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Baby Boutique Hotel Laurentius in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Tyrol.

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Holidays with a baby can be many things. Tiring. Exhausting. Breathtaking. Unusual. Unique. Magical. But luxurious? Hang on, that’s new. Our luxurious stay at the Kinderhotel Laurentius in Fiss, Tyrol tells the tale.

After all, who would have thought that “four star superior is also possible with baby”?

My husband Georg and I have been very positively surprised upon arriving here in the southwestern corner of Tyrol, close to the border with Switzerland. The Laurentius is “no typical kids hotel”, but rather a cosy boutique hotel, similar to the ones we’ve already stayed at as a couple pre-baby. Literally all our needs as young parents are met here without ever renouncing luxury and comfort.

A great concept, we believe, because why not pamper yourselves in such an intense period of your life that is (new) parenthood?

Wenn schon Babyschwimmen, dann aber "richtig": Vor der grandiosen Kulisse der Tiroler Bergwelt.

Baby swim class at the panorama spa pool of the hotel, against the backdrop of the mighty Tyrolean Alps.


What’s more, this baby boutique hotel even has a (rooftop) spa reserved only for adults. True genius. Since it is mostly them who need to recover, really …

… and thanks to our baby phone and Liam’s reliable nap times during the day, we were able to chase, and find, a rare good: Quality time as a couple, all on our own. Wonderful. All possible here at the Laurentius hotel.

Smile, baby: We're on camera!

Smile, baby: We’re on camera!


Rooftop Spa mit Außenpool und faszinierend schönen Blicken auf die umliegenden Bergketten ...

Rooftop Spa with heated outdoor pool and a 360° view upon the surrounding mountain landscape …


... von der Ruhe dieses Wohlfühl-Raumes träume ich noch heute!

… I still dream about the feel-good atmosphere of this relax area. Adults-Only. At a kids hotel. What a great idea.


Food, too, is luxurious here, or rather, its choice. Even the very young guests get to choose from many healthy, freshly cooked alternatives.

Liam’s little menu reads as follows: Freshly cooked, unseasoned organic vegetables. Freshly stewed potatoes and carrots. The following day: Fresh potato, parsnip and zucchini baby food. Plus a buffet of pre-cooked Hipp glasses. Tea, had he liked some.

But what he really did like …

... hat mich am meisten die spannende Tisch-Deko fasziniert, die die Großen hier vor meiner Nase aufgetürmt haben ... nicht wahr?!

… was grabbing for the luxurious table decoration all the waiters had put in front of him!


Buffet-Auswahl für die jüngsten Gäste (auch für größere Kinder gibt es jeden Tag ein frisches, köstliches Buffet an dem wir uns auch gerne mal vergriffen hätten ...)

Buffet selection for the youngest of guests (even the kids buffet was so delicious we would have almost liked to steal from them) …


... wären da nicht die köstlichen 4-Gang-Menüs jeden Abend gewesen ...

… had we not enjoyed the delicious four-course menus put in front of us each night, adding a cake buffet in the afternoon and fresh salads, soups and other little snacks for lunch …


... die Georg und ich uns haben schmecken lassen ...

… Georg and I have really enjoyed digging in …


... "wie, Mami, und ich hab' noch keine Zähne um all das zu probieren? Eine Frechheit!"

… “but mum, you’ve dragged me here and I have no teeth – nor idea yet – for tasting all this delicious food?”


Mein Brei war aber auch wirklich köstlich!

Well, well. My baby food was also delicious every day.


More “luxury” was out in enjoying nature. Going for a walk is something we can recommend for the fresh mountain air alone.

Check out where exactly we have travelled to in Tyrol:


Despite, or maybe because of Liam having a slight cold, we have been outside with him (warmly wrapped up, of course) each and every day. The small town of Fiss, where the baby boutique Hotel Laurentius is located, is still quiet ahead of the main winter season. We take a walk past the local church and all the way to Wolfsee lake, but are driven back quickly by the sharp winds and muddy snow blocking the path for our stroller. Well, whatever: Mountain views may also be enjoyed from the rooftop spa.

Schon alleine wegen solcher Ausblicke ...

It’s views like these …


... lohnt es sich vor die Haustür zu gehen ...

… that made us go out every day in Fiss …


... alternativ können selbige auch vom Rooftop Spa (Adults-Only!) genossen werden ... aaah.

… views that we have also enjoyed from the rooftop spa of our hotel.


Last but not least, we’ve enjoyed luxury in the wellness area, also set up to accommodate both kids and adults.

Did you know that bathrobes are also made for babies? Of course, right? Since how may the youngest guests get to the family wellness area “in style”, otherwise …? 😉

After Liam’s little baby swim class, it’s time for a massage for our sore backs and we learn just how much baby weighs by now … such a delight to allow yourself a good, thorough massage after all those first few months of carrying baby. Later, we go back to the pool with him, which is a delight for all of us. After all, what else is left to do? The big family slide into the main pool is only allowed to be used from six years of age ..!

Vom top ausgestatteten Zimmer ...

Our baby suite, which lacks nothing in terms of looking after our little loved one …


... einmal quer durch das Haus ...

… has us all wrapped up in bathrobes …


... bis zum Babyschwimmen im Panoramabad ...

… going for our baby swim classes at the panorama pool …


... genießen wir die Zeit bei so viel Ruhe und Erholung: Das "Barbarabad" ist für Massagen, Wohlfühlbiehandlungen und mehr zuständig.

… heading over to the much-needed massages at the wellness area “Barbarabad” …


Danke liebes Team des Hotel Laurentius, für den schönen Aufenthalt welchen wir wirklich genossen haben!

… thank you, dear team at the Laurentius Hotel, for such a warm welcome for us and our family!


Check out my Insta Stories for the whole trip idea here. This photo gallery has all the pictures from our stay:


I have also added a travel video about our stay:

Disclaimer: We have been invited to stay at the baby boutique and kids hotel Laurentius. All opinions are my own.

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