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Salzburg: Secret Beer & Magnificent Cultural Capital of Austria

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Salzburg, a “world stage“. So many threads run together here weaving a fabric of international atmosphere, magnificent small city and historical beer tradition. The world-famous puppet string theatre welcomes us travel bloggers on this Friday in June: Black Dots White Spots, JustTravelous, Rolling Wheatfields, Tripwolf & Teilzeitreisender, treating us to a short version of Mozart’s Magic Flute that brings back childhood memories. A view behind the scenes is a fascinating insight into this unique theatre, who is just about to “unravel all the strings” for Alice in Wonderland due to start in September this year. We absolutely have to come back. Last but not least in order to come and get our beer. But that’s another story altogether. Read on!

Angekommen in Salzburg erleben wir einen Besuch der Zauberflöte, wie wir ihn noch nie zuvor erlebt haben: Im Marionettentheater der Stadt!

Arriving in Salzburg, we witness a play of The Magic Flute as never experienced before: In the city’s world-famous puppet string theatre!

"Papageno, Papageno!" - Mit unglaublicher Leichtigkeit tanzen die Puppen über das Parkett. Wir staunen ob des Talents der Puppenspieler.

“Papageno, Papageno!” – It is with an astounding easiness that all characters move across the stage. Amazing to watch, and really very unique.

Beim Blick hinter die Kulissen wird so einiges klar: Die Magie & Faszination dieser Art von Theater jedoch bleibt.

When looking behind the scenes, part of the magic can be explained whereas the rest still remains.

... auch in den Augen der Kinder spürbar. !

… also, or especially, visible in the eyes of the children who join us for this afternoon show!

Eifrig werden in der Kreativwerkstatt alle Puppen für die nächste Aufführung von Alice im Wunderland (Beginn September 2013) fertig gestellt.

Here at the creative workshop, everybody is busy working all the puppets for Alice in Wonderland due to start in September 2013.

Der Detailaufwand der Salzburger Marionetten sucht seinesgleichen: Nie zuvor war ich derart auf Tuchfühlung mit der faszinierenden Kunst des professionellen Puppentheaters. Beeindruckend!

The details of the Salzburg puppets is just mind-blowing, and inside there’s literally hundreds of them from past and future plays. Do make sure you come here one day, and enter the magic!


“Is there a possibility to tell the story of Salzburg without mentioning beer?” – “Possibly there is … but it would be short and dry!”

Oh Martina! “I love beer.Martina Gyuroka aka “Salzburg Bierguide” welcomes us with these and similar words to a late afternoon, easy beer walk through the historic town centre. With her compelling laughter, she splashes out countless anecdotes showing photographs and historic drawings (of beer mugs, and people) and reiterating the city’s many touch points with beer. Really and truly: No – historical – scandal or drinking phrase that she would not know about, no history that would eventually turn out to have some kind of beer connotation. “Before Christoph Columbus went on to discover the ‘New World’, he first came to Salzburg for a beer. And then got lost on his way to America.” – “Horny Betty is a beer that contains special herbs and spices, after which you best lock yourself in at home and hide away the key.” …

Martina Gyuroka aka "Salzburger Bierguide" wie sie leibt, lebt & erzählt.

Martina Gyuroka aka “Salzburg Bierguide”. We love her!

Dank ihr kommen wir zu vielen guten Tipps für gemütliche Bierlokale in der Innenstadt, zum Beispiel den Zwettler Stiftskeller nahe des Salzburger Doms.

Thanks to her, we find nice little beer pubs close to the old town, such as Zwettler Stiftskeller close to Salzburg dome.

Viele Anekdoten (und Straßenzeichen) ranken sich um die "bierige" Geschichte der berühmten Mozartstadt.

Many stories (and street signs) revolve around beer in the famous city of Mozart.


We laugh a lot and talk even more. This tour is just perfect for all those who wish to experience Salzburg from a light-hearted, yet informative beer perspective: You ask, Martina has the answer. It’s a guarantee. At the end, we have dinner at Gasthaus Stieglkeller including one of the best views over the historic inner city of Salzburg. And have a drink, or two, of Stiegl’s “World Traveller” beer. Just for us travel bloggers, we like to think. After all, who else could have given rise to this name?

At Gasthaus Stieglkeller, we enjoy "World Traveller's" beer: We LIKE! :D

At Gasthaus Stieglkeller, we enjoy “World Traveller’s” beer: LIKE! 😀

Auch typische, österreichische Knödelküche musste wieder einmal sein. Herrlich!

As a match, I just had to order this beautiful Austrian speciality of dumplings filled with meat, fried onions and sauerkraut. Oh beauty!

Die Aussicht von der Festung Hohensalzburg, auf die wir im Anschluss steigen, ist nahezu atemberaubend schön ...

The view from the Festung Hohensalzburg we enjoy a little later in the evening is just breathtakingly beautiful …

... ebenso der Sonnenuntergang, den Johannes Zagermann hier für uns "auf- bzw. einfängt".

… as is the sunset “caught” by Johannes Zagermann.

Die Festung Hohensalzburg bei Nacht: Während der Sommermonate starten die Führungen nach 20.00 Uhr und dauern rund eineinhalb Stunden, exklusives Flair sowie besondere Ein- und Ausblicke in die historische Festungsanlage inklusive.

The Festung Hohensalzburg at night: During the summer months, evening tours depart after 8.00 p.m. and last for about one and a half hours. It is really exclusive as there are certainly less people then. As a tip, we recommend going up using the Festungsbahn and then walking down the hill towards the city.

Danke für Euren Besuch: Es macht sooo viel Spaß, die Stadt Salzburg gemeinsam mit tweetenden, instagrammenden & bloggenden Freunden & Kollegen zu erleben: Anne, Janett, Christian, Susi, Birgit & Johannes - you guys rock!

Thank you everybody for your visit: It is just sooo much fun to experience Salzburg together with you tweeting, instagramming & blogging friends & colleagues: Anne, Janett, Christian, Susi, Birgit & Johannes (from left to right): You guys rock!

Disclaimer: We have been invited by Tourismus Salzburg to experience the city and its cultural attractions and sights. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Robert Almer

    Salzburg is the Magnificent Cultural capital of Austria. The puppet string theatre brings back childhood memories. I like this theatre . Really Salzburg is very interesting…

  2. Elena

    Dear Robert,

    Thank you so much for your comment and sharing your view on the magnificent city of Salzburg here with us. Do you remember which performance you watched at the puppet string theatre when you were here as a child? What else would you be interested to see and experience now?

    Have fun & enjoy exploring,



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