Salzburg Gourmet Trip: Serving you a culinary walk for an “amuse gueule”

“Expect a real gourmet trip in Salzburg!” Birgit’s happiness about our upcoming trip to Salzburg shines through every line of her last message. I am on a mission again, this time with Gudrun Krinzinger on a perfectly sunny spring day, travelling to the city of Salzburg in order to experience the so-called “eat & meet” festival. Joining us on this trip are lovely gourmet experts Monika & Petar Fuchs of TravelWorldOnline, who have already been with me on many a delightful gourmet trips throughout Austria: In the alpine Bad Aussee district, hosted by the gourmet capital city Graz, in the beautiful Vienna Forest district, exploring the high (culinary) north of Austria in Waldviertel or in Burgenland. Austria just tastes delightful, let me tell you !!!

Each one of those trips has proven to be amazing. All have offered us the unique chance to meet with local producers, discover secret tips and become active during culinary events & cooking classes. Monika would have simply said: “… klasse!” (amazing), beaming all over (yes, I can see you there, Monika!). And so it happened once more, right here in Salzburg.

Brace yourself for my tasty amuse gueule: A culinary walk through Salzburg spiced with lots of local city flavours, topped with a hint of Salzburg joie de vivre. After all, how else would you explain the constant smile of Inez, our charming city guide?


“Let’s move over to Café Classic now. You have to meet the owner! And really do try one of his sensational cakes!”

I like culinary city walks. Inez keeps turning here and there, back into small shops, over to little cafés or right into cute little bakeries where always we “have to try” something. It’s a hard life. Really!


Inesz steht ihren Mann: Gekonnt begrüßt sie den Besitzer des Café Classic, welcher zu ihren langjährigen Bekannten zählt, und ersucht uns prompt uns einen der leckeren Kuchen für eine Pause auf der Sonnenterrasse auszusuchen. Ich entscheide mich für ...

Inez welcomes the owner of Café Classic, who she has known for a long time, and encourages us to select a slice of cake each to take out on the terrace. I opt for …


... dieses Gedicht aus zarter Creme mit Passionsfrucht, dessen Geschmack mir heute noch auf der Zunge liegt ...

… this heaven of a cake made of tender passion fruit cream and biscuit …


Direkt vor dem Café Classic in der Salzburger Altstadt blühen hier Mitte März schon die Magnolienbäume: Der Frühling hält heuer früh Einzug!

Right in front of Café Classic, the first magnolia trees start to blossom. Spring is early this year – what a delight!


Unmittelbar neben dem Café Classic findet Ihr das berühmte Mozart-Wohnhaus; Inesz jedoch lenkt unsere Schritte auch zu weniger bekannten Orten wie beispielsweise diesem Friedhof hinter dem Stadtzentrum, auf dem die Familie des berühmten Salzburger Wunderkindes begraben liegt.

Right next to Café Classic, you will also find the famous Mozart house. However, would you know how to find his family’s burial site? Good Inez knows it’s only a few further steps away, too, expertly leading us around the city and discovering new sights along the way.


But the journey does not stop there. The “amuse gueule” I have prepared for you continues: As we have just finished crossing the bridge over the Salzach river and are about to enter the Salzburg’s world-famous old town, Inez calls out to us once more: She really has a knack for all those little details and shops! Right inside the medieval entrance gate to the city are both a small cheese boutique and a local, organic bakery. They even sell home-made bread with flowers on top: Check this out!

In der Bio-Bäckerei Bauer werden wir fündig: Außergewöhnliches Brot, frisch gebacken, und wie das duftet !!

At the organic bakery Bauer, we find home-made bread with crushed Salzburg flowers on top. The smell in here is just divine!


Am Markt schließlich wird Inesz handgreiflich: Hier sind Besucher eingeladen, ihren eigenen Käse portioniert abzuschneiden.

At the market a little later, Inez encourages us to hands-on activities: Visitors can cut their own cheese here.


Auch die Osterzeit lässt in Salzburg bereits grüßen.

Easter, too, has already marched in.



Was sagt Ihr jetzt? SERVUS zu Gast in "Stadt & Land" interviewt Passanten zum Frühlings- und Genussfestival.

The local Salzburg TV station “Servus in Stadt & Land” interviews passers-by about the spring and gourmet festival in the city.


Tja: Als kulinarische Rundgänger haben wir leider gerade "alle Hände voll zu tun". Wer in so eine herzhafte Bosna beißt (DER Balkan-Grill in Salzburg!) hat nachher eine Pause verdient. Ins Fernsehen kommen wir schon noch. ;)

However, being the busy culinary travellers we are, we hardly have time to stand in front of the camera (and look nice and neat at the same time): First, we had to try those Bosna sausage hot dogs, a local speciality whose origins are from South Eastern Europe.


So how do you feel right now? Full of appetite? Hungry?

Thats’ good! After all, this is exactly what my “amuse gueule” is made for: to trigger your appetite.

Your taste for more adventures will be satisfied over the next course, which is a real story both in taste as well as in preparation. Or would you know how to harvest real caviar … but ssshhh. You must be patient. Just as with good food. And that’s what Salzburg has been able to master.

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Tourismus Salzburg in order to experience the city’s culinary highlights as part of the “eat & meet” festival. All opinions are my own.

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