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*Check out my book, “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”, for learning more about what we mean by creative travel. Travelling means the world to me, makes me fit for everday life and sometimes, I trust, also calmer on the inside. Read this blog with a smile, share what you love and remember to check back regularly: After all, when was the last time you did something for the first time?

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Sleepless in Seattle: A Foodie Fun Visit of the Emerald City.

This past week travelling here in Canada, my dear friend Janett Schindler (aka “The Part Time Traveller”) and myself have decided to be spontaneous. Spontaneous as in … Why not go to Seattle when already in Vancouver? At least, this is our European point of view, as in saying: “We’ve already made it this far. Why not […]

... to farmers' markets ...

Five Top Travel Tips for Visiting the Creative Island Gem of Salt Spring near Vancouver, British Columbia.

Sometimes, you just know. Know that ultimately, you will “get to that place”. Know it’s on your list of destinations that call to you. Such has been prelude ahead of me going to Salt Spring Island, part of the Southern Gulf Islands in the Greater Vancouver area. I first heard of Salt Spring Island – and believe it […]

... auch ganz, ganz köstlichen Serra da Estrela-Schafskäse vor, den uns José hier bereitwillig aufschneidet.

The other Portugal: Singulartrips, Serra da Estrela & sweet moments of seduction in Porto.

Portugal. “When I get on a plane and arrive in Lissabon three hours later, I do feel just the same: Home”, I often find myself musing with others. My mind then wanders off thinking about my dear friends in Portugal, switching back to speaking Portuguese as if it was completely normal (read more here “about how […]

... fortsetzen. Mahlzeit bei der morgendlichen "Slow Food Travel" Andacht!

“Slow Food Travel” in Carinthia: Foodie Travel Tips from the Gailtal valley

Powerful places full of energy. As well as the odd, revolutionary spirit among its people. Such is our welcome to the Upper Gailtal valley in southern Carinthia. The steep mountain summits to the south already breathe in the fresh, southern air, as do the people whose spirits soar at least as high as the surrounding mountains: It is […]

A foodlover’s take on Helsinki: My Food Walk with HappyGuideHelsinki

Today, I would like to tell you something about being a foodie traveller high up North. You might be tempted to think: Will it really be tasty and focused on food there, when a visit to the high North is mostly marked (and marketed) by the great outdoors, magic landscapes, wild territories?   The capital city of […]

#PolarNightMagic in Finland Day 5: Foodie Fantasies when exploring Helsinki

What size is a reindeer? Who cooks the best salmon soup? Where do Northern Lights dance? And how profound is absolute silence? Dear friends, dear readers, dear Finnland fans! Each day of my trip to Lapland & Helsinki, I am publishing a selection of my best daily photographs. Adding to that, you will get practical travel tips, fun-filled […]

Porto’s High End: Luxury Travel Tips from Portugal.

I have told you about my many love affairs with Porto. I have told you about its beautiful people, hidden spots and magic sunsets. I have told you about its delightful food, splendid wine markets and why Porto should even be considered Europe’s next foodie capital. I have shared with you, my top ten travel tips for eating, […]

Around Düsseldorf & Cologne: The “Bergische Kaffeetafel” as a culinary highlight for foodie travellers.

The so-called “Bergische Kaffeetafel” in the German city of Mettmann is featured in a single entry on Wikipedia. Researching about our trip to Mettmann, I also read astounding words such as “Muckefuck” or “Dröppelminna”, words that even make a native German speaker like me look up in wonder. How to explain this to my English-speaking friends ..?! […]

10 Travel Tips to eat, create & walk your way round the city of Porto

“Welcome home, Elena.” 🙂 As soon as I arrive in Porto, the city as well as the beautiful, warm-hearted Portuguese people really make me feel like that: “Home again”. Welcoming me to a city that has won my heart in many ways. Welcoming me, yet again, as I am on my way to delivering my first-ever keynote speech for […]

… und der Begrüßung durch die herzlich-witzige Johanna Panholzer ...

Behind the Scenes of Salzburg: BottleShop, Beer Tasting & Apple Strudel Baking Class!

“Let me see if I am still able to show you something new here in Salzburg”, Martina tells me, smiling. I have just finished talking to her about my countless trips to Salzburg & around in recent years, including “tasty dumplings & totally awesome (moor) food“, the “historic Almkanal crossing“, visiting a springtime gourmet festival all the […]

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