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Meet & Greet: Austrian Travel Bloggers meet at the country’s largest trade show in Vienna

It was the most beautiful time of the entire trade show “Ferienmesse Wien”. “Do they offer free goodies here?”, is what visitors passing the stand of Creative Tourism Austria might have been thinking, watching about 30 journalists & travel bloggers gather for an interesting networking event at the largest travel trade show of Austria. Finally we meet! Nice to see […]

Creative cuisine in the heart of Vienna: Cooking class with Thomas Hüttl

Tell me this: Have you ever been looking a local over the shoulder and right into their cooking pots while travelling? Helped out stirring even? And finally (dared to) eat what was being served?! As for my part, I really love creative culinary travelling. Be it a creative cooking workshop in the gourmet capital city of […]

Xmas Markets & Winter Magic from Vienna to Salzburg …

… Austria at its very best. Really! If like me you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of how wonderful your own country may be in the eyes of foreigners, you really are tempted to wear that proud, happy smile of yours day and night. Austria = island of the blessed?! If you ask […]

Travel Trade Show “ReiseSalon” in Vienna: Travel Bloggers & Journalists discuss the future of (digital) travel writing

Talking about the Austrian travel trade show “ReiseSalon” 2013 is a pretty business. For the second time this year, it was held in the mighty imperial halls of the Vienna Hofburg – a splendid framework and easily one of the most beautiful venues in the whole country. I was headed there together with my hotel partners of […]

Visiting 25 Hours Hotel in Vienna

“The 25 Hours Hotel in Vienna is … different“, I hear Roland Eggenhofer say, who receives me to a unique experience in the heart of my own capital city. I smile and agree. On a 33°C early summer afternoon, I walk up to the “different” design hotel, suitcase & Dirndl dress in my arm, and stop […]

Vienna hosts the “Styrian Spring Festival”

Viennese – and Austrians in general – just looove gourmet, wine and festivals. Every year in early spring, the Vienna Rathausplatz is home to the so-called “Steiermark-Dorf” (Styrian Village), where the country celebrates one of its provinces, Styria, its people, its wine and its delicacies. And let’s be honest: What more reasons could you possibly need […]

New Campaign for the Austrian National Tourist Board: “Creative Tourism Austria”

Back in Vienna: Only one week after returning from my exciting South America trip, I have already scheduled my first “business meeting” today. Thank you, dear colleagues at ANTO (Austrian National Tourist Office) for the warm welcome reception back home (complete with flowers for the International World Happiness Day!) and oh those delicious “Kipferl” sweet rolls … Coming home can […]

Promoting “Kreativ Reisen” at the Vienna Tourism Trade Show

Passion for (creative) travel: Together with five partners of the Austrian network Kreativ Reisen Österreich, I am here to introduce Vienna tourism trade show visitors to Creative Tourism Austria, despite nearby competition from sausage & chocolate booths, (loud) music entertainment and so on. The Vienna “Ferienmesse” is the largest public travel trade show with tour operators, destinations […]

Shopping with Lucie! in Vienna

It’s the last Saturday before Christmas and we can’t think of anything else but going shopping. Are we insane? The heart of Vienna: Aggressive crowds, stressed-out sales assistants, good chances of ruining your coat with spilled Glühwein in the streets. So what to do if all you’ve got is one weekend in town? We suggest […]

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