufer auf die Stadt zu blicken. Ach, Lissabon ...

… wherever you may be.


… du Wunder-, Wunderschöne.

Must-Do: A ferry ride across the river during sunset.!


3. Visiting Lisbon highlights completely stress-free – away from mass tourism.

The elevator, connecting the old town of Lisbon right up from the Rua Augusta to Chiado, is well over 100 years old and has been a technical sensation at the time it was opened. Today, visitors afford long queues for just one ride in its magnificent cabin – that is, unless you come in November where we find no queues at all.

Tipp: Am späten Nachmittag / Abend gibt es so gut wie keinen Besucherandrang für den wohl berühmtesten Aufzug Lissabons.

My tip for you: Enjoying a ride with this magnificent Lisbon elevator at times where hardly any people at all are here.


4. Enjoying culinary highlights right off the insider tips from the locals.

The following discoveries, too, are due to the warm welcome we received by my dear friends in town. One of the oldest streets in Lisbon is home to Café Gambrinus and right next to places that serve excellent (and typical) “Ginja” & “Eduardino” sweet liquor drinks. Check this out.

Gewusst wie: Unser Besuch des Café Gambrinus ...

Visiting Café Gambrinus with our dear friend Patrícia, of …


… führt uns zur wahren Kaffee-Entdeckung überhaupt: Hier wird selbiger wie im "Chemie-Labor" zubereitet!

… leads us to a coffee experience of a kind: Coffee made like in a chemistry shop! …


… und genussvoll serviert.

… and really tasty at that, I must say.


Vom genussvollen Servieren versteht auch dieser Herr ...

This local Senhor also knowns how to spoil us …


… bei der Ausschank typisch-süßen "Ginjinha"-Likörs ...

… to some of his typical “Ginja” drinks …


… und seinem süßen Nachbarn, "Eduardinho".

… and “Eduardino” liquor. Delicious!


5. Meeting friends, spinning new ideas in the warm Lisbon air.

Ahead of my speech at the Second European Congress of Brazilian Bloggers in the city of Porto I enjoy sharing my recently published book, “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook with my friends in town. No wonder new ideas are born out of those fruitful, happy talks, bathed in the mild autumn temperatures of a city that has clearly won my heart … Oh, Portugal. You just have to come back here, time after time.

Gemütlich-heiteres Zusammentreffen mit Freunden in Lissabon: Noch um Mitternacht kann es hier im November an die 18C Grad haben ..!

Love meeting my dear friends in town, such as here at Garrafeira Alfaia: At midnight, we easily still have temperatures around 18C here ..!


Ideen rund um "The Creative Traveler's Handbook" ...

Further ideas about presenting “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook” …


… wie hier mit meiner lieben Freundin Patricia, von Taste Of Lisboa Food Tours: Schön, Dich wieder zu sehen liebe Filipa!

… such as here over meeting my dear friend Filipa, of “Taste of Lisboa Food Tours”, are already in the air. So nice seeing you again, my dear Filipa!


Wanting to know even more? I have already published many articles about my beloved Portugal on this travel blog here. Check them out! Até já em Portugal. 🙂


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Priscila Roque 25 November 2015 - 19:30

Adorei as dicas, Elena!
Acredita que eu ainda não fui ao Café Gambrinus? Com essas fotos, fiquei morrendo de vontade 🙂
Um grande beijo!

Elena 25 November 2015 - 21:08

Muito obrigada, Priscila querida !!

Tem de là ir mesmo: Este café merece a visita da você, “turista criativa” 😀

Beijinhos xxx


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