Reichersberg Abbey in Upper Austria: Creative Travel and a historic garden dream.

Off the beaten track. If you want to visit Reichersberg Abbey, you have to dive a little deeper, travel a bit further, take a closer look. Located in northern Upper Austria, near the border with the German state of Bavaria, you will find many rewards as a curious traveller here.

What is it like, then, to not only visit but stay at a historic abbey like this? What experiences lie waiting for you behind monastery walls?

Today I’ll tell you a little more about it.

View of the historic inner courtyard of Reichersberg Abbey in the Innviertel region of Upper Austria.

A view of the historic inner courtyard of Reichersberg Abbey in the Innviertel region of Upper Austria.


Eating, drinking and staying at Reichersberg Abbey.

Surely you are wondering what a guest room at the abbey looks like? From simple “cells” to four-star luxury, everything is possible! In fact, Reichersberg Abbey offers simple yet cosy rooms, calling on you to “keep it simple”, too.

The catering is more elaborate, offering excellent wines from the various vineyards of the monastery and delicious culinary delights from the Innviertel district (including the famous Innviertler Erdäpfelkas potato spread. A local treat!).

We take part in a wine tasting with Barbara Putz, the manager of the monastery shop, and learn more about the numerous monastery vineyards, the liqueurs and noble brandies from the abbey’s own production.

Gute Nacht im Stift Reichersberg: Blick in mein Zimmer.

Sleep well: My room at Reichersberg Abbey.


Im Speisesaal des Stiftes ...

The main dining area …


... wird köstlich aufgetischt ...

… treats us to delicious local fare …


... im naheliegenden Katharinenstüberl gibt es ein "Innviertler Buffet" für uns ...

… as well as this typical “Innviertel” buffet here …


... abgerundet von einer Weinverkostung ausgesuchter Stiftsweine ...

… all complimented by a wine tasting of the different abbey wines …


... Barbara Putz, die charmante Leiterin des Klosterladens, schenkt ein!

… Barbara Putz, the charming head of the monastery shop, tells us all we ought to know here!


Delicious abbey products as well as gifts from the Innviertel region in the monastery shop.

Speaking of the monastery shop: Not only can you buy the wines we tasted here, but also shop for all kinds of delicacies from near and far. You are guaranteed to find something here if you are looking for a nice gift for yourself or your family.

Blick in den Klosterladen des Stiftes: Stöbern und Shoppen lohnt sich.

A view of the monastery shop: Be sure to take your time to shop here.


Guided tour of Reichersberg Abbey.

We visit Reichersberg Abbey with a member of the religious community of Augustinians. Their motto, Living with Joy, rings true when listening to how the abbey is run. Our tour includes the church, the museum and the library of the monastery – the latter a highlight of any visit to an abbey. At least for a bookworm like me!

Fachsimpeln zu Themen wie Kirche, Gemeinschaft, Alltag im Kloster und vieles mehr - der Herr mit den Damen!

We discuss church, religious congregations, everyday life and more during our interesting abbey tour.


Besuch der Bibliothek im Stift Reichersberg: Kulturgeschichte vom Feinsten.

Do you love old (monastery) libraries? I do!


An opportunity for Creative Travel: You can participate in an icon painting course, or a chamber orchestra rehearsal at Reichersberg Abbey.

The on-site education centre hosts a range of creative courses and seminars throughout the year; those who want can further their education on such special topics as icon painting. Very exciting for me, who loves creative travel (I would love to sign up immediately). At the time of our visit, a course is actually taking place; we chat with course instructor Helga Engelke, who has been running icon painting courses for almost 40 years!

In addition, a wide variety of musicians are rehearsing as part of a chamber music seminar in the magnificent Augustini Hall of the monastery. Wonderful clouds of sound keep reaching our ears as we stroll by!

Musicians at rehearsal: What a wonderful ambience for the rehearsals here at Reichersberg Abbey ...

Musicians at rehearsal: What a wonderful atmosphere for rehearsals at Reichersberg Abbey …


... the highly concentrated course participants painting icons impress me ...

… the dedicated focus of the course participants painting icons impresses me …


... the conversation with course leader Helga Engelke makes me want to start right away and dive into this art!

… the conversation with course leader Helga Engelke makes me want to start painting icons right away!


Visit to the Herrengarten with nature and landscape guide Brigitte Gaisböck.

Last but not least, we are lucky enough to take part in a guided walk through the historic manor garden of the monastery. Conversations with the eloquent nature and landscape guide Brigitte Gaisböck lead us through the three parts of the manor garden, the English and Baroque parts and the rock garden.

We talk about the trend of “foresting”, the magic of a hundred-year-old lime tree, the pure feelings of enyjoing nature and the art of lingering in true tranquillity. The latter is not as easy as it might sound …!

Sie bespielt die Linde vor ihren Füßen und bezaubert uns mit ihrer Musik: Brigitte Gaisböck ...

She plays the flute to honour the old lime tree, enchanting us and the tree alike: Brigitte Gaisböck …


... im historischen Herrengarten des Stift Reichersberg ...

… on our walk through the historic manor garden at Reichersberg Abbey …


... ich kann eine Führung mit ihr nur empfehlen.

… I can only recommend you to take part in a guided tour. There’s a lot to learn and experience around here.


Check out my picture travel gallery of Reichersberg and Seitenstetten Abbeys here. You can read more about visiting Seitenstetten Abbey in Lower Austria here.


Disclaimer: We have been invited by the Austrian Association of Monasteries, Abbeys & Convents “Klösterreich” on this trip to Reichersberg Abbey. All opinions are my own.

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