Part 1 of 3: “Farm Holidays” in Argentina – Visiting Nirihuau Community near San Carlos de Bariloche

Thank you again, dear team at ANDA Travel! Thanks to your research and contacts I finally became involved with the Argentinian network of community-based tourism, or „Red Argentina de Turismo Rural Comunitario“ (RATuRC). This network presents a total of 26 rural communities with families wishing to share their customs, lifestyle and traditions with visitors from all over the world. Think of “farm holidays” Argentinian country-style!

Mein erster Kontakt zum argentinisches Netzwerk von „Urlaub am Bauernhof“ verläuft an einem strahlenden Sommertag Ende Februar nahe der Stadt Bariloche.

My first contact with community-based tourism in Argentina, on a sunny late summer day near Bariloche.


Die Spezialisierung dieser Familie ist die „Cabalgata“: Reiterferien mit Halbtages-, Tages- oder Mehrtages-Exkursionen hoch zu Ross.

This particular family specializes in “cabalgatas”, or horse treks into the surrounding land: An amazing experience!


Discover the surroundings of Bariloche with local families

Despite, or even because community-based tourism, is only starting to develop it is really interesting for me coming from an international background of tourism development to see tourism develop here in NirihuauThis combined with my desire to escape the likes of “mass tourism” activities in the city of Bariloche aimed at young, boisterous backpacker groups, was the main motive for my visit.

Elvira, of ANDA Travel, puts me in touch with Analia Garcia, a very talented employee of the local agricultural ministry who is working directly with the families around the city of Bariloche wishing to develop community-based activities. She refers me to Zulema, Anastasio and their son Facundo, who not only pick me up straight from my hostel but also allow me to witness the beauty of the surrounding landscape on this personal drive to their farm.

Im Haus der Familie angekommen, erwartet uns ein zweites Frühstück mit Köstlichkeiten „ab-Hof“, die im Preis der Exkursion inbegriffen sind.

Upon arrival at the family home, you are served a “second breakfast”, Mate & lots of good “welcome vibes”: Everything is already included in the price for the full day horse riding excursion.


Wenig später schon sitze ich auf meiner Stute, „Chulenga“ (Name für kleines Guanako).

A little later I’m up on my horse „Chulenga“ (name for a small guanaco).


Wie selbstverständlich überqueren wir diesen Fluss auf dem Weg durch die herrliche, uns umgebende Landschaft.

Second nature: Crossing this riverbed near the family farm on our way into the countryside.


Together with the oldest son Facundo, a 21-year-old Gaucho very able with the horses, I undertake a six-hour horse trek including an “asado” barbecue lunch break, along rivers, through valleys and over hills that I would never have known otherwise. Facundo also doubles as my very own personal guide: Qué suerte!

An diesem herrlichen Spätsommertag machen wir uns bequem im Schritt auf den Weg: Vorkenntnisse hoch zu Ross sind gut, aber nicht erforderlich.

On this late summer day, we set off happily: Previous horse riding experience is good, but not necessary for this easy trek.


Mitten im Wald machen wir Mittagspause: Hier bereitet Facundo unser Mittagessen, gewürzte „Salchichas“ auf dem Holzspieß, für uns zu.

Right in the middle of the forest, we stop for our asado lunch break: Facundo serves me spicy “salchichas” on a stick!


Mahlzeit, ihr Lieben!

Simply delicious!


Diese süßen Schäfchen grüßen uns auf dem Weg ...

These cute little sheep have come to check us out on our way back …


... bevor es wieder heimwärts geht: Sechs lange Stunden auf dem Pferd durch eine für mich märchenhafte Landschaft haben es in sich – wunderschön!

… before we return back to the farm: Six hours of horse trekking leave you somewhat tired, but feeling happy!

One day including transfer, meals (second breakfast upon arrival with local delights such as jam and tortillas, Barbecue lunch with salads and drinks, afternoon snack & tea) and the full-day guided horse trek is available at $550 Argentinian Pesos (ca. € 80-90) when booking with ANDA Travel. I pay the family directly, returning back home with them in the evening where I enjoy a relaxing evening by the lake: A truly memorable, and worthwhile experience on my travels through Argentina!

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