#Babymoon bliss reloaded: Hotel Retter in Styria, Austria.

In 2019, my husband and I, pregnant with our first child, already became enchanted with this magical way of travelling as parents-to-be. The term #babymoon is actually derived from the term honeymoon. It refers to a kind of “last pleasure trip for two”: a pampering trip above all because spoiling yourself and your baby bump is what this kind of travel experience is all about.

From what we’ve learned, we can definitely advise all parents-to-be to treat themselves to a #babymoon holiday one last time before baby’s arrival – even and especially with the second child.

Picture Perfect #Babymoon im Spa Bereich des Hotel Retter in der Steiermark: Das größere Geschwisterchen urlaubt indes bei den Großeltern.

Picture Perfect #Babymoon at the spa area of the Hotel Retter in Styria, Austria: We are getting spoiled, while the bigger sibling enjoys a holiday of his own with the grandparents.


#Babymoon experience at the Hotel Retter: Everything is set up for parents-to-be.

As soon as we enter the Hotel Retter in Eastern Styria, part of the Pöllauertal Nature Park, we are greeted by peace and serenity. The team is friendly everywhere, the small talk is in no way forced or artificial. On the contrary, we have the feeling that we are really accepted and understood. There are some real goodies waiting for us in the room: a large breastfeeding pillow, a baby music box, organic juices from the region and much more. And did I already tell you about the double waterbed, which is simply wonderful to lie and sleep in with a big belly? The only thing you need is the help of your partner to get out of bed 😀

Ankunft im wunderschönen Zimmer für werdende Eltern:

Arriving at our beautiful hotel room as parents-to-be …


... wer gerade keinen guten Tropfen Wein genießen kann, genießt die besonders guten Bio-Säfte aus der unmittelbaren Umgebung des Hotels ...

… and if you can’t enjoy a good glass of wine right now, the organic juices made locally make up for that too …


... diese Badewanne ...

… now this big bathtub …


... nimmt es auch mit dem größten Babybauch auf: Am Morgen geht es gut ausgeruht in Richtung köstliches Bio-Frühstücksbuffet.

… accommodates even the biggest of baby bumps: Fresh out of bed, we make our way to the delightful, tasty organic breakfast buffet.


You could, besides, do a lot of other things. Yoga, Qi-Gong, Nordic Walking, a visit to the Retter Organic Farm Estate right next door, where the delicious bread as well as the even more delicious organic ice creams we enjoy at the hotel are produced … Excursions to the nearer and wider surroundings of the nature park in Eastern Styria, etc.

In all honesty: I must confess that being 35 weeks pregnant, i.e. just a few weeks away from giving birth, I simply prefer to spend all my time immersed in the wonderful wellness area. Floating around in the pool, weightless. Nothing to carry, nothing to organise, nothing to do. Not (having to) look at the clock. No big brother-to-be wanting his share of entertainment. Instead: Well-being treatments that are also possible during pregnancy, or just chilling on the waterbed lounger and reading. Wow. Simply wonderful for big-bellied, pregnant women like me! 😀

Die Wasserbett-Liegen im Wellnessbereich des Hotel Retter sind Verheißung pur für Schwangere (einzig das Hochkommen ist schwierig ;) ) ...

Waterbeds are a great addition in the spa area of the hotel …


... gemütlich ist es hier allemal ...

… and it really does look peaceful and comfortable around here, doesn’t it …


... und der Blick von unserem Zimmer gibt ein bisschen was von der schönen Naturlandschaft preis, die das Hotel Retter in der Steiermark umgibt.

… the  view from our room opens up to what the entire area of the nature park Pöllauertal looks like.


As I said, there are feel-good treatments not only for the dad-to-be, but also for the mum-to-be with a baby bump: massages are done lying on the side; facials are a treat anyway and possible at any time. My husband also liked it very much (for the first time)!

As I said, treatments are offered not only for the dad-to-be, but also for the baby bump: massages are done lying on the side; and we found facials are a treat for both of us. My husband liked it very much (it was his first time)!


So what’s the story with the great organic food at Hotel Retter?

I think it’s the love with which the food is prepared, cooked and served here. As well as the perfect ingredients: For 25 years now, Hotel Retter has been marketed as a 100% organic establishment. Their delicious food selection is worth the trip alone. On the second evening of our stay, we enjoy a fantastic “erotic 6-course organic evening menu with baby bump” (yup, that’s what it said! 😀 ) carpaccio of butternut squash, grilled trout fillet, fillet of Pongau game as well as many vegetarian and vegan alternatives (or additions). Curious about the “Kiss of Aphrodite” dessert? Come and taste it for yourself!

Check this out.

Zum Abschluss unseres Aufenthaltes decken wir uns noch im Shop mit Köstlichkeiten aus dem Retter Bio Gut ein, und bringen unserem Liam ein lustiges Rennauto für seine kleine Kollektion mit nach Hause.

Towards the end of our stay, we still make for a quick shopping at the local grocery store, and bring a toy car for Liam.


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