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Our Glamping Trip to the AlpenCamp in Carinthia

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Calm down first. 48 hours of pure travel delights from both our trips to the Lesachtal as well as the Gailtal valleys, in Carinthia, have made my head grow dizzy. The world’s first Slow Food Travel destination … What an adventure, what a delight. The taste of this award still lingers on my palate … Now’s the time to relax a little.


Fortunately for us, the mood at the AlpenCamp campsite here in Kötschach-Mauthen is exactly this … perfectly peaceful.

“Early June, during pre-season, it is still a lot more quiet here ..”, Sepp Kolbitsch, the owner of the campground, welcomes us and leads us to “our house”. Yes, that’s correct: A holiday home on our campsite. Whether holiday homes, bungalows, apartments, rooms or mobile homes: Campgrounds these days have it all. The large, welcoming holiday homes are all built from natural, untreated wooden materials, resulting in a sleeping comfort of a kind.

In fact, I don’t remember having slept so well and deeply in quite a while.

Ankunft in dieses wunderschöne Ferienhaus am AlpenCamp Kärnten ...

Arriving at our beautiful holiday home at the AlpenCamp Carinthia …


... Lucia und ich erkunden gleich mal Größe & Dimension des neuen Domizils.

… Lucia and I take to an immediate tour of our new surroundings.


Doch damit nicht genug (an Gemütlichkeit): Das AlpenCamp bietet zudem ein eigenes "Spa-Haus" ...

But this is not all there is to the modern “glamping” experience: “Welcome to our spa”, Sepp says here …


... in dem wir neben gemütlicher Terrasse, z.B. nach dem Saunieren in der "Gailtaler Heustadel-Sauna" ...

… including a wonderful terrace with deck chairs …


... auch eigene, gemütliche, wärmestrahlende "Kunst-Liegen" vorfinden. Herrlich. Hier bleibe ich, beschließe ich schon nach wenigen Stunden.

… and some really wonderful, warm infrared rest areas!


Around the AlpenCamp, too, we are focused on looking after our environment. Ever been on an eco-friendly Segway or E-bike?

I have already told you about my first experiences on a Segway here, besides raving about “e-bikes” from their early appearances on! Like a natural, I’m up on my Segway again this time. And yes, so can you because it really is easy to master this thing, which intuitively adjusts and reacts to all your steering manoeuvres. Take a helmet for added safety, be sure to do some training loops, and off you go! If you prefer a bike, take one of Sepp Kolbitsch’s e-bikes.

Am Morgen nach dem Frühstück, das wir im gemütlichen Wirtshaus ums Eck einnehmen, gibt uns Sepp Kolbitsch eine Einführung in seine Segways ...

During our first morning, Sepp Kolbitsch explains how the Segways work …


... los geht's entlang des Gailtal, hier in ca. 20 Minuten Fahrtzeit von der Kleinstadt Kötschach-Mauthen entfernt ...

… off we go on our first trip, some 20 minutes away from Kötschach-Mauthen along the Gail river …


... mit Blick entlang der Berge bis in das benachbarte Lesachtal, welches mein Herz im Sturm erobert hat.

… with a view all the way up to the Lesachtal, which has won my heart in no time.


Danach ist Zeit für eine gemütliche Pause ...

Time for a break at the sunny AlpenCamp …


... während Sepp Kolbitsch keine Gelegenheit verpasst, uns von seinen fantastischen Umweltaktivitäten, inklusive einer mit dem Internet verbundenen "SchauHeizAnlage" zu erklären ...

… while Sepp is eager to explain what he does in terms of heating and electricity, saving time money and energy and reducing the cost to the environment …


... oder uns eine Spritztour in seinem Elektro-Auto zu geben - inklusive Mega-Beschleunigung, da kaum Gewicht und auf kurze Distanz überaus leistungsstark! Ich WILL (ein Elektroauto!).

… in his modern tech facility, and electric car, which he gladly demonstrates to us. WANT (one too)!


Different again, the energy that emanates from our mountain guide, and rescue member, of the local Alpine Association Mauthen: Sepp Lederer. A quiet man, who loves to take his time, a good story as well as the modern-day tales of travel bloggers and their many, many questions ..!

“Well, if you must know, it was shortly after meeting the Dalai Lama ..”, Sepp suddenly says, pointing to one of his numerous awards and certificates at the alpine association’s headquarter in Kötschach-Mauthen. In all of his achievements, he remains truly and utterly modest, speaking slowly or scarcely of all that he has already done in his life. Then, as we start talking more about the mountains, the animals, the plants and the history, he comes to life more and more. And so, we learn, it is not so much a surprise that he even breaks into a sonata song in honour of the mountains around, really appreciating our company by the romantic Grünsee lake! What a special performance by such a special man, who “in all modesty” claims to have saved “some 200 lives” in his lifetime alone.

Die Bergtour mit Sepp Lederer entführt uns in luftige Höhen ...

The mountain tour with Sepp Lederer takes us up along the paths of history …


... und zwar auf gut 1500 Meter Seehöhe, entlang des sogenannten "Sentiero Historico" am österreichisch-italienischen Plöckenpaß.

… up along the “Sentiero Storico”, or historic trail marking the middle of World War I. “It was here”, Sepp adds with gravity in his voice, “that my grandfather experienced his first battle back in the days.”


Und ringt sich gleichzeitig dazu durch, uns ungemein viel über die heimische Pflanzenwelt zu erklären - bis hin zu unvermuteten Waldorchideen entlang des Weges!

At the same time, any plant – and be it just as small – means the world to our dear Sepp.


Auch ich fühle mich nach wie vor verzaubert und setze der vielen Kriegsgeschichten-Energie entlang des Waldweges hier meine glückliche Jakobsweg-Energie entgegen, auf dem ich noch wenige Wochen zuvor erst unterwegs war ..!

I also start feeling enchanted, despite all the wartime history, deciding to put up a smile just like on the Camino I’ve just walked ..!


Schon unglaublich, wenn man bedenkt, dass hier vor genau 100 Jahren noch schweres Geschütz aufgefahren wurde: Krieg in den Bergen ergibt, bei näherer Betrachtung, noch weniger Sinn als anderswo.

Crazy to think that war was upon this very strip of land, the so-called “Plöckenpass” between Austria and Italy, exactly 100 years ago.


Die vielen, vielen Geschichten und die Begegnung mit Sepp Lederer sind es, die diesen Tag am Plöckenpaß für uns zu etwas ganz Besonderem machen ..

Out and about on our storytelling paths with Sepp Lederer ..


... sowie auch sein Ausflug zum wunderschönen Grünsee, zu dem er uns spontan "entführt" ...

… whose proof for love comes when deciding to take us to this wonderful lake, the little “Grünsee” that only the locals would know …


... Dir, lieber Sepp, gebührt mein ganzer Respekt!

… thank you for this wonderful day out, dear Sepp! You certainly have all my admiration and respect!


I already want to go back to Kötschach-Mauthen (lots and lots to see and do here!) and maybe visit the AlpenCamp in winter? When everything is even more quiet and peaceful, and the campground’s sauna and spa truly worth the while .. 😉

Vielen Dank, liebe Lucia, lieber Sepp, liebe Angelika, liebe Sabine (von links nach rechts), für die wirklich schöne Zeit zusammen!

Thank you so much, dear Lucia, dear Sepp, dear Angelika, dear Sabine (from left to right) for our wonderful time together!


Check out even more travel pictures from our camping trips to the AlpenCamp, Camping Rosental Roz as well as Camping Mössler at Lake Millstatt in Carinthia, Austria’s southern-most province.

Want to know how the journey continues? Follow us as we keep visiting two more campgrounds during our trip in early June: “Honey bees, heavenly heights & high-level art at the Camping Rosental Roz” as well as the “Fairytale like fun fair on Lake Millstatt & SeeCamping Mössler“.

Disclaimer: We have been invited by the campgrounds AlpenCamp, Camping Rosental Roz as well as Camping Mössler on our trip to Carinthia. All opinions are my own.

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