Picture perfect Wachau valley (as seen during a pregnancy photo shoot).

What we could have done: A pregnancy belly cast. A pregnancy belly painting. A pregnant belly show-off each day on Instagram Stories (really … some do exaggerate). What Georg and I did do instead: A pregnancy photo shoot.

Ein bisschen WOW, ein bisschen "Feel Good": Babybauch-Shooting am Tausendeimerberg in Spitz an der Donau. (c) Foto: David Schreiber.

We just love the results of our pregnancy photo shoot, as seen here right in the middle of the Wachau valley and the Tausendeimerberg in Spitz by the Danube river. (c) Foto: David Schreiber.


Auch landschaftlich ist die Perspektive auf diesem Foto inmitten der Weltkulturerbelandschaft Wachau kaum zu toppen. (c) Foto: David Schreiber.

There’s hardly a better perspective to match the magic of what we came to photograph: The UNESCO World Heritage Landscape of the Wachau valley, a prominent wine region in Lower Austria. (c) Foto: David Schreiber.


So after telling you all about #Babymoon before, I’m telling you to add a professional photo shoot to the list.

Really. It is quite magical how professional photographers are able to distill the pure bliss and happiness of being pregnant from everyday aches in late pregnancy, such as weight gain, difficulty in moving, breathing, and other slight worries baby puts on your system. Georg and I just loved it.


And I love how sweet and caring daddy-to-be looks like in this photograph: “I won’t let anything or anyone come between you and our unborn baby”, he seems to say.


And even if you think, well it’s all but an expression of “hormones taking over”, then … well then I can still recommend you to go on that day trip to the Wachau valley, and visit the iconic Tausendeimerberg in Spitz an der Donau. It literally translates into “a thousand buckets hill”, meaning it once referred to a wine harvest of exactly one thousand buckets.

Today, aside from the viticulture all around, you also get that wonderful 360° panoramic view across the wine town of Spitz, out into Spitzer Graben and Mieslingtal valleys, as well as across the mighty Danube river and its forest-clad southern hills. This central perspective lends itself to magical landscape (and / or baby belly) photography.


I have also published several articles here on my travel blog that will help you navigate around the area:


If you are looking for an excellent local photographer, we may very well recommend you to David Schreiber: http://www.david-schreiber.com. I guess the pictures in this article (all (c) David Schreiber) do speak for themselves …!


You can view all images here:


See you soon around our home towns in Austria – together with #babytraveller, I should think ..!

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