“Festival del Circ”: Spring Celebrations at the Circus Festival #inCostaBrava.

If you noticed, you probably had to smile. The first tender sprouts of spring are to be seen all around, and I have chosen to sprout out something new, too. Talking about my travel blog, which has only recently undergone a major relaunch. Díos mío! Hours and hours, day after day of work … After the relaunch, the first thing to do was to take a deep breath. Aaaah!

I guess this is also how the circus artists from all over the world must have felt during the 5th edition of the International Circus Festival in the city of Figueres, in the north-east of Spain.


“Catalonia … is not Spain. A love letter to my country of a kind.”, is what you will find reading on my landing page. So true, in every aspect. Recently reconfirmed while #inCostaBrava.

“Care to join this year’s ‘Festival del Circ’?”, my dear colleagues from the city of Girona write to me just ahead of Christmas. “We are happy to provide you with tickets for the 5th edition of this year’s circus festival, taking place each year at the end of February.”

What a nice way to reach out, I remember smiling, unaware that two months later, we find ourselves in the midst of one of the most spectacular circus celebrations worldwide – as VIP guests: “She has come all the way from Austria!”, Marc is careful to emphasize just why we should enter the press / VIP tent area. Love it. In no time, his charm and my Catalan (or was it the other way round?) got us two glasses of Cava, some nice Fuet (delicious, salami-like Catalan sausage) & many more amenities in the calm VIP area ahead of the circus event. Bring it on!


Auf zum Zirkus auf Weltklasse-Niveau: Als Reisebloggerin natürlich "stets bei der Arbeit" …!

Off we go circus time: Being the international travel blogger I am, you can find me of course “always working, always going with the flow” …!


Die Veranstaltungen, welche an insgesamt drei Tagen stattfinden, sind jedes Jahr überaus gut besucht und bereits Monate im Voraus ausgebucht ...

The circus shows are hugely popular, with tickets selling out months ahead of the event …


… ich freue mich und bin gespannt auf die internationalen Darbietungen ...

… I am excited, to say the least – it’s been years since I attended a circus! – looking forward to the international show …


… von denen wir zum Einstieg ...

… of professional …


… gleich mal so einiges ...

… and awe-inspiring …


… geboten bekommen.

… circus artists.


Die Zirkusartisten: Ein zugängliches Volk, wie hier das Paar aus Peru bei der Autogramm-Stunde.

Circus people: Real people happy to sign your cap, T-Shirt or take a selfie with you.


Vor allem von den Reifenkünstlern, ob am Boden ...

I particularly enjoyed the wheeling ring artists, whether on the ground …


… oder in der Luft ...

… or high up in the air …


… haben es mir dabei besonders angetan.

… even as a couple.


Allen voran dieses junge Paar hier, mein (un)heimlicher Favorit des Abends, welche zur Musik von Aerosmith - "I don't want to miss a thing" durch die Luft wirbeln ...

This couple anyway has taken my breath away many times, whirling through the air to the powerful sound of Aerosmith’s “I don’t want to miss a thing” …


… und in völliger Ekstase aufzugehen scheinen. Wow!

… completely oblivious to everyone and everything else. Real ecstasy. Wow!


Zirkusfestival von Figueres: Du siehst mich wieder! Dann hoffentlich zusammen mit meiner lieben Nicole von Freibeuter-Reisen.org? :)

Circus Festival Figueres: I’ll be back! And hopefully that time with my other “catalaneta” friend Nicole Biarnes, originally from Germany and publishing on Freibeuter-Reisen.org? 🙂


If for now you are are really curious about the circus, I have something to feed your appetite. Check out my short movie about the real talent of all artists performing here:


Beyond the circus festival in Figueres, Costa Brava for sure is always worth the visit. Spring is in the air …

… and with it, the first tender blossoms in the fields and on the trees. Even though I find myself back “south”, here at the northern edge of the Mediterranean, I am mildly surprised that spring has already progressed that much. Or is it because I have, only a week earlier, just returned from my snow-covered, spectacular winter journey through Lapland? There we go, the #LifeOfATravelBlogger as it is!

“Dear Elena, you are kind of white …”, Marc’s mum is almost alarmed. But a few days of sunshine #inCostaBrava, and the world (and me, in this case), do look different again. Here is where to walk the (empty) beaches, smell the scent of springtime flowers and keep on exploring “God’s own country”.

Beginnen wir mal mit der Farbenpracht der Provinzhauptstadt Girona - immer wieder eine Reise wert.

Starting with, the mirth of colours in the city of Girona – a city honestly always worth your while.


Dort wie da (hier zum Beispiel am See von Banyoles, unweit der Stadt Girona entfernt) lohnt es sich, ein Glas köstlichen Vermut-Aperitifs zu trinken.

There as everywhere #inCostaBrava, “Vermouth Spritz” is getting really popular again. Here we are, by the lakeside of Banyoles, enjoying this aperitif with some fresh olives & chips.


"Prost" auf die gute Zusammenarbeit, liebes Team des Patronat de Turisme in Girona: Hier mit Jaume Marin (links) und Gemma Suñer.

“Cheers” to so much happiness from working together: My dear colleagues from the Patronat de Turisme in Girona: Jaume Marin (left) and Gemma Suñer of the marketing team, who together with all of their team can look back proudly on successes such as TBEX Travel Bloggers Exchange in Lloret de Mar last year.


Etwas weiter nördlich, im Kleinstadt-Hafen von Llancà, beginnen bereits die Vorbereitungen zur Saison-Eröffnung der "Alberg Costa Brava", über die ich

A little further north, in the quaint little seaside town Llancà, preparations have started for opening up “Alberg Costa Brava” for travellers during Easter.


Hingegen hier, am traumhaft schönen Strand von L'Escala, sind die Touristen derweilen noch aus … Einfach wunderschön hier.

While meanwhile, at the beach of L’Escala in Gulf de Roses, tourists are still a rare commodity at this time of year. Beautiful sunset moments …


Kein Wunder, dass auch die Meeresfrüchte-Küche gleichermaßen gut schmeckt!

… no wonder people are so happy here, given the great seafood they eat!


Prost Mahlzeit - Bon profit! - #inCostaBrava.!

Bon profit! #inCostaBrava.!


Der See von Banyoles hat es auch mir wieder und wieder angetan - wie schon zur Sommerszeit.

The lake of Banyoles has captured my imagination once more, just like last summertime.


Schließlich versinkt, wer will, gerne mal in einem Blütenmeer … von Bienen & Blüten erzählt ein Besuch der Region rund um Banyoles. Stay tuned for more!

And spring clearly is in full swing here by the lake! Love the scent of all those flowers and bees …! When will you be back #inCostaBrava?


Disclaimer: We have been invited by the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Pirineu to participate in this year’s circus festival in Figueres. All opinions are my own.

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