Announcing SAFTIG, a brand new wine & lifestyle magazine

Curiosity for rural life? Adventures suitable for grandchildren? Humour and knowledge, plus real life stories centered around food, drink and other day to day pleasures? Yes, please!

In the midst of the Styrian Almenland, I find myself indulging in massages, infinity pools and honest, regional cuisine, as promised by the host. The Naturhotel Bauernhofer, an eco-label success story Elena has already shared on her blog, has made it its mission to source as many of its ingredients as possible from within a 78-kilometre radius. It’s what I call, in my native tongue German, “SAFTIG” – the name of my new magazine also.

Urlaubslektüre 2022 Cover, Credit © Anna Schumann

The cover of my brand new holiday magazine © Anna Schumann


So what exactly is my new magazine SAFTIG all about?

Before I tell you more about SAFTIG, let me tell you a story.

Almost exactly 20 years ago, my life took a turn for wine. More precisely, it led me to southern Styria (read more about Elena’s gourmet travel tips for a visit to the region here). But that’s not all. The Styrian winegrowers and residents have shown me, as a native of Munich, how much people all over Austria love wine. For many years, I was happy to taste real bottle treasures and the matching specialities, enriched with heart-warming stories. With my thirst for knowledge, I couldn’t get enough of the “world wide web of wine”!

A lot has changed since then. Today, I see a web full of questions asked by people who produce, offer and consume wine. These questions reach far beyond the world of wine. They lead directly into our everyday lives and seek answers for the future of the next generations.

SAFTIG, therefore, tries to provide answers to these questions. It shares stories from the hearts of agricultural producers. Talks to people who are working on solutions to the challenges of our time. Digs into everyday products and objects in our hands. Encourages you to get involved. My magazine offers both a travel compass as well as real life stories all in one.

Recherche im Weingarten, Fotocredit © Salon Deluxe, Michaela Grabner

Research in the vineyard © Salon Deluxe, Michaela Grabner


SAFTIG & Creativelena

What’s SAFTIG got to do with Creativelena and her travel blog? Well. My new magazine reflects plenty of connections to my long-time friend Elena. We are connected by our love for creative travel, many travel moments shared in Austria and abroad, and our passion for exploring behind the scenes when travelling. This is reflected in both Elena’s travel blog and my brand new magazine SAFTIG.

Did you know that Elena and I explored parts of Australia about 11 (!) years ago? No? Then it’s time to tell you more about it – it’s a great story! Elena and I hardly knew each other back then. We did, however, share a wanderlust and decided to get together on a trip into the Outback. It was at that time that many great discussions about what we really wanted to do came up. Soon after, Elena founded her company and travel blog, And I already had the first ideas about SAFTIG magazine in my heart.

(I’ll tell you more about our Australia trip in another article – stay tuned!).

Since then, Elena and I have continued to discuss travel plans, changes in and around us. Everything is linked, everything flows together. We pack our experiences, research and perspectives into text and pictures for you – each of us in our own way, each with a slightly different focus.


Reading sample from my new magazine SAFTIG

So what can you expect from my new magazine?

A colourful mix of interviews, reports, tips and do-it-yourself instructions. The magazine stories are supported by strong photographs that appeal to the senses and skilfully convey the feel, smell and taste of each story. This is exactly what SAFTIG Magazine is all about: a matter of taste. Here is a short reading sample:

When we taste with our nose and palate, our brain rummages around for things we have already experienced. It asks itself whether it knows this taste. It compares. Ping! When we come across something we know, our taste impression is linked to words and images. In a few seconds, the name of an associated fruit comes to mind for the sparkling fresh Welschriesling that just pours into our palate. Brain cells can send visual impressions of a place stored with that taste. 

With wine, we find it easy to evoke associations. We celebrate the experience with all our senses. We allow ourselves to block out everyday life. To taste consciously. The answer to the question “And how does it taste?” can be extremely detailed in the vinophile world. Yes, it could fill entire books. And it does. And why? Because we have acquired vocabulary to truly express what we taste.

Do we have to? Definitely not. But it is fun!

Weinglas auf Fass im Freien, Fotocredit © Salon Deluxe, Michaela Grabner

A toast to life! © Salon Deluxe, Michaela Grabner


Contents matter – formats also!

So what format will SAFTIG appear in? Of course, I have given a lot of thought as to how SAFTIG should be brought home to you.

The result is a combination of print, audio and digital. Once a year, there will be a printed holiday special. There are also postcard sets available that you can send to friends and family. Starting in October, an online edition will be published four times a year.


Then check out my premiere for ordering SAFTIG magazine this year:

Register for the newsletter:

And follow me on Instagram and Facebook @saftigmagazin.

Sommerdrink Super Saftig, Fotocredit © Anna Schumann

Summer drink SAFTIG © Anna Schumann


I’m happy to know your feedback about my ideas and SAFTIG magazine. Care to leave me a comment? Please do so in the comment section. Cheers and all the best to you from the heart of SAFTIG magazine!

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