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Farm Holidays in Austria: The Fallmann family near Scheibbs, Lower Austria

“Tucked away at the foot of the Ötscher mountain”, among the gently rolling hills of the alpine upland in Lower Austria, I read into Brigitte’s “business card” aptly describing the surrounding farm holiday concept. She offers me both a sweet smile, as well as a slice of freshly baked apricot cake as a welcome to her farm … mmmh, that smell ! I remember entering the cosy family home and being offered a small glass of schnaps by the grandfather, next to congratulating Brigitte’s daughter on her cake. Both point to a set of old wooden ski on the wall, and start telling me about the times prior to skiing for leisure; a time when wooden skis like those were being used as a means of transport, or for getting from one valley to the next in the deep snow. Time, in any case, seems to stand still, or at least slow down here, among the green pastures of the southern Mostviertel district near the city of Scheibbs, a good hour’s drive southwest of Vienna. I take a deep breath, and smile. What a wonderful place to come to.

Willkommen auf dem mit vier Blumen ausgezeichneten Biobauernhof der Familie Fallmann ...

Welcome to the organic farm estate “Lueg” run by the Fallmann family …


... einem Ort, der neben viel Ruhe und Zeit für Genuss ...

… a place offering happy times and relaxed moments …


... Gäste wie mich mit solch saftigen Köstlichkeiten, wie dem frisch gebackenen Marillenkuchen hier empfängt.

… full of home-made delights.


Die "gute Stube" des Hauses ...

Welcome, too, to the wonderful comfort of a typical, Austrian living room …


... setzt sich in Geschmack und Urigkeit in den Zimmern des Biobetriebes fort ...

… handed over inside the farm’s three apartments for guests.


The Fallmann family has been managing their estate according to the principles of organic farming for the past twenty years. Dozens of happy animals are part of the extended family: The “Murboden” cattle, as well as a whole host of chicken, ducks, trout, rabbits, cats and of the typical black dog of the family, who loves to greet anyone new, times and times again. I love him immediately. After many rounds of cuddles, I get up again just in time to spot Franz Fallmann, head of the family, rush out the door: “Sorry, Elena, I’ll talk to you later but a thunderstorm is coming, and we’ll have to get the hay in before that!”

Life on the farm. Many guests, Brigitte continues after her husband Franz has left, know exactly when to come and participate in whichever activity the farm cycle dictates. “Right now, it’s about time to harvest several of the herbs I’m growing in a little garden behind the house”, she smiles. “Come with me, I’ll show you!”

Nanu, wer ist denn da(s)?

Now look at you, fluffy beauties!


Solch prächtige, großen Enten habe ich noch selten zuvor gesehen.

And you? Guess I’ve never seen such a beautiful, big wild duck.


Bis hoffentlich bald mal wieder auf dem Biobauernhof "Lueg" ...

In any case, I hope to see you all soon again at the “Lueg” farm …


... vielen Dank für die Gastfreundschaft, liebe Brigitte, lieber Franz!

… thank you so much for your hospitality, dear Brigitte, dear Franz!


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Disclaimer: I have been supported by the Austrian Farm Holiday Association of Lower Austria on this trip to Mostviertel, Lower Austria. All opinions are my own.

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