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Red Wine Harvest Celebration in Burgenland

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For the third time this year, the charming little wine growing community Horitschon in “Sunny Central Burgenland” (yes, the destination officially aspires to be known as Austria’s sunniest corner!) has hosted the annual Red Wine Harvest event. Encouraged by our local knowledge of the area, especially with regards to local wine growers and their delightful tasting events, we couldn’t help but be there once more. It’s a hard life!

Zu Besuch im Weingut Iby-Lehrner, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Visiting Wine Estate Iby-Lehrner, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Horitschon Red Wine Celebration

Think your vision becomes blurred after only a glass or two? Many wine growers carry the same family name here (Lehrner, Iby-Lehrner, Kerschbaum, Duschanek & so on) so you are not necessarily drunk if you hear the same name mentioned a few times over. All the wine growers do, however, differ in their personalities as well in their wine-making, from organic viticulture to traditional methods.

Zu Besuch im Weingut Iby-Lehrner, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Visiting the Wine Estate Iby-Lehrner, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Zu Besuch im Weingut Franz Weninger, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Visiting the Wine Estate Franz Weninger, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Zu Besuch im Weingut Franz Weninger, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Visiting the Wine Estate Franz Weninger, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland


Franz Weninger, for instance, seen here over his favourite activity (pouring a glass of wine & ensuing a philosophical dialogue about viticulture) runs his winery according to strict principles of organic farming: http://www.weninger.com/Weingarten

New Manager at the Wine Shop in Horitschon: Anna Zell!

Not only is she one of my best (travelling) mates and has withstood many an adventure with me on our journey through Australia: Anna is immensely resourceful and simply THE person to turn to for great wine knowledge, having served many years in the well-known wine estate Polz in Austria’s southern wine growing district Styria. Anna loves sharing her passion with the world around her (her clients, her friends … ultimately becoming one), so do make sure you stop and have a chat with her about the red wines of the Central Burgenland area, life or the universe. She loves to hear from you!

Become a fan here: Vinothek Horitschon

Anna Zell ist die neue Betreiberin der Vinothek Horitschon: Herzlichen Glückwunsch!

Anna Zell runs the wine shop in Horitschon with heart and wit: Congratulations!

Weinverkostung in Horitschon, Blaufränkischland, Burgenland

Tasting red wines in Horitschon, Burgenland

Traktorfahrt im Rahmen des Rotweinherbst im Blaufränkischland

Tractor Ride during the Red Wine Harvest Celebration in Burgenland


However, how could we party all alone? We took two cheeky, aspiring young wine growers from around our area near the Kamptal & Wachau valleys to Burgenland with us: Hailing from a predominantly white wine growing district, we all thought there’s nothing like sharpening your tasting buds to great reds, too!

Rotweinverkostungen machen Spaß !!

Red Wine Tastings are fun! Magdalena Haas of Allram Wine Estate in Strass, Kamptal

Köstliches burgenländisches Jour-Gebäck

Delicious Burgenland Bakery at the Wine Estate Alfred Moritz

Zu Besuch im Weingut Alfred Moritz, Horitschon, Blaufränkischland

Visiting the Wine Estate Alfred Moritz, Horitschon, Burgenland

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