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Sustainable Travel in Styria: Visiting Loipersdorf Spa Resort.

“Just think of it this way”, Hannes Wagner says, lowering his voice. For more than two hours, we find ourselves hooked on his words, filling us in on the stories about Loipersdorf spa resort and its many surrounding hotels. “The farmer back in the old days, who hasn’t done anything but work hard his whole life, suddenly watches people arrive here from the city. People who have time. Who come here to take a bath. Now can you guess what they must have been thinking? Obviously, they thought that they were crazy.”


It really appeared to be crazy to turn a rather poor, rural farming area along the Styrian-Hungarian border into what is now one of the largest spa resorts of the entire country. The Loipersdorf spa resort today is one of the most prominent ones of Austria, its history rooted in the search for Black Gold. “That was in the early 70s. What they found wasn’t oil, but water”, Hannes continues to tell his story, Hannes, easily one of the most light-hearted hotel managers I have met recently on my travels. During our first meal in his hotel, the spa hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, my travel writer friends and I are literally hooked on his words – he has such a knack for good local storytelling. “Water rich in minerals from a depth of well over 1.200 metres! Imagine that. It shoots out of the ground at 62°C and needs to be cooled down first. Soon, the health benefits of these healing waters have been recognised, hence an early spa industry was able to take hold.”


Joining us is Wolfgang Wieser, the managing director of the Loipersdorf spa resort, offering us an interesting “look behind the scenes” of one of the largest spa resorts of Austria.

“Nowadays, we count less visitors”, Wolfgang Wieser explains, offering us one of his modest smiles. He still refers to well over half a million visitors per year, that is. “Around the turn of the millennia, we had well over 800.000 guests – a size we simply did not wish to hold nor increase. Today, the business has undergone a major rebranding process. We focus again on local sustainability, regional product cycles, and a large farmers’ market right at the entrance of the spa.” Like another Genussregal gourmet shop, close-by in Southern Styria, I am left thinking of my last visit there not too long ago.


Wine, wellness, wellbeing: Loipersdorf at the crossroads of the gently rolling hills of Southern Burgenland and the creative hub of interesting micro-entrepreneurs in Eastern Styria really benefits from its location.

Willkommen im 32° warmen "Thermenbad" der Therme Loipersdorf ...

Welcome to the 32°C spa waters here in Loipersdorf …


... einer der modernsten Thermen des Landes, die ihren Ursprung in diesem einfachen Badehaus, dem sogenannten "Schaffelbad" findet ...

… its early beginnings dating back to a simple bath house in the 70s …


... und selbiges noch heute, allerdings wesentlich moderner anbietet!

… all the way to its modern facilities as of today!


Der erste Eindruck ist vom persönlichen Empfang in der Suite des Thermenhotel Vier Jahreszeiten geprägt ...

My first impression is marked by this personal welcome at the spa suite of the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten …


... sowie dem gemütlichen Beisammensein mit dem Chef des Hauses, Hannes Wagner, der kein spannendes Details aus seiner Familien- / Loipersdorf-Chronik auslässt.

… as well as our meeting & get-together with Hannes Wieser, who literally tells us every detail about the hotel’s (and area’s) history.


Mahlzeit bei der köstlichen Ankunft in Loipersdorf!

Enjoy your meal – easy, here in Loipersdorf!


My last visit here easily dates back some ten years. “Yes, we have changed quite a bit since then”, Wolfgang Wieser muses and invites us to take a look: AlphaSphere Cocoon-ing it is!

“Let go – Discover – Strengthen”, this is what the experience concept of the Loipersdorf spa resort feels like, hinting at a union of body, mind and soul. Indeed, all facilities and treatments offered come with a local twist, such as the modern “Schaffelbad” built on the very grounds of the historic spa, the local mineral-rich salt grotto (perfect for the respiratory system) as well as the treatments using local mud, called “Steirasul”.

But what exactly is this thing called AlphaSphere?

Well, this is exactly what we thought as well, looking at the shining dark blue cube in the middle of the spa water world in Loipersdorf. What is this thing? And above all: What can it do to make me relax in the middle of such a busy spa place?

Well, nothing but a personal experience that can answer that. AlphaSphere is a closed, blue space where comfortably shaped deck chairs invite you to lie down, measuring your heart beat through a special sensitive membrane. Your very own heart beat then commands a kind of music that produces alpha waves in your brain, allowing you to relax deeply and fully, even within only 30 minutes. It is absolutely fascinating, as I have not been tired upon entering, but really able to relax deeply and let go within barely a few minutes. You then resurface as your own heart beats slows down, ultimately commanding a musical crescendo that “wakes you up” again – a truly special, sensual journey. Hard to describe it really, as what you should do, is enter the AlphaSphere for yourself.

Loslassen – Erleben – Stärken in der Therme Loipersdorf ...

“Let go – Discover – Strengthen” at the Loipersdorf spa resort …


... mit Blick auf die zauberhafte Thermen-Landschaft ...

… with a view over the modern pool area …


... die neben einer gemütlichen Salzgrotte (gut für die Atemwege – wie „ein Tag am Meer“ sind 20 Minuten hier drinnen!) ...

… all the way into the salt grotto (20 minutes in here are like spending a day by the sea!) …


... auch diesen spannenden AlphaSphere anbietet.

… and down to the AlphaSphere cocoon-ing experience.


Hierin habe ich mich wirklich völlig entspannt und in nicht einmal einer halben Stunde echte Tiefenentspannung erlebt. Spannend :D

I have really relaxed in here. An amazing experience I would like to repeat soon. 😀


Wer entspannt genug ist, kann sich im Rutschen-Paradies der Therme Loipersdorf austoben ...

After all this deep relaxation, it’s time to head out and over to the spa’s funny twisted water slides …


... oder im gemütlichen Marktrestaurant stärken.

… getting some more energy from the fresh, local farm ingredients at the modern spa restaurant.


Zum Abschied lädt der Bauernladen ein, Handgemachtes aus der Region mit nach Hause zu nehmen. Eine schöne Möglichkeit, die bestimmt viele Gäste nutzen: Auch ich bringe meiner Mama insgesamt drei halbe Liter-Flaschen des steirischen Goldes, des berühmten Kürbiskernöls, mit nach Hause!

The farmers’ market has now been fully integrated into the spa resort itself, and I have also taken up the opportunity to buy three bottles of the “Black Gold” for my mum: Styrian pumpkin seed oil that we Austrians love to put on our salads and into dressings!


“To be honest, we are actually unable to motivate our guests to do much more than disappearing into the spa. Perhaps you are more willing to explore the surrounding area, too …?”

… Hannes Wagner, at the local spa hotel Vier Jahreszeiten smiles at us. Well yes, we are curious to see a bit more, and gladly take up the offer of another friendly hotel owner nearby: Franz Strobl, of the Panoramahof hotel, suggests driving to the nearby nature park Raab in order to do a lovely canoeing trip down the river Raab. Both hotels, by the way, have been awarded the Austrian Eco Label for their care and excellence in dealing with the natural environment, and local sustainability issues. Not only do they mind about all processes in their hotels, but also beyond: Driving to the river Raab, we only take one car together, and also encourage travelling to and from the spa resort by train. Franz Strobl even has a drone registered with the AustroControl, shooting a beautiful nature video of our experience from high up in the air. Watch out for the video coming soon!

Jeanette hat’s in der Hand: Kontrolle über die Drohne beim Kanu-Fahren ...

Jeanette learning about steering the drone …


... was sowohl Lucia, Jeanette und mir außerordentlich gut gefällt.

… with the girls having a good time during the canoeing trip.


Blick auf die Raab während einer Kanu-Pause am Fluss.

Lovely to be out here in the nature, right on the river Raab …


Die Stimmung am Fluss ist einfach einzigartig schön, ruhig, und von einer tollen Atmosphäre geprägt.

… where the local atmosphere is one of peace …


Am liebsten würde ich so eine Kanutour ja gleich wieder machen !!

… and good companion spirit: Let’s do it all over again, yes !!


Vielen Dank für die gute Erfrischung im Panoramahof, lieber Franz!

Thank you for welcoming us a little later for those refreshing drinks at your hotel, dear Franz!


The true gourmets among you will not be disappointed by Loipersdorf, either. Here are some top foodie travel tips, provided by the spa resort itself, the hotel Vier Jahreszeiten as well as the Heurigen wine bar right across the hill.

And this is how I would like you to remember Loipersdorf. With all its idea, spheres, tips for a fun afternoon and above all: With an idea of how it “tastes like”. The entire region around Loipersdorf really is worth the visit, as I have already mentioned in my previous posts about the clever local chocolate manufacture Zotter, the Vulcano ham experience or the Gölles vinegar production. But first, let us …

... heißt es Aufblühen! Und zwar im genussvollen Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten ...

… take a fresh look …


... in dem der Chef des Hauses schon gut & gerne mal mit frisch gepflückten Walderdbeeren am Frühstückstisch steht! Überrasche Deine Gäste, und Du hast sie gewonnen: Das hätten wir freilich nicht erwartet!

… at how our hotel Vier Jahreszeiten surprises us: Hannes Wieser himself has these tiny little strawberries served for us during breakfast! What a welcome to the day!


Frisches Brot zum Frühstück ...

They also bake their traditional Styrian bread here …


... gibt Kraft für den Tag und passt zudem hervorragend zur lokalen "Kürbiskernöl-Eierspeis" am Morgen ...

… the dark rye bread perfectly corresponding with the pumpkin seed oil scrambled eggs …


... gefolgt von weiteren kulinarischen Appetit-Häppchen ...

… followed by “Austrian tapas” served at the local Heurigen wine tavern …


... im Thermenheurigen von Loipersdorf.

… a true local gourmet tip here in Loipersdorf.


Mahlzeit und vielen lieben Dank, lieber Hannes, für den wunderbaren Empfang bei Euch: Ohne dich wäre es nur halb so lustig, und vor allem informativ, gewesen !! Wir freuen uns auf baldige Wiederkehr!

Enjoy your meal and thank you is all I can say!


Read more here what my friends & fellow travel writers have written and published about their trip to Loipersdorf:


Disclaimer: We have been invited by the Loipersdorf spa resort as well as the spa hotels Vier Jahreszeiten & Panoramahof on this trip to Styria, supported by the Austrian Eco Label. All opinions are my own.

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