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I just love presenting. Most of all, (creative) travel tips & issues in cultural tourism management. This particular speaking gig, however, has been truly special for one reason: I had my best friend and “artistic partner in crime”, talented musician Irmie Vesselsky join me on stage; Irmie who I’ve already told you about as part of our most recent trip to Styria. Far across the borders, her songs in the style of Tori Amos have touched hearts and souls, and it was her who composed the music to my beautiful “Creative Traveler’s Handbook” video:


During this particular talk, both Irmie and I recalled our shared creative travel experiences across Europe: Where to go for making the most of this particular travel style?

One such hotspot is definitely Costa Brava, in Catalonia, north of the city of Barcelona. This is reflected in the following video I have made here for you:


Ein Bild zeigt die duftende Vielfalt im Hinterland zur Küste: Nach der Ernte von Bergkräutern am Fuß der Pyrenäen haben wir selbige zu klassischem "Ratafia" (Kräuterlikör, bzw. -schnaps) verarbeitet.

True to the colourful variety of #creativetravel #inCostaBrava, we have made typical local Ratafia liqueur with herbs sourced from the foothills of the Pyrenees in north-eastern Spain.


Right now, I am still working to produce an eBook about #creativetravel #inCostaBrava, an exciting project I have already told you more about here. I just love Catalonia, and especially Costa Brava, following countless visits, friends and family ties there.

Besides, let me spoil you to what Irmie and me have shared during this past creative travel talk in our home town of Krems, Lower Austria … from Iceland to Greece, from Serbia to Portugal, Europe as a cradle of many diverse cultures and regional identities is the perfect place to go wild on interactive, cultural experiences! Check this out.


Was genau geschieht denn hier? Gerade im Winter haben Südtirols Bauern beispielsweise ganz viel Zeit für Kreatives, wie die traditionelle Butterherstellung auf ihren Höfen: Über

What’s happening here? Well, it’s wintertime and most farmers in South Tyrol (Alto Adige) have lots of time, and a willingness to share their traditional crafts and skills with visitors, such as the art of making fresh mountain butter. Learn more about it here.


Ein weiterer kreativer Hotspot, von dem ich wiederholt in meinem Vortrag schwärmte, ist (natürlich) Griechenland:

Another creative hotspot to go to is (of course) Greece, and why not during winter? Athens is beautiful in February, and this Athens Food tour has taught me all there is to know about the perfect Greek yoghurt, as well as how to serve it.


Schlemmenderweise ging es gleich in Italien weiter: Echter Büffetmozzarella ist nun wirklich ein Gedicht ...

Let’s stay along the foodie travel path: Did you know that buffalo cows responsible for producing that delicious buffalo mozzarella cheese are being massaged daily to produce optimum cheese? I didn’t, but can now vouch for the quality of that delicious, creamy mozzarella cheese


... und "nebenan" grüßt Slowenien mit einem wirklich duften Kräuterkurs bei "Slocally" und der überaus charmanten Vesna Velicek ...

… next to Italy, head over to Slovenia for beautiful “Slocally” travel with Vesna Velicek


... Kräuter und deren Verarbeitung, so lerne ich, steht übrigens überall in Europa auf der "Tagesordnung": Hier zum Beispiel eine Schüssel voll Bergkräuter im Kleinwalsertal, auf gut 1.600 Metern Seehöhe ...

… while herbs, I’ve learned, are one of the latest travel fads across the continent, what with people wanting to know yet again how herbs can help them fight illnesses, allergies, cool down their stomachs, etc. Here we are, harvesting mountain herbs that grow at almost 2.000 metres above sea level in Kleinwalsertal, Vorarlberg, Austria …


... gekocht, gerührt, filtriert wird dann das selbst gebraute Bier in Österreichs heimlicher Bierhauptstadt Salzburg ...

… and why not combining a visit of the world-famous town of Salzburg with a true beer brewing experience?


... echtes "Handwerk" mal anders habe ich ebenfalls nahe Salzburg erlebt: Beim Haarflechtkurs im Rahmen der Natura.Kreativ in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee!

And if you’ve always wondered just what exactly local crafts can look like, well, this is a rather pretty example: One local hairdresser has specialised in the art of traditional Austrian mountain plaits, demonstrated as part of a creative summer festival!


... nicht zu vergessen

Last but not least, creative travel can mean to go and have your very own Dirndl dress tailor-made to suit YOU!



... Irmie

… Irmie and I say THANK YOU for your attention and look forward to welcoming you yet again to one of our next travel talks ..! Here we are departing Formentera island last summer, and boy do we hope to be back there one day: It’s been such a wonderful trip together!


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