Asking Around Austria: 10 Answers from 10 Influencers. Today: Gudrun Krinzinger & her blog “Reisebloggerin”

Dear Gudrun! Today, we would like to know more about your work as a “digital influencer”. How important are community & networking for you, and where will the way still lead you both personally as well as in business?

We are curious to know more! Thank you for taking part and answering my interview. Here we go 🙂


How do you personally explain your “digital influencer” status through ? What is necessary to succeed, according to your belief?

Personally, I cannot really relate to the word “influencer” and do not consider myself as such.

“To influence”, means to lead an opinion, however I would like my blog to inspire. My readers should not end up being influenced, but rather have their minds opened up to new countries, cities, restaurants, shops, and become enriched by me.


What has been your most successful project through “Reisebloggerin”? How do you measure and evaluate that success?

Success means when my readers share positive feedback on my blog posts with me. In January, for instance, one of them has sent me an email with the following line: You are better than any kind of travel guide. That cannot be true, but I still enjoyed reading it a lot.

My single most successful blog project has been #7ways2travel working together with seven more Austrian travel bloggers. Gerhard Liebenberger ( ) inspired us to start and network even more closely. It is a lot of work, but also very exciting and rewarding indeed.


Why do you (still) attend travel trade shows, networking events, conferences, etc.? What are some of the most important criteria here?

I love to attend travel trade shows, but you won’t find me attending conferences much. What I care about, and love, are meeting new people and old friends, who enjoy travelling.


It’s been several years now since you’ve become a trusted travel publisher in Austria as well as in the German-speaking markets. Where will your spheres of influence still lead you? What are some business opportunities you would like to develop further?

I never had, or have, this one goal in mind. Right now, I have a knack for doing more videos, but I find if I don’t enjoy that one day, I’ll just stop. The same is true for writing and publishing in general. I don’t see myself as one of those bloggers who only see it as a business. It has to be fun, and that’s what it (still) is to me.


What is your single biggest tip for those wishing to work with you?

Listen. Let ideas flow. What is more, also give blogs with small niches and numbers a chance.


How do you go about researching your next trip? Do you yourself value the opinion of other travel influencers, or do you prefer being surprised over planning ahead ..?

The best trips are those that you do not plan! I hardly ever use the Internet to research my trips, preferring travel guides & magazines instead. If it’s a city trip, I look for organising a tour with the locals. Of course, time, and taking time, is important, especially during organised tours. I like the liberty of renting your own car. But everything has its advantages and disadvantages.


What is your single biggest inspiration in travel? And in writing (sharing, filming, etc.)?

I receive a lot from sharing with, and learning from, other cultures. This is what transpires in my writing, photography and films.


Gudrun Krinzinger out on a rowing boat on Millstätter lake in Carinthia, Southern Austria.


What do you always carry with you on your trip?

My notebook and my pen.


How do you (really) relax? Allow us a glimpse into your busy everyday life …!

Cooking for and with my friends, knitting and listening to the radio.


Last but not least : Give us three reasons we should immediately check out your blog for! What is “Reisebloggerin” all about? What do readers most comment on? What are you particularly proud of?

I have recently launched a new series on my blog called “Interviews” featuring some very interesting (travel) personalities. Besides, I am about to rework my photo galleries, what with adding a lot more over the course of the next few months. And as a member of our #7ways2travel blogger project, I am encouraged to write inspiring new posts for our motto weeks.


Thank you so much, dear Gudrun, for the interview!

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