Merry Xmas from our family to yours!

What do you want for Christmas?

Now that we have been a #familyof4 for almost a year, my husband and I have become even more aware of the importance of spending time together. Sounds logical, but it’s still a good realisation for us right now. Quality time, that is, time in which we don’t (have to) pursue any tasks, face endless to-do-lists, still have to go here or there, or else. Our everyday life is like that of many families with small children at this time: FULL (of life)!

Unsere beiden Söhne Liam (rechts), und Levin: Was für ein Glück, sie in unserer Mitte zu haben. (Foto (c) Miriam Mehlman Fotografie).

Our sons Liam (right), and Levin: Blessed we are to spend our lives with them. Picture (c) Miriam Mehlman.


All the more reason for me to be switching off at the beginning of the Christmas holidays. In the truest sense of the word, as I will start with my computer: Emails, tasks and to-do’s will remain closed until the New Year. For me, quality time as a self-employed entrepreneur means: no more checking apps, no more reading or writing emails, no more signalling availability, simply taking time out. I hardly ever enjoy these circumstances during the rest of the year; somehow I always end up thinking about my own projects and remain available for clients and colleagues even when travelling or on weekends and holidays.

Has it ever been like this? Yes, yes, and yes. In 2015, I took the time out to hike New Zealand’s Heaphy Track as part of my round the world trip, completely disconnected from the outside world for almost a week over New Year. I remember it as a wonderful and unique experience.

Also, I’ve had the opportunity to experience Christmas and New Year in a completely different way several times – in the southern hemisphere in summer clothes, for example! My experiences from Cape Town, Christchurch and Brazil come to mind. The memories of Christmas with my then partner’s family on the Costa Brava, by the sea, are also wonderful.


With this in mind, I wish you a similar time out in which to gain strength for the coming year.

All the best from us!

Foto (c) Miriam Mehlman.

Thank you, dear Miriam, for capturing this “reminder of the two of us” in our wild everyday life as a family of four! Picture (c) Miriam Mehlman.

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