“Rebecca Bloginiva”: Out & About with Creativelena in Waldviertel, Lower Austria.

Rebecca Bloginiva – A travel blogger’s tale. My friend Janett Schindler aka Teilzeitreisender.de has really come up with something special and “created” the charming, young adventurous traveller Rebecca Bloginiva“Rebecca is a fictitious character, as if escaped from a novel. But this ‘novel’ is something entirely different. It is being written by travel bloggers. Like word of mouth, each travel chapter is being passed on and eventually, we hope Rebecca makes her way back to us. All chapters will be linked up here and in the end – who knows – there might even be a book. I hope you feel just as happy as I do about this…Go on then, Rebecca. Enjoy your travels!”

Thanks a lot, dear Janett for this travel novel story! Here in Austria, we know how to look after Rebecca well and have thus invited her to join us on our Geniesserzimmer” trip to the Lower Austrian Waldviertel district & to do the wine tastings at the Gartenhotel & Wine Estate Pfeffel. What she has experienced there is what she tells you here now.

“My dear, what a trip! My friend Janett has recently packed me onboard my plane to Austria and well, here I am. Thank God it does not rain any more in Vienna! Elena was kind enough to meet me at the airport and I have to tell you: She’s a character! Always full of ideas & projects, she immediately got me hooked during the first Wiener coffee we shared. The “Geniesser-Reise” she has invited me to in her home country Lower Austria together with fellow travel writers Monika & Petar Fuchs of TravelWorldOnline as well as Gudrun Krinzinger “Reisebloggerin” has really been amazing. I became friends with Gudrun, my next host in the city of Vienna, immediately. The Austrians are really “leiwand”, a true Austrian word I am told. It means good fun and good to hang out with – and both is correct.
Genießer-Reise im niederösterreichischen Waldviertel: Diese lustige Truppe hilft mir heute beim Kreativ-Reisen im Kunstmuseum Schrems beim Töpfer-Workshop.

“Geniesser-Reise” in Waldviertel, Lower Austria: This happy group of travel writers is helping me unleash my creativity at the Kunstmuseum in Schrems, in northern Waldviertel.


Walking the Wine Trail at the Gartenhotel & Wine Estate Pfeffel: I really enjoy Alexander Pfeffel’s enthusiasm for WINE!

“Alexander Pfeffel, well he has really impressed me there. What a profound wine knowledge he has! Before I took the creative wine trail through the family vineyards in the Wachau valley, I just about knew distinguishing red from white wine (or something like that). Now, however, I know that the vine is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the whole history of humankind and that the Wachau valley has been used to plant grapes for at least 2.000 years! People must have been gourmets here all along. Alexander’s family has run the Gartenthotel, a true gourmet hotel complete with panoramic sauna & beautiful, spacious “Geniesserzimmer” for many generations already. The family helps out everywhere needed, we meet the Dad on his tractor in the vineyards and the sister who manages the hotel reception. Unfortunately, it was already too cold to go skinny-dipping in the outdoor panorama pool up on the sixth floor of the hotel … Must come back next summer for that!”

Alexander Pfeffel mit einem Weinblatt "Riesling" in den hauseigenen Weingärten des Gartenhotel & Weingut Pfeffel.

Alexander Pfeffel with his “Riesling” wine leaf at the Gartenhotel & Wine Estate Pfeffel.


Blick auf das Gartenhotel Pfeffel bei der Rückkehr von unserer Riedenwanderung mit dem Hausherrn.

As we get out of the vineyards, this is the view we have of the Gartenhotel Pfeffel in the Wachau valley.


Die gesamte Region ist hier voller Weingärten - Ein Traum, das Donautal im Abschnitt der Wachau zwischen Melk & Krems.

The entire area is full of vineyards: So beautiful to be here!


Sehen diese reifen Trauben nicht einfach VERLOCKEND aus, wie sie da so schön reif & saftig aus den Reben blitzen?

Don’t these grapes look just too TEMPTING, peeking out of the vineyards at us … ? Mmh, and they taste just so sweet & juicy!


“Treasures of the north”: Travelling to Waldviertel …

… I feel happy and at ease with the entire travel writer team. Elena laughs at my incredulous looks over those poppy … what was it? “Mohnnudeln” from Mohndorf Armschlag: “What the … is this?!” I am thinking as the sweet temptation comes my way. In any case, “Mohnnudeln” are de-li-cious. And the carp fish! And all those venison meals now that the hunting season in the forests has started: My palate is spoilt as almost never before. And then, we went to see the “Geniesserzimmer” of the Waldviertel. Man, it was amazing! Almost like time travelling in the case of the historic Schloss Rosenau palace hotel, but including all the modern luxury you could think of … Best you check this out for yourself. Elena has already written up her story about it. And oh, hiking is what we did up here, too, after all this is what the hiking destination of the Upper Waldviertel is known for. So many impressions … thank God I am able to relax before continuing my journey here in Austria. Back to Vienna, since I have only seen the airport so far. Thank you already in advance, dear Gudrun for taking me on now! I am really curious about seeing ‘your Vienna’ now …”

So sieht ein Genießerzimmer aus ... Hier zu Gast im Schlosshotel Rosenau im Waldviertel.

This is what a so-called “Geniesserzimmer” looks like … enjoying our time at Schlosshotel Rosenau in Waldviertel.


Mensch die Mohnnudeln ... ich vermiss sie jetzt schon wieder. Ach lecker!

Oh these “Mohnnudeln” … so so good !!


Die Runde um den Herrensee in Litschau ist einfach fabelhaft ... Ruhe ... Frieden ... Natur ... wow.

Walking around Herrensee lake in Litschau is just beautiful … calm … relaxing and soothing. I really like it here in Austria!


Disclaimer: Thank you once more, dear Janett for this travel novel story! I really look forward to reading all of Rebecca’s travel stories in Austria and abroad. 🙂

My thanks also go to the Gartenhotel & Weingut Pfeffel and the entire team of the Geniesserzimmer Lower Austria for inviting us to travel to the Lower Austrian Waldviertel district. All opinions are my own.

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