Relaxing Weekend Break at St. Martins Spa & Lodge in Burgenland

If you are able to rid yourself of something here at Seewinkel near Lake Neusiedl in Burgenland, then it is this: A feeling for time. “Can we meet later?”, is all we manage to say to our friend Ursula, who lives very near to the spa. The warm waters, the relaxed atmosphere and the friendly staff at the exceptional St. Martins Spa & Lodge built in the form of a huge sea shell are responsible for our happy laziness. Oh, it has already gone past 7.00 p.m.? We are late for Ursula’s birthday party !! Ursula, who runs a travel blog “Toursula” herself and therefore understands the “hardships of a traveller’s life”, replies with a jolly “Enjoy the spa!”. And: “See you later guys!”

Anblick für Genießer: Die schneckenförmig angeordnete St. Martins Therme im burgenländischen Seewinkel ist schon alleine aufgrund ihrer Architektur ziemlich außergewöhnlich.

St. Martins Spa and Lodge impresses us right from the start. Here we are having lunch at the spa-side restaurant, overlooking the facilities which are shaped in the form of a giant sea shell. Pretty cool!


Gemütlich: Die komfortablen Zimmer mit diesem schönen Himmelbett laden zum Chillen und Relaxen ein ...

Comfortable: Those heavenly beds invite you to relax and spoil yourself to peace and happiness …


… der Blick von unserem Zimmer schweift über die Weite der pannonischen Tiefebene bis an die ungarische Grenze.

… whereas our view reaches all the way across the Hungarian Plains and into the surrounding national park area.


“Highly Entertaining and Deeply Relaxing: Winter in Burgenland”, is what I wrote on my blog about a year ago. My feelings haven’t changed since.

Back in January 2013, I have already travelled in this part of Burgenland on a so-called “winter safari” together with my friends & fellow travel writers Martin, Janett, Ursula and Christian. The team of St. Martins Spa & Lodge organised a wonderful nature safari into the national park at Lake Neusiedl back then, including views of native Hungarian cattle breeds and rare birds against the peaceful white of winter.

Lust auf Inspiration? Vor Ort kann man sich in der St. Martins Therme für eine spannende Natur-Safari in den umliegenden Nationalpark entscheiden - oder einfach abschalten und sich ganz dem einladenden Wellnessbereich hingeben.

Fancy some outdoor recreation? Here at St. Martins Spa & Lodge, you are welcome to sign up for one of the many nature excursions and activities with professional rangers: This time, however, we opt for pure relaxation in the spa area.


Wir entscheiden uns bei diesem Besuch für Zweiteres - nicht ohne vorher ein köstliches 3-Gänge-Menü im Hotelrestaurant zu genießen. Diese Nachspeise zergeht mir heute noch auf der Zunge ...

Not only are you treated to blissful relaxation and spa moments here, the food is also delicious … Heavenly, even, as my memory of this tasty dessert recalls …


Meanwhile, Christian has produced a great video about our gourmet trip & winter safari to St. Martins Spa, the Palace of Halbturn as well as lake Neusiedl about a year ago. Check it out – it features some really good music and beautiful shots to sit down, relax and inspire:


But for now, let us get back to dear Ursula, our main motive for this trip who thanks to her “Toursula” mission helps us to “discover Burgenland and the whole world” (at least that is what it says on her website). 🙂 Ursula herself lives in a pretty little town called Frauenkirchen, only a stone’s throw away from St. Martins Spa & Lodge. Here is what she thinks about it.

This time, she has invited us to her birthday party which we perfectly combine with a visit to the spa and an overnight stay at the luxurious lodge. Nice! If only we hadn’t been so relaxed … Probably due to some acute post-massage-bliss at the spa, involving lovely herbal scents and hands that knew what they were doing … I would have almost fallen asleep, which I take as a compliment to you, dear spa team! 😉

Geburtstagsfeier nahe der St. Martins Therme & Lodge: Danke, liebe Ursula, für den schönen Anlass hierher zu reisen!

Birthday party close to St. Martins Spa & Lodge: Thank you, Ursula, for giving us such a good reason to come back to Burgenland!


Blick auf die Thermenlandschaft St. Martins.

The view over the spa from the inside. It is mostly couples who come here to relax and enjoy the time together. Lovely.


Last but not least, I still have some sweet memories to share with you. Relax, since that is what Burgenland is all about here. I really look forward to going back next time! 😀


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PurpleTtavel 14 February 2014 - 17:33

Oh my… I think I need to drop everything and go there right now!

Elena 14 February 2014 - 18:26

Thank you for your comment!

If you are looking for more inspiration about Burgenland, you can check out my other articles here:

Best wishes, Elena!


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