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Post-Corona travel tip: Off to visit Graz in southern Austria.

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Following the immediate aftermath of the corona crisis, Austria has once again eased its travel restrictions and I have promptly jumped at the opportunity to give in to my itchy feet again. Graz it is, and what used to be only a two-hour-journey from Vienna suddenly bore the almost same excitement as a round the world trip: What if … I forget my face mask? Something happens along the way, on the train? I miss my little son too much?

Besides the trip to Graz having been my very first trip after the worldwide corona pandemic, it has also been my first ever trip without my son Liam, now one year old. I must say I’ve once again really enjoyed being on the road by myself, posting merry InstaStories, shooting a short video, and telling you more about what there is to see and do in beautiful Graz.

My little Graz trip led me to explore Volksgarten Park right off Graz’ main station, the Lendplatz square and the Lendviertel district, to walk past the Murinsel artificial island on the Mur river and up the Grazer Schlossberg, a short albeit steep hill above the river and Graz old town. You may know it from its iconic view of the Graz Clock Tower. Further on, I’ve come down again on the other side of the hill, back into the old town, and down across the main square to the equally famous Kunsthaus Graz art museum, which has a caption saying “friendly alien” across its shiny facade. It’s a walk that has taken me, altogether, about three hours including breaks, and I can really recommend it, especially when arriving in Graz by public transport and going to and from the main station.

Grüne Stadtoase gleich zu Beginn: Blick in den Volksgarten von Graz.

(One set of the) Green lungs of Graz: Volksgarten Park.


Vorbei am Charme des Gasthaus Lend-Platzl ...

Take me by the lovely window decoration at Gasthaus Lend-Platzl restaurant …


... finde ich im Grazer Lendviertel immer wieder echte Hingucker, wie zum Beispiel dieser Friseursalon ...

… and I find that Graz’ Lendviertel district always has something to show, such as this rather quirky hair salon (it says, “Shake what your parents gave you!”, and “Head over heels into the next adventure” …!).


... weiter geht's über die nicht minder berühmte Murinsel, ein glanzvolles "Relikt" aus der Zeit, als Graz Kulturhauptstadt Europas war ...

Further on we go crossing the Mur river, including a look upon the Murinsel island hosting a gallery, an exhibition space and a cafe right on the river. What a great “relic” of Graz being Cultural Capital of Europe in 2003 …


... hinauf auf den Schlossberg (es sind "nur" 200+ Stufen ...!) ...

… up and up the Schlossberg hill (it’s “only” 260 steps …!) …


... mit tollen Plätzchen zum Rasten und Verweilen ...

… after all, why not take a seat here and relax …


... schließlich und unendlich finde ich bei meinem Aufstieg auf den Schlossberg gar diesen hübschen, zweizeiligen Weingarten vor! Ob ich noch erfahren werde, wo der Wein dazu gekeltert wird ..?

… even uncovering this little gem in the form of a small vineyard: Whose wine is being grown here, I wonder ..?


Auch die Aussicht vom Schlossberg lohnt immer wieder den Blick (und belohnt den sportlichen Aufstieg) ...

The views across the old town from Schlossberg hill are definitely worth the effort of the climb.


... dazu passend rückt der berühmte Grazer Uhrturm ins nahe Blickfeld ...

Finally, take a look at the famous Graz Clock Tower from down below …


... auch die Aussichtsplattform hier ist wirklich schön gestaltet.

… the adjacent viewing platform with access to majestic views across the city and its surroundings is nicely done, too.


Bleibt nur noch am Ende meines Rundgangs, Euch ein Bild vom "Friendly Alien" zu zeigen, dem extravaganten Kunsthaus Graz. Die Ausstellungen lohnen definitiv den Besuch!

Last but not least, here’s a picture of that “friendly alien” I was talking about: Kunsthaus Graz art museum. I strongly recommend you to go: I’ve last been just over a year ago with my cultural tourism students, and really enjoyed its exhibitions.


See you soon in Graz!


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