The “Mostviertel” in Lower Austria: A “MUST”-Have-Experience!

For as long as I can think, districts in my home province have been called after their most famous resources: Weinviertel (wine), Waldviertel (wood) or Mostviertel (must). Now, 20 years after first learning about these names in primary school, I am back as a travel blogger visiting “my own backyard“. It is here in the Mostviertel where, since times immemorial, people have grown fruit trees of all kind – apples, pears, cherries or prunes, celebrating the “Day of the Must” each year on the last Sunday in April. This always miraculously matches the annual tree blossom, drawing the crowds literally in thousands to come and marvel at the local “Mostbaron” people in Mostviertel. I can only say it is very worthwhile indeed! Let me tell you why.


The same kind of excitement about the Mostviertel goes for Monika & Petar Fuchs, wonderful and very clever international travel bloggers from Munich, having founded “Travel World Online” (“We live close to the airport, hence we are always set to go and explore!”), who are just as overwhelmed and enthused about the Mostviertel as I am, being the local lady from Lower Austria … Well, it is often that you first have to travel in order to appreciate your own backyard, isn’t it! Together, we look forward to time well spent in the land of the must, visiting top local must farmers in Lower Austria.

Zu Besuch im niederösterreichischen Mostviertel: Hier besuchen wir typische Vierkanthöfe der regionalen Mostbauern, die sich in einer eigenen Vereinigung zusammengeschlossen haben.

Visiting the Lower Austrian Mostviertel: Here, we are visiting typical “Vierkanter” farm mansions, whose rectangular shape has given them their name (four corners).


Im Mostviertel "liegt das Geld auf der Straße": Goldene Früchte grüßen bei der Einfahrt ins Land ab der Autobahnabfahrt Amstetten-West zwischen Linz & St. Pölten. Ein stimmiger Einstieg ins Land der Obstbäume!

In the Mostviertel, typical fruit used for producing the famous must (cidre) are dotted everywhere in the landscape – even in the centre of this roundabout near the main highway between Linz and Vienna. A warm welcome to the area!


Bei allen insgesamt 20 Mostbaronen entlang der niederösterreichischen "Moststraße" können exzellente Moste, Schnäpse & Destillate verkostet werden. Auf ins Vergnügen würde ich meinen!? Und Ihr?

All of the 20 local producers who have formed the association “Mostbarone” along the “Moststrasse” (Must Trail) offer excellent spirits and ciders. We are really happy to have come for a tasting (or two) …


Seppelbauer’s Mostothek, Mostviertler Schofkas & Dr. Honoris Mosticus

Okay, this gets hard to translate. I even have to sit in for some extra training on my correct pronounciation as a local, let alone as a foreigner trying to … oh well. Never mind! Meanwhile, the Mostviertel has done one thing: silently reaching our heart and touching our souls! Because the people we meet, right from the beginning, are just so open, so welcoming, taking their time and sharing their vision of quality must production – we are drawn in right from the start. “You can drink more and still stay sober”, is what the locals like to tell us with a twink in the eye. Nice 😉

Echte Mostbarone in der Mostothek: Hier wird die neueste Kreation des Hause Seppelbauer, ein M3 vorgestellt - nicht etwa das neueste Sportgerät, sondern ein Most Hoch 3 Cuvee aus drei verschiedenen Mostbaronshäusern. Spannend - und wir gleich mal mittendrin!

Meeting the locals: Here at the must bar, a new blend of three excellent must varieties is being presented, called M3. What sounds like a new machine or car is actually an excellent blend, as we are about to find out!


Der typische "Schofkas" (Schafkäse) des Betriebes hat es bis zur eigenen Auszeichnung als "Genussregion" in Niederösterreich geschafft; der Geschmack ist tatsächlich frisch & vorzüglich!

The owners also serve us fantastic home-made sheep cheese made from about 30 – 50 sheep owned by the family. A true local delicacy!


Die ersten zarten Blüten in der Mostviertler Frühlingssonne.

The first tender flowers of spring make their way through the grass.


Beim Blick in das Alpenvorland auf unserem Weg von "einem Mostheuriger zum anderen" erschließen sich uns viele Blicke hinein in die zauberhafte Landschaft der typischen Streuobstwiesen. Dazu die Baumblüte: Einfach wunderschön!

This is THE typical view when looking into the Mostviertel countryside: Fruit trees dotted on lush green pastures that are used for cattle grazing during the summer months, or simply for farming the famous fruit trees.


Mittendrin statt nur dabei: Mit diesen Fotos kann ich nur Appetit machen - zum Essen müsst Ihr da schon herkommen. Es lohnt sich allemal: Regionale Produkte vom Feinsten findet man bei den zahlreichen Mostheurigen der Region entlang der Moststraße.

Take a bit: Local culinary delicacies at the “Most Heurigen”, a typical wine & must bar for the area where cold local meals are served sourcing fresh ingredients from around the Mostviertel. Delicious !!


"We like": Monika & Petar Fuchs, unsere charmante Organisatorin & Moststraßen-Expertin Gudrun Wiesenhofer und unser "most-fürstlicher" Empfang durch den Hausherrn kurz vor dem Abendessen auf der Heurigenterrasse. Unsere Umgebung: Malerische Stille.

“We like”: Monika & Petar Fuchs, our charming Mostviertel local “greeter” Gudrun Wiesenhofer (from right to left) and our “must-ful” evening reception by Mr Reikersdorfer (far left) shortly before being served. The surroundings: Peaceful. Silent. A dream for any painter or artist. I am curious about what else awaits us here !

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Mostviertel Tourismus to travel in & experience this year’s traditional Must Spring Festival. All opinions are my own.

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Monika Fuchs 1 May 2013 - 23:22

Thanks so much, Elena, for a few wonderful days in beautiful Austria. We really enjoyed our stay there and hope to come back soon. You might want to have a look at our first article about our tour to the different Mostbarone: (Please use the translation button for the English version, which will not be perfect, but understandable).

Elena 1 May 2013 - 23:27


You are so welcome !!! I am so happy we had such a good time. I am sure you will be back sooner thank you think :p

Thanks for your article, I will have a look at it and also try & test the translation button, to see how it works 🙂 Perfect!

Take care xoxo 🙂


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