“Wein.Genuss.Krems” Top Wine Tasting Event in Krems, Lower Austria

My God. I have only just come back from this excellent wine presentation right here in my city of Krems, writing to you with just a liiittle bit of “swing” so we go right behind the scenes. Next time, you must definitely come with me: The wines are just too good not to be shared. Which is why, this time, I went with my parents, gourmet fans themselves. Beautiful! Let me tell you.

The top wine growers of the Lower Austrian wine districts Wachau, Kremstal & Kamptal have come together on the occasion of this year’s “Wein.Genuss.Krems” gourmet festival and have clearly “dressed to impress”: Out of all the typical varieties we have tasted, we especially loved the Grüner Veltliner and Riesling 2011 / 2012 varieties of top wine estates Hirtzberger (Wachau)Nigl (Kremstal) and Allram (Kamptal). Clearly not to be missed! The admission fee of € 28,- to the “Wein.Genuss.Krems” event includes a hand-crafted, expensive Zalto wine glass and access to all the gourmet producers & farmers of the area plus the more than 50 Lower Austrian wine estates. Like for the Opening Gala of the Wachau Gourmet Festival and lovers of gourmet wine & food, I can only repeat saying: “You have to see this in order to believe it!!!”

Here is why, in pictures.

Im Rahmen des Wachau Gourmet Festivals findet nun schon zum sechsten Mal auch die sagenhafte Wein.Genuss.Krems-Veranstaltung mit Top-Winzern der niederösterreichischen Weinregionen statt, hier mit den Weingütern Allram & Aichinger aus meiner Heimat dem Kamptal.

For the sixth year in a row, the “Wein.Genuss.Krems” has now been hosted as part of the international Wachau Gourmet Festival, promoting top wine growers from around the area in Lower Austria such as wine estates Allram and Aichinger, located in my home area the Kamptal valley.


Es mundet ... überall wird exzellenter Wein ausgeschenkt, das Glas nach drei Stunden Verkostungsmarathon stets gut gefüllt ... einfach herrlich :-)

We are simply overwhelmed with all the quality wine we get to taste in over three hours … Wonderful !!


Dazu das Ambiente in der Kremser Dominikanerkirche: Ein wahrlich festlicher Rahmen für die Präsentationen der Top-Winzer.

The ambiance of the former Dominican church makes for an impressive backdrop to this delightful tasting event.


Zudem warten rings um die Winzer-Stationen noch ausgesuchte Genuss-Produzenten auf die Besucher, wie hier köstliche Chutneys ...

In addition to all the excellent wine growers we get to “meet & greet”, there are many more farmers and local producers around sharing their culinary secrets with us … mmmh! Delicious!


Bei der TOP-Olivenöl- & Balsamico-Verkostung aus Italien schlagen wir ebenfalls zu: Olivenöl ist nicht gleich Olivenöl, das gleiche gilt für den Wein: Wir lernen den Unterschied und wissen das Edle zu schätzen.

Even (top quality) olive oil from Italy is available for tasting here: We buy two bottles and are able to tell & appreciate the difference.


Wer dazwischen eine herzhafte Jause sucht / braucht, auch dem sei geholfen ... typische belegte Brote mit allerlei Köstlichkeiten *schmatz*!

Oh lovely Austrian delights … This is the first thing I miss when I go travelling: Beautiful dark bread with just oh so tasty spreads and toppings … yum !!!


Dieser Wein hier ... ein Traum !!! :D

There is only excellent wine. And I mean excellent as in top of the top. Mind-blowing !!


"We like": Gemeinsam mit meinem Papa lassen wir's uns schmecken. Prost Ihr Lieben!

“We like”: Together with my Dad, we say “Prost” to you!

Fancy even more delightful insights? Enjoy!

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