Part 2 of 3: “Farm Holidays” in Argentina – Visiting Villa Llanquín near San Carlos de Bariloche

One day after my horse riding experiencing with the Gaucho Facundo in the local community Nirihuau, Analia Garcia who is employed by the local ministry of agriculture offers me to join her for one day of work with the network of families “Red Argentina de Turismo Rural Comunitario” (RATuRC). What an opportunity! Hailing from an international tourism development background myself and working to promote Creative Travel in Austria, I have long been a fan of interactive travels with the local population. On the one hand, this day offers me the opportunity to experience the magic of local travel – what are “farm holidays” like in Argentina? –  on the other hand, I can take an active part in the tourism development of these local communities. A truly worthwhile experience both for me personally and professionally.

Vor dem Lago Nahuel Huapi nahe der Stadt Bariloche, mit Analia Garcia meiner persönlichen Begleitung für einen Tag.

In front of the Lago Nahuel Huapi near the city of Bariloche, with Analia Garcia my personal “escort” for the day!


Schon alleine die Anreise in die Comunidad Villa Llanquín ist spektakulär: Eine Autofähre und eine Fußgängerbrücke sind die einzige Verbindung zur Schnellstraße nach Bariloche.

The travel to the Comunidad Villa Llanquín is quite spectacular in its own right: A car ferry as well as a pedestrian bridge are the only means of access across the river.


Das „Red Argentina de Turismo Rural Comunitario“ bietet insgesamt 26 verschiedene Möglichkeiten zu Übernachtungen und Aktivitäten bei Familien auf dem Land in Argentinien.

The “Red Argentina de Turismo Rural Comunitario” promotes 26 different communities all over Argentina offering farm-based holidays and activities.


We start by visiting a family high up on the “Cerros”, or hills of the local community Villa Llanquín: The daughters have to spend their entire school week at the school building, since the only access is by horse or 4×4 vehicles. Crazy! I put all my trust in Analias know-how and the power of her 400 HP strong company jeep to manoeuvre us up the hill and onto the plateau of Villa Llanquín …

Oben angekommen, bietet sich uns ein spektakulärer Ausblick auf die umliegende Landschaft.

High up on the hill, we are rewarded with this spectacular view of the surroundings.


Arriving at the family house, we are welcomed with a traditional Mate tea ceremony, lunch and a visit of the new accommodation building for visitors, which has been made possible thanks to grants from the agricultural development fund: Analia is in charge of coordinating all activities related to the monetary support of these families when wishing to invest in tourism development.

Fernáns Frau empfängt uns mit selbstgebackenen Tortillas (Weizenfladen).

Fernáns wife receives us with these delicious tortillas (traditional bread).


Analia mit ihrem Mate im Haus der Familie ...

Analia and her Mate in the house of the family …


Im Neubau des Hauses essen wir fürstlich zu Mittag, auf den Tisch kommen ein scharfer Tomaten-Salat, Kartoffel, gebratenes Fleisch und Tortillas.

Enjoying our lunch in the new part of the house, complete with spicy tomato salad, potatoes, meat & tortilla bread.


Wir lassen es uns schmecken: Mahlzeit in Argentinien!

Enjoy your meal – Argentinian style!


Besides offering basic accommodation options, Fernán and his wife undertake hiking, horse riding or bird watching excursions with visitors into their local surrounding land, they also sell home-made textiles. Part of the farm are cats, dogs, horses, sheep, goats as well as goose and even a domestic pigeon that allows me to pet her!

Die Hausgans bewacht den Eingang, bis Fernán von seinem Spaziergang zurückkehrt.

Who is in charge here – the goose or Fernán?


Nach einer ca. halbstündigen Wanderung erreichen wir die selbstgezimmerte Hütte der Familie hoch oben in den Cerros (Hügeln) von Villa Llanquín.

After about half an hour’s walk, we reach the self-made hut of the family high up in the hills near the community of Villa Llanquín.


During our walk, we chat to Fernán and his wife about what milestones they have already reached as well as their vision for the future of tourism: “We would like our visitors to feel what it means like living here on the countryside, what riches we have and what our values are. Many people, especially those living in the cities, do not even know what real treasures are – and often that’s exactly why they come to stay with us.”

Ein Porträt des Hausherrn Fernán ...

A portrait of Fernán …


... sowie mein eigenes, inklusive improvisiertem Sonnenschutz vor der gnadenlosen Mittagssonne der südlichen Hemisphäre: Unglaublich, wie intensiv hier die Strahlen sind!

… as well as my own, complete with improvised sun protection: It’s unbelievable how strong the sun is here in the southern hemisphere!



With these guys, it is really easy to bond quickly … 🙂

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