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Romantic Road Germany Part I : The City of Würzburg.

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“Würzburg is sooo beautiful … Enjoy Würzburg and the wines of Franconia”, my travel friends advise about my short stay in Würzburg. As part of the “Romantic Road“, the Franconian town is surrounded by countless romantic vineyards on the Main river. I take to visiting “Vinothek Wohlsein Weine” with their goal to introduce younger, smaller wineries and winegrowers from the Franconian wine region. For wine lovers like me an absolute must when visiting Würzburg!

Zu Besuch bei den coolen Jungs & Mädels von "Wohlsein Weine" ...

Thank you for taking the time to welcome me, dear team at “Wohlsein Weine” …


... fachsimpeln wir bei der Weinverkostung typischer Lagen- und Sortenweine aus der Umgebung von Würzburg

… definitely plan to have a winesome chat here over delicious tasting possibilities of Franconia wines…


... dazu zählt übrigens auch dieses hippe Café hier,

… another trendy place to head for in downtown Würzburg is this café, called “Wunschlos Glücklich” (Perfectly Happy)!


Eins weiß ich: Das Mittagessen hier,

“Nomen est omen”: The food as well as the atmosphere really make you perfectly happy.


Noch mehr Coolness gewünscht?

Looking for even more cool hotspots in Würzburg? Check out this newly opened youth hostel, “Jugendherberge Würzburg” …


... verbindet schlichten Komfort, wie hier in meinem Einzelzimmer mit eigenem Bad & WC ...

… whose simple comfort, complete with ensuite facilities in this single bedroom of mine …


... mit der Möglichkeit, sich in den

… come paired with the possibility to hang out with other people in the common areas, something I really enjoy when travelling to new places. Besides, breakfast is great, your typical serve of a German continental breakfast !


nd als ob das nicht schon genug wäre, liegt die neue Jugendherberge auch noch direkt am Fuß

The hostel is located right at the foot of the Marienberg Fortress …


... sowie am Fluss Main, über den die Marienbrücke hinein in die Altstadt Würzburgs führt.

… and the so-called “Marienbrücke” bridge, leading straight into the old town of Würzburg.


In order to discover the old town of Würzburg, it is worth taking part in a historical city tour. Among other things, I learn that the famous German minnesinger Walter von der Vogelweide is buried in Würzburg: The traces of him in tales and songs stretch as far as the Danube valley and my homeland.

Würzburg lädt ein ...

Würzburg invites you …


... gemütlich zu verweilen ...

… to linger on one of its downtown squares …


... den Ausführungen der Stadtführerin zu lauschen ...

… and to become fascinated during a time travel city tour, where the medieval city becomes alive …


... sowie natürlich die prächtigen Fassaden und Bauten der Innenstadt

… there’s even a hint of Italy right here, wouldn’t you agree?


Ein absolutes Muss

In the evening, dear readers, do make sure you head out to “Marienbrücke” once more, as there are many wines up for tasting, such as Silvaner, Müller-Thurgau or Rotling which are typical for the area. I am lucky …


... und bin

… and even happen to be in town on the occasion of the “Weinparade Würzburg”, a wine festival taking to town each year early in September. It’s meant for you to just walk around, have a glass of Franconia wine, eat and sit by the tables together with the locals.


Vielen Dank für diesen zauberhaften Empfang, Würzburg!

Würzburg, I must say I rather like you!


I still have one highlight for you. The Residence Palace of Würzburg with its beautiful, terraced gardens. No wonder the “Romantic Road” starts right here!

The administration office of the Bavarian Palaces & Fortresses is strict about the issue of a photo permit for the interiors of the famous residence. Only a little later, I can proudly boast to have “got hold” of one! You will thus also see some pictures of the exhibition rooms here. And the staterooms of the Residence Palace of Würzburg? They are in no way inferior to castles like Versailles or Schönbrunn! If you love the flair of historical buildings and magnificent gardens, you will have found your place here. How fitting it is that the “Romantic Road” takes its leave from here and I will soon travel on it, towards further highlights of Romanticism …

... doch zunächst einmal: Verklärte Romantik pur bei der Außenansicht der berühmten Residenz & Gärten von Würzburg ...

What a view! Würzburg Residence Palace and Gardens …


... einmal von den Gärten über den Haupteingang hinein ...

… walking from the gardens and into the main building …


... darf drinnen nur mehr mit ausdrücklicher Genehmigung fotografiert werden!

… you may only take photographs after being issued with this permit!


Lohnt sich aber, beim Anblick

Well worth it, taking a look inside at some of the most magnificent rooms such as this ball room …


... ich muss auch eine gute Uhrzeit erwischt haben, denn am späten Nachmittag habe ich die vormaligen Herrschergemächer ganz für mich.

… I do feel like a princess, walking the long corridors all by myself! How magical.


Würzburg, I’ll definitely be back one day, that’s for sure! And just because it’s worth taking the extra look, I’ve made this short travel video for you:


If you wish to see even more travel photographs from Würzburg, you can check out my Flickr photo gallery here:


Disclaimer: I have been invited by the German National Tourist Board and the Romantic Road to go on this trip to Würzburg. All opinions are my own.

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