Travel Videos from Burgenland: Cool, creative & tasty travelling “on the sunny side of Austria”

2013 has been an exciting year for us travel bloggers. From Burgenland to Buenos Aires, from Baden-Württemberg to New Zealand’s Bay of Plentymy travel blog has led you around the world – using images, words and videos. So this is my chance to say Thankyou to two really talented video producers who have travelled with and inspired me over the year. Countless travel videos I have presented here I owe to them. Everything took off at the beginning of the year in Burgenland, with a so-called winter safari around Lake Neusiedl that “our video blogger” talented Christian Kermer captured in the following way:


I think Christian’s videos are just great. When he “offered” to join our happy, crazy bunch of travel bloggers for the second time in 2013 – visiting the Surfworldcup in Podersdorf – he probably could not help but smile. The Burgenland and its magic of people and places really got to us. The following travel video talks about quirky fun stuff we did, such as Yoga by the lake, checking out furry Mangalitza pigs, cool slack liners and a whole lot of individual creativity: Christian, I really think this video is your annual masterpiece! Go check it out 😀


But the story continues. During summer, Christian and we travelled the charming Südburgenland in a culinary-creative way, unveiling the magic of this particular part of Burgenland. Be it a Mexican ranch with horse whisperers from Vorarlberg, an exceptionally good restaurant by the catching name of An-Alapanka-Ma or a creative trip where we cut our own amber stones, where we learned about restoring old furniture and splash-painted our own masterpieces – the Burgenland is full of inspiration and wonders:


Still haven’t had enough? Well, I haven’t, either. 😉 The Sonnenland Mittelburgenland expected us during the autumn season with a visit to the unique blue print workshop Kóo (intangible UNESCO World Heritage), the winesome Blaufränkisch red wine district as well as the aromatic bakery of Herta Mittenbacher and her typical Burgenland “Salzstangerl”.


Last but not least, we also discovered “Gans Burgenland culinary goose celebrations in Burgenland. International video blogger Máximo Perez follows a smiliar style in expressing his ideas about this culinary “Gans” trip, where as a highlight we ended up learning how to prepare and cook our own, individually harvested goose … Burgenland at its culinary best!


So what remains of this year? A beautiful aftertaste I’d say: Today, Christian published his last video project called BlogTrips Burgenland 2013. It is a clever highlight video of all travel videos on the “sunny side of Austria” in 2013. I hope that next year, we get to see and do similar amazing things, meet equally fascinating people and delight in equally creative and delicious meals … After all, this is what the Burgenland is all about. And especially we, as travel bloggers, are somewhat ideal to capture those unique essences and emotions that make this country come alive.

THANK YOU also to:

You guys rock! Without you, we would not have had the same amount of fun in travelling this year … so it goes to say.


Enjoy BlogTrips Burgenland 2013!

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