Summer Trip in Germany: World Heritage & “Wurstkuchl” in Regensburg

“6 on cabbage … do you actually spell that with an ‘x’ or like the number ‘sechs’ in German?!” – “Well, as far as I know, you do write it with an ‘x’ … six sausages on cabbage, there you go!” both my city guides Isabell Käser & Erwin Maurer reply to me with a sly grin. They are certainly the best & happiest Regensburger that you could wish for as a visitor (do keep an eye out for them!). Together, we have taken a seat at the Historc Wurstkuchl (sausage tavern) of the city of Regensburg an der Donau and order WURST (what else). As everybody, local and visitors alike, would have done for the past one thousand years (yes, it is that historic!). “6 on cabbage” of course means nothing else than ordering six Bratwurst sausages with cabbage for lunch. After all, what else did you think? 😀

Mittagessen in Regensburg: "Sex auf Kraut" in der historischen Wurstkuchl der Stadt. Herrlich!

Lunch in Regensburg: “6 on cabbage” at the historic Wurstkuchl in town. What a feast!


Jemanden wie die charmante Stadtführerin Isabell Käser anlachen: Unbezahlbar. Diese reizende Dame weiß einfach alles und nimmt einen gerne bei der Hand!

Charming Isabell Käser is my very own city guide for the day. I love her the very moment I meet her – she is just delightful and knows an awful lot about the city of Regensburg.


Die Historische Wurstkuchl von Regensburg ist die älteste Bratwurstküche Deutschlands ...

The Historic Sausage Tavern Wurstkuchl in Regensburg is the oldest Bratwurst tavern in Germany …


... hier beginnen wir unsere Stadterkundung mit einem köstlichen, quasi historischen Mittagessen: Welterbe wie dieses gehört zu meinen Lieblingsentdeckungen beim Reisen!

… here, we start our World Heritage Trip of Regensburg: World Heritage I like ! 😀


Oh dear readers, it is wonderful here in Regensburg … people are so funny, there are so many stories here and being the Austrian I am, I am actually finding the same mentality as back home: Welcoming & easy-going. After only three hours of arriving by train, I have already made up my mind about paying this interesting, historic town and its great people another visit. Regensburg for a day … What you should not miss:

Gemütlich starten wir unsere Stadtführung mit einem Besuch der historischen Brücke zwischen Regensburg und Stadtamhof, deren Verhältnis wohl nicht immer ganz so einfach war ;)

Our walking tour in Regensburg starts by crossing the river Danube into the sister town Stadtamhof, the relation between the two having never been very easy 😉


Blick auf die Stadt Regensburg, Dom, Welterbezentrum & Historische Wurstkuchl direkt am Donau-Ufer ... die Hochwasser-Marke für Juni 2013 ist schon montiert, "Zwischenfälle" wie diese bringen die Regensburger Wurstfans nicht aus der Ruhe.

A beautiful look over the cathedral church, the World Heritage Centre as well as the “Wurstkuchl” from the river Danube …


In der Regensburger Spitalbrauerei wird den Patienten auch heute noch jeden Tag Bier zum Trost serviert .. Kein Witz !! Hier komm ich auch noch mal her. Hehe.

Here at the Regensburg “Hospital Brewery”, each patient still gets served a certain amount of beer each day (seriously – following the “tradition”). I LIKE 😀


Eat. Sleep. Celebrate. “Fürstliches Brauhaus”, Hotel Münchner Hof & The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain at the city’s Thurn & Taxis Summer Festival …

Having not even spent 24 hours in the charming town by the Danube river, I have actually seen and experienced a lot. A trip to the World Heritage City Regensburg is especially worthwhile now in the summertime, spoiling us to its long daylight hours, warm evenings & radiant people in the streets (“finally, summer is here!”). Where you can find chocolate kisses, a royal sense of past as well as beautiful meals, wine & beer is what I will tell you now: Check it out!


Schokoküsse gibt es in der "Welterbe-Confiserie-Prinzessin" von Regensburg, dem ältesten Café der Stadt! Unbedingt besuchen ... und durchkosten ;)

Chocolate kisses can be obtained from the “World Heritage Confiserie Prinzessin” in Regensburg, the oldest café in town! Definitely try. 😉


Entspannte Atmosphäre beim Stadtbummel in Regensburg ...

We enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a late afternoon stroll in Regensburg …


... und tolle Aussichten von ganz oben: Der Blick auf die faszinierende Altstadt-Kulisse lohnt den Aufstieg allemal.

… as well as the fascinating views over town and into the countryside from the rooftop of this building!


Die Domkirche von Regensburg begeistert durch das einzigartige, vier Tonnen schwere & freischwebende Orgel. Wahnsinn!

The church cathedral leaves us speechless with this highlight, a “floating” organ of about four tons attached to the ceiling on nothing but four steel ropes … Wow.


Im Fürstlichen Brauhaus der Stadt ist es abends gut speisen ...

At the “Fürstliches Brauhaus” traditional pub restaurant, you can enjoy a really good meal before …


... lustig & heiter geht es wenig später beim "Abrocken" mit dem Ukulele Orchestra aus Großbritannien zu ... super Show!

… heading out to see these guys, for instance: The Great Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain … What a show!


Die großartige Schlossanlage der Fürstin Thurn & Taxis begeistert mit ihrem zauberhaften Ambiente im Sommer.

The ambiance in the royal palace atmosphere of Thurn & Taxis in Regensburg is a wonderful backdrop to this magnificent evening event.


Erwin Maurer von der Stadt Regensburg Tourismus (the best :D ) und ich ganz fein bei den Schlossfestspielen!

Erwin Maurer, of Regensburg Tourism Marketing (the best host 😀 ) and I have dressed up for the city’s Summer Festival!


Ukulele "Ulknudeln": Fast 30 Jahre spielt die Band aus grandiosen Bonsai-Gitarren-Musikern schon zusammen ... was für ein Highlight meiner Zeit in Regensburg!

Ukulele Happiness among friends: For almost 30 years, this outstanding band of outstanding musicians has played the Ukuleles together … clearly a highlight of my trip to wonderful Regensburg! 😀


Disclaimer: I have been invited by the German Tourist Board in order to travel to & experience several World Heritage Sites in Germany. All opinions are my own.

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