Introducing seven brand new (travel) initiatives that are guaranteed to inspire you.

“Not all is lost.” In these trying times, I remind myself of this motto every day. Especially when looking at what others are doing somewhere along the lines of innovative, inspiring or simply heartwarming. Some of my blogging friends from Austria and Germany have engaged in truly noteworthy things, such as publishing new blogs or exciting podcasts, announcing new book projects or simply posting about what still remains to be done despite lockdowns and restrictive measures. Today, I want to say thank you to all of them – and introduce you to them at the same time.


Janett Schindler, of, has just published a new hiking blog called

Exercise is good for you, and trendy besides: You don’t really need trend researchers to confirm this rather well-known fact. It has been proven that those who spend time outdoors, either on their own, with friends or family feel better – and likely even more so in times like these. It seems a natural fit, therefore, that Janett has just now started her own hiking blog. At the moment, Janett’s new blog is still mainly focused on hiking destinations in Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia, but soon, there will be more travel reports and hiking tips from other countries, too. Check it out here:


“Take your self-catering caravan or motorhome and stay at Austrian farms for free”: Check out Gudrun Krinzinger and Franz Roitner’s new travel platform

On their website, the travelling couple have launched a campsite guide that allows you to “take your independent, self-catering motorhome or caravan to over 400 farms and wineries” throughout Austria for free. A great initiative, and one gladly welcomed by travellers, as you can read on their website. Check out all there is to know about their guide book and app here: Gudrun, too, has been publishing on her own travel blog for many years now, taking you around Austria and the world with her. Well worth reading!


(There are) “No Kangaroos” (in Austria)! Viktoria Urbanek’s new travel podcast “No Kangaroos” introduces you to inspiring people and places from around Austria.

Despite both of us being from Austria, we first had to sign up for the international, virtual #PropelForward conference to “meet again” and also talk a bit about Viktoria’s latest project: The launch of a new travel podcast! “For one hour of my episodes, I need many more hours of preparation time. Sometimes, I find myself driving all the way from Linz to Carinthia and back in one day! But it’s worth it to me,” Viktoria confirms, aching to hit the road again. Her (bilingual) travel and diving blog is worth a visit for the appealing design and content with travel tips from around the world. Of course, this also applies to her new podcast about Austria: Check it out here.


Claudius Rajchl is one of the “sly old foxes” in the colourful circle of Austrian travel writers. After decades of working as a travel journalist at one of Austria’s largest daily newspapers, he successfully established himself as a freelance travel and video journalist. When it comes to presenting new, exciting or unusual travel offers, Claudius is sure to write or shoot about it. Now, he even claims that “we can travel again” – despite the announcement of new lockdowns and further restrictions to the freedom of travel. Best check out his platforms at and!


“Einfach Fotografieren!” Lisa Stelzel curates a new Facebook group about finally improving those (travel) photographs.

The best time to do anything is always … now. In keeping with this motto, Lisa Stelzel has finally founded a well curated Facebook group that adds to her travel and photography blog. Within this group, professionals and amateurs find a secure haven for asking questions like: What was that thing again about checking your EFIX data? How do you really take some breathtaking architectural, landscape or portrait photos? Lisa writes: “This group is meant to be a useful addition to my blog and its associated Facebook page. I want to offer my readers a platform where they can easily get in touch with me and also exchange ideas with like-minded people.”


Nina Soentgerath has recently “cooked and baked like crazy”. The month of May will mark the release of her cookbook, with over 70 recipes from her journeys.

I only got to know Nina personally last autumn, when we were both invited on a culinary road trip through the Upper Austrian Mühlviertel. With all the determination and verve that the self-confident globetrotter exudes, I am by no means surprised that she has taken on such a huge project as publishing a cook book. Her travel and food blog promises “a culinary road trip spiced with a pinch of art”, pleasing eyes and palate alike! I’m already looking forward to her book: Perhaps there are some recipes that even my little son Liam already likes? 🙂


Last but not least, Angelika Mandler, of tells us all about outings and day trips around the Austrian capital city Vienna.

She posts, like, all the time. Where does she get the energy from? Right now, I can’t think of any other Austrian travel blog where you can get anywhere near as many good tips, ideas and suggestions for excursions around Vienna (and yes, there definitely is a lot to see and do right now). If you also follow Angelika on Facebook, you might think, “Sure, the dog needs going for a walk!” – but she obviously needs to go out just as much. Hats off, and thank you, dear Angelika, for all your efforts in preparing and publishing your informative posts. Check it all out here:


As for myself, I may like to add that I haven’t just hibernated either. Despite our young son of almost two keeping us busy and entertained, I have finally found some time to dig into my latest creative project: Writing (and publishing) my first children’s book! To this end, I have teamed up with both an illustrator as well as graphic designer, both of them also mums to young children. I really look forward to making more announcements about it as the year progresses …!


How about you? Have you heard about some great travel initiatives that are happening right now? Let me know!

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