#DieKremserin & #Creativelena out & about in our own backyard: Exploring lovely Krems!

Inspiring. Authentic. Laid-back. Lucia Täubler’s blog #DieKremserin, a lifestyle blog featuring event tips & happening in both our home town Krems, mirrors what sets her apart from the crowd. I am so glad for having her as our expert “blogger-in-residence” calling upon all local stories to be told about Krems! Finally, I find myself getting support from the likes of other bloggers talking about the colourful majesty of Krems & the Wachau valley during autumn, Krems as a culinary winelover heaven, Krems as a summer event location such as the “Glatt & Verkehrt” international music festival or the “WachauGOURMETFestival”. Krems is a great place to live and visit after all. 😀

(Despite, or because being an international travel writer, I do enjoy choosing a lovely home base with lots of international flair and charisma such as Krems. This city is always worth returning to. A city I enjoy introducing to my friends and readers: Find me on Couchsurfing if you are already planning your next visit: I would love to meet you and show you around!)


Exploring Krems with Lucia Täubler | #DieKremserin. Tracing whichever treasures we still find after all these years of living in the city, gets us both excited!

“You know what? Let us take a walk through Krems together featuring you as local expert #DieKremserin. I am sure we still find ‘new’ spots, angles and places that haven’t fully captured my attention either! And you are just the right person to show us!”

I beam at Lucia, who of course agrees to the idea instantly. Together, we therefore set off on a beautiful Saturday afternoon exploring our own backyard Krems by the Danube river. Lucia, who has already joined me for this summer’s meet-up of the Austrian travel bloggers in Linz. Lucia, who has turned into my friend and who I can really recommend meeting when you next travel to Krems: http://DieKremserin.Blogspot.co.at !

Los geht's unter (Reise)Bloggern: Gemeinsames Frühstück zum "Warm-up" vor dem Stadtspaziergang durch Krems!

Off we go: (Travel) Blogger “warm-up” over breakfast before exploring Krems together! We both giggle at the idea of “travelling” in our own city!


Wir starten unseren Besuch am Marktplatz der Stadt, immer wieder ein guter Tipp um die Eigenheiten der "Locals" und ihre köstlichen Käse-, Wurst-, Blumen- & Gemüsevielfalten kennen zu lernen.

So let us start with a visit to the famous local farmers’ market, a good opportunity for you to explore what the region has to offer in terms of local food, cheese, sausage or veggie varieties!


Von dort aus der Blick Richtung Oberes Stadtzentrum: Was fällt Euch an dem gelben Haus auf? Richtig, es hat ... keine Tür !!! Quirky little things, only in Krems. ;)

Turning from the market facing north, we look at one of the “skylines” of Krems – and find this yellow house that actually lacks a proper door !!! Quirky little things, only to be found in Krems. 😉 I swear I have never really noticed, despite walking past here all these years … incredible, really!


Am Haus ohne Tür vorbei, setzen wir unseren Rundgang an diesem Gebäude, dem alten Pfarrhof von Krems fort. Lucia nennt dies treffend "den ersten Couchsurfing-Platz von Krems" noch während des Mittelalters!

Here, we continue our walk past the old parish residence of Krems, or as Lucia likes to call it, the “first ever Couchsurfing address” where people could stay for a few days back in the Middle Ages.


Krems ist wahrhaftig eine mittelalterliche Stadt: Auch Zeitreisen sind in Gassen wie diesen, nur drei Schritte von der modernen Fußgängerzone entfernt, möglich!

Krems really is a medieval town. Heading down little hidden streets such as this one, will allow you to time-travel within only a few steps from the modern pedestrian area.


Dank Lucia's kompetentem Wissen und ihren herzlichen Schilderungen ...

Listening to Lucia speak about her passion for Krems and the local art scene …


Weiter hinauf führt uns die "Stairway to Heaven" von Krems, über die Piaristenstiege zur IMC Fachhochschule und ihrem "Institutsheurigen Müllner". ;)

… we all get to see and appreciate traditional things with new eyes, such as this “Stairway to Heaven” as we like to call it, leading up to the IMC University of Applied Sciences and its Heurigen wine tavern. Of course. Prost! 😉


Oder auch hier: In diesen schönen Innenhof in Krems habe ich noch nie zuvor einen Fuß gesetzt! Danke für den Tipp, liebe Lucia!

Or right here: I have never set foot into this pretty little courtyard of Krems. Thank you Lucia for showing us!


Wenn Gras über die Sache gewachsen ist ...

Making our way from the old town …


... ist es Zeit für einen Besuch an der Donau: Das moderne Welterbe-Schifffahrtszentrum Wellenspiel in Krems-Stein bietet sich als Café, Restaurant & Infozentrum ideal dafür an!

… you can reach the more modern part of Krems, for instance here by the Danube river at the Wellenspiel café & info centre that is also the boat landing stage for all international cruise ships and river cruises!


Vielen Dank in jedem Fall, liebe Lucia, für diesen schönen Nachmittag mit Dir in Krems!

Thank you dear Lucia for taking us out on such a lovely afternoon in Krems!


#DieKremserin also likes to host her own parties and events, such as “Krems Open Air”: Make sure you come back in 2015 for its 3rd edition- #diekremserinandfriends!

The Mayor of Krems nods in pleasant agreement. More than a 100 people have gathered at the Krems city park to celebrate one of the last days of summer – featuring of course the beautiful local wines, aromatic organic coffees, tasty cakes, cool Breakdance & Slacklining as well as some great Austrian Indie Music by local artist Ben Martin! Many people take the time to compliment Lucia on taking the initiative of hosting & organising “Krems Open Air” together with local partners and sponsors. The city has really grown its attraction here. For me, it is a beautiful example of what is possible on a “grassroots level” thanks to the passion and skills of a dedicated few. Check this out.

Beginn der Veranstaltung "Krems Unter Freiem Himmel" im Stadtpark von Krems ...

Kick off for “Krems Open Air” event in the local city park …


... mit viel Gemütlichkeit & Begegnungsqualität ...

… means a laid-back welcome …


... ein Platz um Einheimische, aber auch Besucher, (wieder) zu treffen ...

… of meeting lots of well-known local faces, but also new visitors to town …


... grautliere zur gelungenen Veranstaltung, liebe Lucia!

… so congratulations to such a cool event! Lucia Täubler #DieKremserin here with the artist Ben Martin (far right) as well as local Krems mayor, Dr. Reinhard Resch on the far left.


Nächstes Jahr kommen wir alle wieder: Viel Vergnügen beim nächsten Mal "Krems Unter Freiem Himmel"!

See you again next year: We loved “Krems Open Air”, or “Krems Unter Freiem Himmel” as it became known here!


Check out Lucia’s anticipation for her event “Krems Unter Freiem Himmel” as well as her actual feedback and impressions on her blog too! See you soon in Krems, I hope. 😀

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Bill Madison 24 September 2014 - 13:46

Love how they made the alleys look like caves.

Elena 24 September 2014 - 14:23

Thanks Bill!

You do indeed get that impression when walking through medieval Krems. Make sure you visit one day! 🙂


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