Hot off the press: “The Creative Tourism Toolkit” and my talk about “Digitalisation in Tourism Management”.

“Great, Elena, how can I get this book?” – “Sounds very exciting. What exactly did you work out here?” I am presently gathering first feedback on having announced the publication of the “Creative Tourism Toolkit“, a guide for small and medium-sized tourism destinations and companies that want to make creative travel their motto. What the toolkit, developed by an entire team of international experts in the field, reveals is that little changes in business development, co-operation with local partners and other, similar organisations can already make a huge difference. I am pleased to have worked on such an important issues for the international “community-based tourism” community. Here is how you, too, can (quickly and easily) get hold of a (digital) edition of this toolkit handbook.

"Gemeinsam ist man weniger allein": Entwicklung von "Creative Tourism" in Thailand (c) DASTA

Developing “Creative Tourism” in Thailand … (c) DASTA


"Gemeinsam ist man weniger allein": Entwicklung von "Creative Tourism" in Thailand (c) DASTA

… is becoming more and more common place in (international) cultural tourism offers. The “Creative Tourism Toolkit” shows how to do it from an organisational point of view. (c) DASTA


"Gemeinsam ist man weniger allein": Entwicklung von "Creative Tourism" in Thailand (c) DASTA

At the end of a “Creative Tourism” Workshop in Thailand … (c) DASTA


"Gemeinsam ist man weniger allein": Entwicklung von "Creative Tourism" in Thailand (c) DASTA

… there are unforgettable (and tasty!) memories to be made! Won’t the above images make you want to travel to Thailand now? I’m up for it. (c) DASTA


The “Creative Tourism Toolkit”, which has been released in both English and Thai in a joint publication by the public organization DASTA together with the international “Creative Tourism Network”, can be downloaded free of charge here:

It includes a short section written by myself (as well as a hint to further knowledge contained in my book, “The Creative Traveler’s Handbook”! 🙂

Freude über den Erhalt der ersten, gedruckten Ausgabe des "Creative Tourism Toolkit" ...

Proud to be receiving and promoting a first printed copy of the “Creative Tourism Toolkit” …


... mit meinem Beitrag darin (auf Thailändisch übersetzt!).

… including my contribution to it (translated into Thai!).


Da bekomme ich doch gleich Lust, selbst Thailändisch zu lernen .. was für eine wunderschön anmutende Sprache, was für künstlerische Schriftzeichen!

Wouldn’t I love to learn yet another language …!


Very cool indeed to be taking this publication right off to my next-level presentation, talking for two days in front of tourism high schools at the HLF Krems in Lower Austria.

On 28 and 29 January 2019, a series of workshops about “digitalisation in tourism” have been held at the HLF Krems. Together with my colleagues from the Lower Austrian Tourism Board, Falk Tours and Reise Bunt, I have been able to inspire students in their final high school year (18 – 19 years old) talking about topics such as digital marketing, social media know-how, blogger relations & the “influencer spheres” … Very exciting for me, too, to hear how the young ones of today – our future network partners – think about these topics! What struck me above all was the great interest in “how to be self-employed, and successful, in the digital age“: how does that work, “how much can you earn there” (and how do you go about it), “how can you really link travelling to making an income from it”?

Always the same questions. I love the give my answers in inspiring talks and interviews like this.

Danke für all Euer Interesse!

Thank you all for your interest! Would love to host a similar workshop again next year.


You can find out more about this rather innovative workshop on the school’s homepage:


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