Castle Hotel Mailberg: Wine Spring & Culinary Delights in Weinviertel, Lower Austria

Tender lines and pastel colours of green, that is what the typical hillside country in the Lower Austrian wine growing region “Weinviertel” looks like in the early spring. People and nature are teeming with the delight of the first warm rays of sunshine, a smile is painted on the face of everybody we meet. Anna, my lovely wine friend from Burgenland and I have succumbed to the magic of this place, including a historic castle atmosphere topped by modern wine estates. About 60 kilometres north of Vienna, we have arrived at the Castle Hotel Mailberg, where we are, above all, just happy being!

Angekommen im Schlosshotel Mailberg: Beim Betreten unserer Suite fällt uns die Kinnlade herunter. WOW! In diesen Räumen ist man versucht, sich einfach nur aufzuhalten und die einzigartige Atmosphäre zu genießen.

A warm welcome to the Castle Hotel Mailberg: Upon entering our suite, our jaws drop. WOW! We are tempted to just linger around here, enjoying the magical atmosphere of this former Knights Order of the Maltese.


Von der (freistehenden) Badewanne aus erschließt sich der Blick in die Schloss-Suite ...

From the (free standing) bath tub, you can enjoy a wonderful view over the entire castle suite …


... der persönliche Empfang in Wort & Gesten heißt uns von Anfang an willkommen!

… complimented by this personal welcome note: I really appreciate such little details. They make me feel truly at home & welcome!


“We have prepared the castle deluxe suite for you.” …

… yay! 😀 And if that was not enough, our charming hostess Rita Faller at the Castle Hotel Mailberg is busy fulfilling our every wish of exploring the local surroundings. Could we visit the historic palace gardens and rooms? A ride with e-bikes, anyone ?! Picnic basket? Snacks, drinks? It is just wonderful. Within ten minutes, all is organised for us and we are ready to go out and explore. Great!

Das Schlosshotel Mailberg bietet neben Räumlichkeiten wie dem Kaminzimmer, Wappensaal oder weitläufigen Innenhof samt Schlosskirche auch eine gut geführte "Schlossvinothek", in der wir uns zur Verkostung der Weine des "Mailberg Valley" einfinden.

The Castle Hotel Mailberg, besides offering many palace rooms full of history that are now used for events and conferences, also boasts its own wine shop where wine growers of the local association “Mailberg Valley” have teamed up for this tasting opportunity.


Danke, Rita Faller, für das bereitwillige "Satteln" unserer E-Bikes samt vollständig geladenen Akkus & Picknick-Taschen: Einer Fahrt in die umliegenden Weinberge kann somit nichts mehr im Wege stehen.

Thank you, Rita Faller for helping us to “saddle our horses”: E-Bikes are a wonderful opportunity to explore the nearby surroundings “in style” and without having to be too fit when going up and down the hillsides. 😉


Los geht's: Anna und ich sind ganz aufgeregt ob unseres "ersten Males" !!! :)

Off we go: Anna and I are very excited about our “first time” riding an e-bike 🙂


Wenig später landen wir hier "direkt an der Quelle": Am Weinbrunnen "heben wir unseren Schatz", den berühmten Grünen Veltliner Wein aus dem Weinviertel frisch gekühlt zum Weingarten-Picknick.

A little bit later, a sign named “Weinbrunnen” leads us right up to the source of these wines, which we are able to enjoy right in the vineyards: Grüner Veltliner, the main variety of the Weinviertel, it has to be!


So sieht absolute Glückseligkeit aus ...

This is what pure bliss looks like …


... bei diesem Anblick ja wohl kein Wunder. ;-)

… wouldn’t you agree!


Gourmet Travel Delights: The Schlosskeller restaurant at the Castle Hotel Mailberg

Wine & Sparkling Wines follow a long tradition here at Mailberg castle: On the homepage, we are able to read all there is to know before actually entering the magnificent vaulted cellar rooms of the castle hotel. The Mailberg Castle Wine is now being produced by the Lower Austrian Lenz Moser estate; the Schlosskeller restaurant spoils us to absolutely amazing culinary delights in the evening. We LIKE! 🙂

"Just Beautiful": Das Ambiente des Schlosskeller passt hervorragend zu den kulinarischen Hochgenüssen, welche uns hier erwarten.

“Just Beautiful”: The ambiance of the vaulted cellar restaurant and its unique historical charm perfectly matches the high quality of food being served here. A unique experience!


Darf es noch etwas mehr sein ... ? Köstliche Vorspeisen mit frischen Zutaten im Schlosshotel Mailberg.

Jealous for a bite, anyone? Culinary treats using fresh ingredients at the Castle Hotel Mailberg.


Auch beim Frühstück am nächsten Tag werden wir ganz im Sinne der "regionalen Genießer" mit hausgemachten Marmelade-Kreationen aus dem Weinviertel verwöhnt. Die Liebe zum Detail findet meinen Blick!

Even over breakfast, we are treated to local culinary delights from the surrounding Weinviertel area, such as these home-made jam creations. I really enjoy this with an eye for detail!


Zufrieden bis an die Nasenspitze: Prost, ihr Lieben!

Pure bliss once more: Prost, everyone!

In for even more spring feelings, special travel moments & culinary close-ups in the magic environment of the Weinviertel district? Check it out here:

Disclaimer: I have been invited by the Castle Hotel Mailberg on this trip. All opinions are my own.

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